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Prologue - May 2078: Run with the hunted

The story of ShadowHaven picks up just after the events of Brackhaven Breakhaven in Hard Targets. Chief of Staff Corrine Dakin, Seattle Commissioner of Race Relations Jassila Feddersen and Brackhaven Investments United Corporate Council Representative William Roger all end up dead in due to an apparent natural cause, an accident, and a bloody murder, respectively. However, the coincidence of so many Brackhaven allies taking a dirt nap leads Brackhaven to undertake a brutal campaign of revenge against the Shadows, hiring the private mercenary company NullNode to geek as many runners as they can find in the hopes of sending a message to the shadows. Some of the notable deaths included the Sysop of the network of runners and support personnel in Seattle whose death triggered a deadman's switch, deleting the shadow host and dumping its files into the resonance. Emile Corrigan becomes the new chief of staff to Brackhaven.

June 2078: Dancing for rain

A Shadowrunner Sysop TANJ, a low-level assistant to the sysop of the network of runners now in ruins, started to reorganize the Seattle shadows. An emergency extraction of a runner doing a long con in a Knight Errant was conducted before she ended up as the next victim. A low-level advertising corporation was forced into bankruptcy and brought in order to form Blue Suited Joker Consulting, Inc., a shell corporation for shadow runners. A free sprite, planted by the previous sysop, was recovered and informed to aid the restarting of the shadow network.

The previous sysop's deadman's switch also dumped a large number of files, found on the comlink of William Roger, to a reporter and activist named Holly Nicholson. It also provided funding to hire runners to protect Holly until the data, which further implicated Brackhaven in Operation Daybreak, was published.


Shape Da Future10 June 2078
Statement of Intent10 June 2078
Gold, Jade, and Bone11 June 2078
This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurt11 June 2078
Blockbuster12 June 2078
Moving Day23 June 2078

July 2078: In the distance, thunder cracks

The public at large was still not truly aware of Brackhaven's involvement with Operation Daybreak. So, Enduring Resistance sponsored runners to replace a projected video with one detailing Brackhaven's involvement as well as changing a fireworks display so that it spelled out "Brackhaven did Daybreak" during the Ares' Freedom Day celebrations on the 4th of July. Runners suppress an Ares investigation into the previously rescued corporate espionage runner. Aztechnology conducts a rescue of one of their executives turned ghoul, Carmela Monteagudo Rosales, and start training her to become a shadow asset. Meanwhile, an anti-BTL rapper in Puyallup wins a Taco Temple prize and safe extraction in order to start his own record label.


Lost Children7 July 2078
Barbarian's Initiation 18 July 2078
Pest Control14 July 2078
Fade To Brunette16 July 2078
Intermittent Blue Line18 July 2078
Dude, Where's My Corpse21 July 2078
Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 1)25 July 2078
Hazing28 July 2078

August 2078: The First Drop

Anti-Brackhaven resentment grows across the city, with protests and marches taking place daily. The activist group Enduring Resistance sponsored a mission to cover Seattle in anti-Brackhaven advertisements, with the crown of the mission replacing the Brackhaven Investments logo at Brackhaven's tower with "Brackhaven did Daybreak". Due to the growing mistrust over Brackhaven, Ares attempts to incite anti-Brackhaven protesters into violence with BTLs, but runners are able to shut the program down by blowing up the BTL lab along with the project team members. The same runners also defeat a Brackhaven sponsored Night Hunter attack on the protests, resulting in only one injured protester. A mysterious woman with full body replacement cybernetics hired runners to retrieve an item from the Barrens before a group in a Tiltrotor could.

Shadowrunners, involved in a feud between restaurants Le Cochon Rose and Mucho Bucco, discover a tape with the last known appearance of Edmund Jefferies, press secretary to Governor Brackhaven until late 2074, when he disappeared. There is another man, Emile Corrigan, current chief of staff to Brackhaven, seen meeting with the Edmund. This explosive tape is delivered to the acting district attorney Dana Oaks.


Shangri-La12 August 2078
The Temperate North22 August 2078
Nightcrawler26 August 2078
Altogether Ooky26 August 2078
I've Come Here From Nowhere26 August 2078

September 2078: The Storms of September

Politics in Seattle

Brackhaven, sensing his control slipping. Sends his chief of staff to a retreat to get liquidated. Lucky, Dana Oaks - along with brave runners - rescue him. They also manage to fight off the mercenary unit Null Node hired by Brackhaven to attempt to stop Mr. Corrigan from spilling what he knows to the acting DA. Brackhaven also locks down the city, desperately trying to hold onto power. But it is too little, too late. The truth of his actions comes out and Brackhaven is forced to resign. Arch-Conservative Deputy Governor Chuck King takes over. (Link to Welcome to the Breakdown)

Deckercon and the Beginning of the End of NeoNet

Deckcon worldwide takes place. It uses technology similar in what is found in Dante’s Inferno to connect convention centers around the world in a non-stop weekend long convention.

Emboldened by the seeming incoming collapse of the arch-conservative party, runners are hired by Tattered Blag Flags to destroy an Ares/KE matrix listening post (link to Broadcast/Signal/Frequency) and rescue TBF members conducting a raid on an oSin enrollment center in Seattle. (link to Midnight Hands)

An Ares demi-GOD is replaced with a Horizon body snatcher who changes his speech from one demanding a restricted matrix to one asking for a more open matrix in order to enhance its democratizing force. (link to Keynote) Kivanet also uses Deckercon to recruit a bunch of Technomancers. (link to Satellite)

Other Things

The run that made the mana storm: Wuxing hired runners to escort a team of geomancers to a power site in Glow City, where a pair of low force Firefly bug spirits were hiding out. Mana surge went towards and into the Tiger Mountain State Park. Link

Bugs in the Underground! Their Insect Shaman died, but there's still workers around, and another shaman or queen could move into the area.


Last One Out Hit The Lights2 September 2078
Shepard's Initiation 12 September 2078
Circe's Initiation 17 September 2078
My Ears are Ringing With a Sound11 September 2078
A Demo to Die For23 September 2078
Keep on Trucking23 September 2078
Ey, man23 September 2078

October 2078: Prologue to War

With the oSIN enrollment center down, Anarchist Black Cross hire runners to destroy the remaining hard disk version of the database and let those who got tagged with oSINs back into Seattle. (link to Zero Visibility)

Politics in Seattle

With Acting District Attorney Dana Oaks’ investigation into the Arch-Conservative party heating up, protests grow in Seattle. (Link to A Beautiful Indifference) Prominent leaders of these protests emerge, channeling their guilt from their service in Null Node. However, leading these protests get contracts put on their heads from NullNode. Luckily, the runners hired help them escape. (Link To Them These Streets Belong)

Things heat up further when the arch-conservatives start cracking down on their staffers. They falsey capture and torture a staff who they suspect is working with Ms. Oaks. Runners are sent to rescue that staffer along with a staffer(link to From Heads Unworthy) who is actually acting as a witness (link to Wolves). With these shocking details revealed, the whole arch-conservative party is forced to resign with the exception of Industrial Commissioner Kotov. Tattered Black Flags, not satisfied with leaving things there, find dirt on Commissioner Kotov and force him to resign.

Commissioner of Public Works Natoko Munakata becomes Governor, urging the city to calm down for the coming elections.

Lead up to the Triad/Yakuza War

Runners nab a katana from Kakei Steve of the Shotozumi-gumi (

Runners went to San Francisco and retrieved a summoning focus trapped in a Gold Rush era ship underneath Chinatown, fending of blood spirits and Yakuza, while making a deal with a Triad,_Jade,_and_Bone

Other Things

A building set sail as a consequence of the earlier mana surge. Runners were hired by the corporate courts to turn it into rubble. They succeeded. Link

Some gangers who’s gang leader was corrupted by the use of blood magic got geeked in a plan by Aztech.

Several runners on an Island off the Coast of Vancouver Island get trapped and huntthem with mercs, but they ended up switching roles


Ganger baised2 October 2078
Crimson Impernanence7 October 2078
The Most Dangerous Game8 October 2078
TACO TRAIIIIIN!11 October 2078
Midtown - Give It Up11 October 2078
Better Off Dead13 October 2078
Rise Against - Zero Visibility14 October 2078

November 2078: Fire Storm

Seattle Politics

Horizon's data that's been giving them an edge in the election was stolen, but there's a lot of it.

Mana Storm in Seattle

An earlier run moved a leyline in Seattle, however, the mana in Seattle backlashes to restore the leyline to its original place.

Because of this, a newly awakened Metahuman gang has the magical resources to take on the Trog Killers. They then hire runners to take out the wounded at a Paladin Health and Medical Group clinic. (Link to the Great Die Off Part 1) Other runners rescue a surgeling captured by ShadowHaven runners in an extraction job for Wuxing. Yet another runner team rescues a surgeling from an MCT research facility. (Link to Victory) Lead up to the Triad/Yakuza War The daughter of a Shotozumi gumi boss fell in love with a Chinese man and they eloped. The son "Sojiro Sato" an adept was hunting them down but failed because of our heroic runners. The Shotozumi were shamed before other gumis.

Frustrated Sojiro hired runners and ordered a hit against "Fatty" a Chinese-Japanese human who used to go by the name of Genji Yamamoto during his Yakuza days and has now defected to the 88s triads. The PCs successfully carry out the assassination without causing a full on syndicate war, but the runners also killed 5 88s goons and wrecked an illegal ware shop. The 88s will know something is trying to wage a shadow war.

Japanocrop-Yama King Storyline

Shiawase organized Seattle fashion week, showing off their new line of ware in their term "augmented fashion future". Universal Omintech hired PCs to kidnap the host of the fashion week and a chief scientist Dr. Giulia Marie Bisonette, in an attempt to persuade her to join them (she's a French elf in Shiawase so not very happy). Shiawase's show gets ruined and they lose a valuable asset. Losing face in front of other 2 Japanocorps. Its possible that MCT or Renraku may have tipped off UO about the prototype ware Bisonette was working on.

Hideo Masamune is the last in the line of guardians to guard one of the cursed sword forged by Muramasa. The blade was on its way to Seattle when the ship was ambushed and stolen by a team of Renraku Red ninjas. The sword acts as a key to the realm of one of the Yama Kings. Renraku wanted to use the blade to siphon off enough magical energy and apply it to heir new prototype tech to do catapult them way ahead of the other two Japanocorps. The blade became unstable and so they took shelter in the now abandoned underground labs of ACHE and jury rigged some equipment to contain the energy from the blade, stabilizing it. The runners in an attempt to retrieve the blade, defeated the red ninjas but also opened a small rift and set free the demon tainted soul of Muramasa. The runners successfully banished the demon lord back to the Shadowlands and took the sword back to Masamune.

Displeased with the failure of the Red ninja and curious about the Haven. Renraku hired Haven runners to track down another artifact (they did not want to antagonize Haven yet by going after Muramasa for now), that is tied to the Yama King legends. Deep in the Himalayas outside Tibet border. The runners tracked down a cursed death mask, which traps the soul of a monk and a supposed demon in eternal conflict. The runners, through use of violence managed to retrieve the mask for Renraku, this making doomsday clock tick a little faster. What could ever go wrong…

Other Events

An Ork is rescued from an Paladin Health and Medical Group operation to make BTLs more additive. (Link To The Rumours…)

The Ghoul Liberation League hired runners to kill a toxic blood mage mystic adept ghoul (the combination of all of those is due to the fact that he was spreading HMHVV). Adept powers were toxic, spells were blood; mostly things like blood blade and giger spit, using his own Infected blood. Link, Wiki Pending

Dwight Holt, hapless Explorer, lost his body again, this time to a biker gang known as Heck’s Saints (legally distinct from Hells Angels) that hacked his car and redirected it out to the middle of nowhere. Biker gang had some Markers with local wild bike spirits. Had. Link, Wiki Pending

Meistersingers hired runners to recover stolen kraken eggs from an underwater base in an inland lake to quieten a kraken mother. Base was not too much more than a lodge with Oxygenate bound to it. Success. Link, Wiki Pending

The war against the the bugs in the underground continue.

A raid against a Aztech black site fails, allowing an Aztech research black site in the barrens involving unethical research into a radioactive mutagenic substance and fungi, is now fully operational.

Runners battled pirates in Puget Sound, fighting a particularly nasty Ork pirate captain named Khrushchev, they ended up freeing a bunch of Changeling slaves, and Khrushchev blew up his ship and escaped.


Yokai's Initiation 38 November 2078
Good Luck Lazlo11 November 2078
All You Need Is Love17 November 2078
Corrupt Findings17 November 2078
Backup18 November 2078
Dude, Where's My Corpse Part 218 November 2078
Fury Road23 November 2078
All You Need Is Kill24 November 2078
Rabbit's Initiation 125 November 2078
The Bleeding Edge of Progress25 November 2078
Last One Out Hit The Lights Part 225 November 2078
Philosophy of Abduction27 November 2078

December 2078: Blood Soaked Snow

Marriage Troubles

Following the chaos of the previous year, December begins with some old fashioned corporate intrigue as Michelle Serrano, and James Turing plot the murder of Dr. Walter Serrano, CEO of Serrano Petrochemicals. The runners, Ashe, Maddox, Memnoch, and T-Bone, succeed in their task, but are quickly faced with the consequences of helping greed, over doing what was right as the workers of Serrano Petrochemicals lose their healthcare, and their children’s education.

Bloody Business

The Runners go off into the deep end. First,”A’, Memnoch, Vulcan, and Weaver, help an Investigator Anothony Mercer, to capture the serial kill Joe Hess. Joe Hess had made a partnership with the Blood Revenant of Daria Antunez de Prieto. Using Joe’s victims to perform her experiments into blood magic, this duo drove terror into the heart of the Redmond Barrens. When the runners finally caught up with them, they were forced to face their fears through illusion magic, but they overcame the obstacle. Having defeated the Revenant in its own metaplanar temple, Joe Hess is left to deal with the consequences of his murders.

Risky Politics

However, they fall further into corporate intrigue as Booker, Peacemaker, and Scooter accept a run from Ares to annihilate a base of Firewatch operatives on Blake Island. Ironic, that nothing is left but ashes when they finished.

Some of the ShadowHaven runners go further into the shadows as Booker, kilbo, and Mister Sarcarian accept a job from Humanis(A political group focused around racism against metahumans) to perform property damage, which they blame a local Ork/Troll rights group.

This trend continues as Booker, Captain Freeball, Memnoch, and Weaver are sent on a run to track down Brad Jackson and Christina Rice, daughter of a corp executive. Finding that Brad had sold Christina to the Vory, they make sure that he is arrested by the authorities, while also rescuing Christina and returning her to her father.

April Serrano, daughter of the previously murdered Walter Serrano, hires Memnoch, Moose, and Peacemaker, to steal information that would convict Michelle Seranno and James Turing. She is almost killed in the job, but the runners succeed and the killers are put on trial.

War In Seattle

Following the events in All You Need Is Kill(hyperlink), the 88s want revenge for Fatty’s death. So, in calling back to All You Need Is Love, they murdered poor Jackie Ma, and Maggie Sato, and presented Maggie’s head as a declaration of war to the Shotozumi-gumi by hiring Bones, Candle, and Kitten to leave the package in her brother’s office.

With war declared, the plotline continues in Philosophy of Ceremonies, as a retired boss of the Shotozumi-gumi hires Peacemaker, Lamm, and Maddox to keep 88 assassins from ruining one of his daughter’s weddings. Needless to say, the wedding goes off without a hitch, and everyone lives happily ever after. Except those three Triad assassins.

However, being shadowrunners and playing both sides, the next step in the war has Booker, Maddox, Nero, and Ray assassinating Miyoshi Senjuro of the Shotozumi-gumi in his own food processing plant, and then using his corpse to contaminate the food goods, causing several restaurants to be temporarily closed down.

The war closes out in December with Exitus and Snake Eye’s rigging one of the Yakuza’s casinos to win for the House. Following the Johnson’s wishes, they fake a digital signature of the 88s, only putting fuel on the fire.

Oh The Humanis

The Year closes out as the runners accept two jobs from the Humanis Policlub.

The first, is a job to assassinate a rival Humanis leader. The runners are successful, but the Policlub once again blames it on methumans. Tensions are rising.

The last job, just before Christmas, is when a Humanis member learned that a bar nearby her neighborhood has a Merrow(think Mermaid, but more fishy)  entertainer. She hires the runners to exterminate the Awakened, saying that it is feral and should be put down. The runners instead decided to protect the performer, and even negotiate her a better working contract, all while fighting off other assassins. The Year closes out on a redemptive note.


The Hunter and the Hunted3 December 2078
Faulty Honor7 December 2078
Mindhunter8 December 2078
Philosophy of Ballistics9 December 2078
Directing the fury10 December 2078
Doggo Run10 December 2078
Gone Girl11 December 2078
Sets Go Up13 December 2078
Yule Be Sorry13 December 2078
Ace Horizon13 December 2078
Nora Inu Initiation Run I13 December 2078
Best Served Cold14 December 2078
For Your Eyes Only15 December 2078
Seattle's Greatest Swordsman16 December 2078
Pyro17 December 2078
Yokai's Initiation 421 December 2078
Philosophy of ceremonies22 December 2078
Devil's Bargain23 December 2078
Deck The Halls24 December 2078
Merrow Christmas25 December 2078
Speed's The Game29 December 2078
Dark Horse30 December 2078

January 2079: Forgotten and Explosive

Update On The Warfront!

Kicking the new year off with a bang, we start with Aden Grogali, formerly of the MET2K. Coming to Seattle after being dishonorably discharged, he begins a plot to bring the Italian Mafia into the Shotozumi-gumi and 88s Gang War. He kidnaps Spider Kage’s son, threatening to kill him if the Yakuza do not attack the Mafia.

Instead, the Yakuza hire our runners, Marion, Rabbit, Rook, and Snake Eyes, to rescue the hostage. But the run goes south, Spider Kage’s son is killed, and the runners receive a black mark on their record.

In another part of Seattle, the runners of The Pain, Disorder, a Cataclysmic Dawn, gave a bomb to the Octagon Triads. Wanting in on the Yakuza-Triad war, the Octagon plan on blowing up the Tattered Black Flag triads while framing the Yakuza, in the hopes that all of the Triads in Seattle, as well as Knight Errant,  join in and eliminate the Shotozumi-gumi. The runners work with the Yakuza to disable the bomb. Lives are saved, but the run is failed, and the Octagon are not happy.

But then, the startling happens! The Shotozuni-gumi want to hire the runners, Liquid, Peacemaker, and Y3, as security for upcoming peace talks! However, it is all a ploy as the runners’ real job is to kidnap one of the Octagon’s mages during the meeting. Which they succeed at, pleasing the Shotozumi-gumi, and annoying the Octagon.

The Forgetting Cobra

The runner named Cobra has amnesia. However, fellow runner Ashe, has been helping her to reclaim her past.

While in her noodle shop, Noodle’s Noodles, Cobra has flashbacks to a battlefield, where she and her unit are under fire from a sniper. Ashe arrives on the tail end, and shows Cobra a memorial MeFeed for a sensei from one of her previous flashbacks. Ashe also tells her that she used to work for Raven Security Ltd. This triggers more memories for Cobra, and also helps her to remember Julian Lynch, a former lover. Ashe does a quick search and discovers that Julian died ten months ago. This triggers the final flashback, as Cobra remembers being dragged from the battlefield, and Julian’s body.

A few days later, Cobra invites Ashe to Toronto, her hometown, in a hope to reclaim more of her memories. This instead causes Cobra to interact with her mentor spirit during the flight. She reclaims most of her memories after the discussion, and instead spends the trip making new ones with Ashe.


Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 2)8 January 2079
Headhunting9 January 2079
Food Fight9 January 2079
Fire Water Burn10 January 2079
...But Our Ties Have Been Erased10 January 2079
We Trusted but Something Has Gone Wrong13 January 2079
Time to Make a Mess14 January 2079
Tears of Sand15 January 2079
Pushing the Needle15 January 2079
Trailer Park Boys15 January 2079
SAVE THE MEMES17 January 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 218 January 2079
Boardroom Bloodbath20 January 2079
Time for Talking22 January 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 322 January 2079
Snake Eye's Inititation Run 128 January 2079

February 2079: Forgotten but Digital

Little Trouble with Big Renraku

Riley Martinez is a Renraku employee, who is one of the blessed few to witness the birth of an AI. However, due to her documented paranoia about surveillance, she has left Renraku to build a nursery for her “future children”. Renraku wants this data back, and so they some Yakuza to retrieve her.

Unfortunately, Kyle Bradmine, an Ares employee, gets wind of the retrieval and hires John, the Hurricane, and Y3, to intercept Riley first.

The runners managed to find out where Riley was hiding out, just in time to intercept the Yakuza who were also pursuing her. They managed to retrieve the data and destroy all but one copy, which Kyle has them videotape flushing down the toilet, before sending the video to Renraku. Riley is left to be retrieved by the megacorp.

However, a little while later, Renraku has taken Riley’s former team, and put them on the chopping block, while also sending runners to search the sewers for the lost chip. One of Riley’s former coworkers, Ryujin Gen, hires Booker, Brick, John, and Shepard, to find the data first. Unfortunately, Ryujin knows very little about the actual situation other than Riley was retrieved, and was supposed to have the data on her.

Luckily, John, having been involved with the previous run, knows more about the situation. They manage to defeat the Renraku runners, as well as “The Beast” that was living in the sewers, and retrieve the data chip. Ryujin returns the chip to Renraku, and saves his team from being fired.

Forgetting Cobra, Part 2

Cobra is at it again. Enlisting help from Ashe and Maddox, she tracks down her last surviving coworker. Upon meeting him, he blames her for him being in the Bellevue mental hospital, which triggers her final flashback. She realizes that she did indeed put him in the hospital, as she had been in the middle of SURGEing, and in a temporary lapse, had thrown him out a window. With all of her memories restored, she knows who she is, and has resolved to fixing some of the previous wrongs.


Dragon Dance2 February 2079
Fashion Faux Pas5 February 2079
The Agus download5 February 2079
It's The Principle Of The Matter10 February 2079
Candle's Initiation 112 February 2079
Beating Heart13 February 2079
Hurricane vs Nightshade15 February 2079
Literal Drek17 February 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 419 February 2079
What You Can Catch In The Net22 February 2079
Star Crossed25 February 2079

March 2079: Of Dragons and Pests

Crouching Runners, Paying Dragon

The Church of the Dragon has learned of an expedition to uncover a crescent staff that might hold information about the 4th World. They discover the head of the expedition, Dr. Engles, is being wined and dined by the Red Dragons Triad. Posing as one of the prostitutes, the runners manage to steal the doctor’s comm, which they then use to infiltrate a storage facility and steal the staff. They get into a fight with the Triad guards afterwards, but they escape, and hand the staff over to the Church.

Pest Control

Kyle Bradmine is tired of the Bug Spirits in Ares. They keep posturing to him, and all he’s ever done is be helpful and playful towards them. So rude. Anyways, he’s hired Firebug, the Hurricane, John, and Kris to set a trap for some of the higher ranking possessed individuals. Thanks to the intel that Kyle provided, the runners finish the job without a hitch and are in and out before too much trouble.

Fischer tags in for John, as the plan moves to its next phase. They sneak back into the Ares building, and plant more traps. As a result, when everything hits the fan, more than just the top exec Bug Spirits are killed off. The Wasp Hive now knows not to screw with Kyle Bradmine.

This however seems to have an unintended side effect. The Wasp Hive is relying on their resident Bug Shaman, Matthew Garneau. Aztechnology, who has been investigating the hive, impersonates an Evo Johnson, and hires A, Cobra, Dapper, and T-Bone, to capture the Bug Shaman.

Matthew had made contact with a fellow street mage named Lela Canales. Lela has contacted Marcelo Rojas, a member of the local gang Bot’Kham(Sons of Kham), to act as security for her. The runners are supposed to meet up with them in the Ork Underground, but when they arrive, Marcelo is dead, and Lela has been taken by Bug-possessed mercenaries.

With a little magic, the runners manage to track her down, and they fight the Bug Shaman, and subdue him. Aztechnology gets their bug shaman, and the Bot’Kham get their revenge fro Marcelo’s death.


Year of the Dragon3 March 2079
Wilt Thou Lift Up Olympus6 March 2079
Lonestar Data Steal11 March 2079
No Rose Without a Thorn11 March 2079
Returned Twofold15 March 2079
Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny Is Dead!15 March 2079
Mind the Bump16 March 2079
Smother The Flames16 March 2079
Crash Course17 March 2079
Storks in Snohomish18 March 2079
On Silent Wings23 March 2079

April 2079: Dance Under the Burning Flags

Dirty In The Kitchen

When a Tir Prince wants his favorite chef to cater his daughter. Ms. wedding, what does he do when he finds the chef is being held hostage by Yellow Lotus Triads? He hires =SUM, Mr. Irons, Siren, Vicar, and Witchblade to extract the man and his family.

Everything seems to be going well, as the team does an excellent job of reconnaissance for the job. Unfortunately, there is a breakdown in communication between Witchblade and the rest of the team, which ends up leaving them a runner and a vehicle short. Being forced to give up the job, the team gives the fruits of their labor to the Johnson, making it easier for the next team.

Black Flag Politics

Upset with Horizon having their own gubernatorial candidate in the Technocratic Party, Aztechnology hires Ashe, Belladonna, Dokkaebi, and Frau Reiher to do something about it.

The run seems to be going good at first, as the team realizes that Knight Errant and Horizon are working close together for security. They get their shot lined up and - miss. Well, more, they would have hit if some bodyguard hadn’t jumped in the way.

So the team tries again. They find out the politician is having dinner at the Space Needle, and so they send Belladonna in undercover. She pulls the candidate away from the crowd, literally takes one for the team, and is then carted away by an ambulance, a job well done.

Smokin’ Hijinks

The Eco-Terrorists of TerraFirma! want to tag an MCT Factory. However, the members they sent in all got killed. So instead, they hire Crownless, Paragon, Plumo, and Ranger to do it for them.

The runners organize a plan to disable the factory’s power supply, which would let them sneak in. This goes off explosively, as they enter the facility, and start killing guards. They tag the smokestack, and then move on to the administrative building.

There, they coerce the scientists into giving up access codes, which they then hand over to the ecoterrorists. Another run gone well.

Party of the Month

April ends with a quiet bang as Molly Carney, local rich kid, hires the runners Paz, Peacemaker, and Vydra to be extra security for her party. They bribe security to look the other way, and keep out the drug dealers, letting the party go without a hitch into the month of May.


Lend me a Hand2 April 2079
Compliments to the Chef6 April 2079
Rabbit's Initiation 216 April 2079
Intro-Chamber the Cartridge18 April 2079
22 April 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 1)20 April 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 2)20 April 2079
Flobots - Stand Up21 April 2079
Witchblade's Initiation 122 April 2079
Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist In Me22 April 2079
These Narcissists Forget to do their Exercise...25 April 2079
Strategic war games don't call 'em human beings25 April 2079
When both sides are vocalized the crowd spits the dopest lines25 April 2079
Ke$ha - TiK ToK28 April 2079

May 2079: Enduring Horizon

Event, Horizon’s

Mr. William, aka Base, of Horizon is a very youthful and energetic individual. Too youthful and energetic, apparently.

Mr. Delgado of Horizon hires Maddox, Peacemaker, and Plumo for one simple task: Capturing Mr. William, and bringing them to him. Alive, but preferably intact.

The team starts out by reconnoitering the warehouse that Base and his friends from Enduring Resistance are hiding in. They note down their routines, and then try to catch him while he’s out in a van. Unfortunately, that goes bad, and the team has to regroup.

The next go round, they opt for a stealthier approach and gas everyone inside the warehouse. It almost works, except the guards outside notice all of the health monitors going off. Everyone fights free with their prize, and make it back to the Johnson. An hour later, and they’re returning Base to his home and buddies.

May Day Parade

Enduring Resistance wants to make some noise at the upcoming parade. And so, they hire Fischer, Paladin, Paz, and Witchblade to sneak in a massive sound system. They do so by posing as an HVAC repair crew, and install the sound system into the Glass Door Building Management company building. It almost goes belly up when they lift in the system by blimp, but thankfully they’re able to pass it off as innovative, and finish the run.

Following May Day, a team of Enduring Resistance runners, that includes the aforementioned “Base”, were attempting to tag the top of the local Ares building. However, much to the horror of his teammates, Base jumps, and commits suicide.

The Ms. Johnson hires Fischer, Marionnette, Mirage, and Spectre to retrieve Base’s body, and his cyberdeck. There is also a bonus for any information that leads to whoever murdered Base, as the Enduring Resistance does not believe it was voluntary suicide.

The team manages to track their way to Mr. Delgado of Horizon, and he informs them that Base was a sleeper agent, who was sent to demoralize Enduring Resistance, and that then they were planning on returning his cyberdeck anyway, as it was infected with a complex virus. They hoof it to retrieve his body befre it is incinerated, and then pass it, the cyberdeck, and the info back to Enduring Resistance.


Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 3)7 May 2079
Break, Them, Down7 May 2079
Yokai's Initiation 18 May 2079
Yokai's Initiation 28 May 2079
Our Sound Waves Run Your City Like Parkour8 May 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 18 May 2079
Flobots - Failure Games19 May 2079
Thomas the Dank Engine22 May 2079

June 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Rise Against - Architects12 June 2079
Rise Against - Mourning in (Seattle) (Part 1)16 June 2079
Rise Against - Mourning in (Seattle) (Part 2)17 June 2079
Verses The Mooney Suzuki – Shake That Bush Again28 June 2079
Portugal, The Man28 June 2079
The Consequences for Peacful Solutions29 June 2079

July 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Against All Authority – Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver5 July 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 4)7 July 2079
The Kinks - Strangers8 July 2079
Trip D and Clean10 July 2079
Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man15 July 2079
Katy Perry – Swish Swish (Part 1)17 July 2079
More Cowbell25 July 2079
Are We There Yet25 July 2079
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter28 July 2079
The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun29 July 2079

August 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Part 2)11 August 2079
Summer Slammed13 August 2079

September 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Don't Copy That Floppy9 September 2079
Bring Da Ruckus11 September 2079
Anime Crime Division (Part 1)13 September 2079
Gone Girl 2: Gone Off The Deep End14 September 2079
Green Hell21 September 2079

October 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


I got some contacts that help me and you do not. It is a friend of a friend of a friend I got2 October 2079
If you'll excuse me there's somewhere I have to be where the whole fucking city can see me3 October 2079
Yeah, yeah, yeah It's Friday night and I'm everywhere. And pretty soon they will stop and stare when I am out there6 October 2079
There is this party where I will be raising hell24 October 2079

November 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb10 November 2079
Set Your Goals - The Few That Remain10 November 2079
Fruit of the Moneytree13 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 1)15 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 3)16 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 2)17 November 2079
19 November 2079
That Handsome Devil - Pills for Everything26 November 2079

December 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 1)8 December 2079
Bruno Mars - 24K Magic8 December 2079
Running In the 90s8 December 2079
From All The Stuff I Heard It'll Be An Easy Sell8 December 2079
Fuck the Radio8 December 2079
If You Have Got Some Requests8 December 2079
Execute the Executor9 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit16 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 2)16 December 2079
A Place For You No Place For Me28 December 2079

January 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Streetlight Manifesto - Point Counterpoint (Part 1)24 January 2080
Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile26 January 2080
Frank Turner - Four Simple Words27 January 2080
Big D And The Kids Table - Doped Up Dollies on a One Way Ticket to Blood29 January 2080

Febuary 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Job Posting: 68109893CF4 February 2080
ShadowHaven Post 41203164FF6 February 2080
AC/DC - Thunderstruck9 February 2080
Hot Action Cop - Doom Boom12 February 2080
Whispers In The Dark17 February 2080
Max Coveri - Running in the 90s23 February 2080
They Might Be Giants – You’re On Fire26 February 2080

March 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Ramshackle Glory - Die Alone, Live Together (Born to Lose)5 March 2080
The Dreadnoughts-Cider Road10 March 2080
I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer by Atom & His Package28 March 2080

April 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Moonlight Shadow6 April 2080
A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's We Will Make You One of Us24 April 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Barefoot Surrender's Sky Burnin Red25 April 2080
You Won't Hear it on the Local Grid27 April 2080

May 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 44 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 34 May 2080
You Will Never Take Me Alive8 May 2080
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing12 May 2080
A Bad Decision17 May 2080
Flobots - Combat18 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on the Remix of Lil Nas X's Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)22 May 2080
Gang Trouble22 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Big D and the Kids Table's LAX25 May 2080
Gone Girl 3: A Trail of Blood and Drugs29 May 2080

June 2080: (Insert Subtitle)

Hipster Machine the Free Sprite is consolidating field reports...


Winners do drugs3 June 2080
Usagi Private Run6 June 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Stick and Poke's Running18 June 2080

July 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


A Run based on Stick and Poke's Remember Me when you Sing7 July 2080
A Twelfth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix7 July 2080
A Third Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix13 July 2080
A Fifth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix16 July 2080
A Sixth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix17 July 2080
A Seventh Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix17 July 2080
A Fifteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix17 July 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Into The Night by Firkin7 August 2080
A Night On The Slopes10 August 2080
A Thirteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix17 August 2080
Protecting the Gentry17 August 2080
A Seventeenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix18 August 2080
A Quiet Neighbourhood25 August 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Does the Lion City Still Roar28 August 2080
A Nineteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix1 September 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Weary Traveller by Stick and Poke7 September 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Poison by Stick and Poke7 September 2080
The Firebug Leap9 September 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Multiple Songs from the Album Now You Are One of Us by The Paper Chase15 September 2080
Ctrl+Alt+Del17 September 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Bullshit by Rise Against18 September 2080
The Phantom of the Brothel21 September 2080
Things That Go Bump in the Night22 September 2080
Guns, I want them, you need them28 September 2080
Heart Clutch2 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Anime Crimes Division Season 1 Episode 22 October 2080
Mirage Island3 October 2080
Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod?6 October 2080
Location, Location, Location9 October 2080
In the Court of the Crimson King10 October 2080
Get That Glitch A Cannon10 October 2080
Crimes against Fashion10 October 2080
24K Magic (Hell's Kitchen)12 October 2080
Matrices For Dummies13 October 2080
Some (Wo)Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn13 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Bullshit by Rise Against, Part 220 October 2080
Stuffer Shack Shootout25 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Weary by Mal Blum26 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Charge Into the Sun by The Briggs26 October 2080
Strike while the Iron is Hot27 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Hot Night Crash by Sahara Hotnights29 October 2080
On the Rocks30 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Home by AlicebanD31 October 2080
Hitting Them Where It Hurts31 October 2080
Halloween31 October 2080
Blood Vapor1 November 2080
Byter2 November 2080
Hotline Miami3 November 2080
There Will Be Brawl9 November 2080
Matte Kudasai10 November 2080
Gremlins12 November 2080
Routine Delivery13 November 2080
Purkinje Submersion Run14 November 2080
Nothing Is Set In Paper14 November 2080
Cabinet Man (Run)15 November 2080
Silicon Spider15 November 2080
Missing in the Mist16 November 2080
A prequel to multiple Shadowruns based on Flags and Concrete by Larry and His Flask16 November 2080
Santa's got a Semi16 November 2080
Kani's Accidental Metaplane Vacation17 November 2080
A Real Shadowrunner17 November 2080
Rush B18 November 2080
A Special Package20 November 2080
Entomologist's Cookbook22 November 2080
New Opportunities24 November 2080
The Start of an Adventure30 November 2080
Before they are lost to us30 November 2080
🎪 Circus of Crime 🤡1 December 2080
A Daring Rescue1 December 2080
Prognosticator Procurement2 December 2080
Tools of War3 December 2080
Radioshack Reallocation3 December 2080
I've Lost My Keys4 December 2080
The Chase6 December 2080
The Wrath of the Killdozer6 December 2080
FOR JUSTICE8 December 2080
The Hard Way8 December 2080
The Crawling Chaos10 December 2080
The Problem Clown10 December 2080
Beer Run12 December 2080
The Man With The Plan12 December 2080
Overflow - Running Wild14 December 2080
Route 66 Part One: Gone In One Minute14 December 2080
Wave Racers15 December 2080
Jolly Old Fat Ork18 December 2080
The Steps Are Paved With Good Intentions18 December 2080
Death of a Legend18 December 2080
Coffee Run19 December 2080
The Tenotitchlan Heist20 December 2080
Jewels and Bullets20 December 2080
How Many Walls22 December 2080
Free cruise for you and your friends; a Christmas vacation for runners22 December 2080
Those Damned Dogs23 December 2080
CALLING ALL HEROES: The Horror Before Christmas23 December 2080
All Those Conquered Eyes and Christmases Alone23 December 2080
A Wild Extraction24 December 2080
Axemas Chaos25 December 2080
Tragedy to Triumph... That's Fire25 December 2080
Stalker's Night Out27 December 2080
A Crisp Taste of Christmas28 December 2080
That Old ACHE28 December 2080
The Tale of the Jade Bowl29 December 2080
The Chrome Dolls30 December 2080
The Redecoration at Snoqualmie1 January 2081
A Taste of Corruption2 January 2081
Drone Catcher2 January 2081
A Scatterbrained Renaissance Faire4 January 2081
🎪 On The High Seas5 January 2081
Route 66: A Prologue to Like Mad Max But With More Guns, First Rule of Drive Club Everybody Talk About Drive Club5 January 2081
You Can Never Go Home6 January 2081
The High Cs6 January 2081
Hey, Leave the kids alone8 January 2081
Pest Control (2)9 January 2081
Bad Blood10 January 2081
3 Shadowrunners in a Boat Spirit (To Say Nothing of the Dog)11 January 2081
Howling Night of Rage12 January 2081
Sword Or Sickle?12 January 2081
The Worm In The Apple13 January 2081
Paid Advertisements16 January 2081
Gone Cold17 January 2081
A Templar's Plea18 January 2081
Growing Demense18 January 2081
Patinazo19 January 2081
Tea Time21 January 2081
The Longshot23 January 2081
Aggressive Research24 January 2081
Data For Thieves25 January 2081
Children for Men25 January 2081
Grimm Woods26 January 2081
The Nut Job27 January 2081
Filling Coffers31 January 2081
Nova Crux Act 131 January 2081
Spartan Spirit1 February 2081
Route 66 part 2: The Dukes of The Barrens1 February 2081
Everything Must Go in 60 Seconds1 February 2081
Fishy Data2 February 2081
Zeck and Miri Make a Music Trideo2 February 2081
One Second to Midnight5 February 2081
The Hangover6 February 2081
Nova Crux Act 27 February 2081
The Collectors: Beta Uncut Sheet12 February 2081
Sleeper Agent13 February 2081
Nova Crux Act 314 February 2081
Carmilla's Debutante16 February 2081
Shipwrecked17 February 2081
A Portal Opened Up in My Mansion, so I Hired Some Shadow Runners to Deal with the Demon that is Causing this Massive Problem in My Life!17 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 320 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 16 1920 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 2 921 February 2081
Shadowhaven Combat Tournament21 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 2121 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 2321 February 2081
Frag n Clear22 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 2422 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 1822 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 2022 February 2081
Route 66 part 3: Drive22 February 2081
Taste of Krime24 February 2081
Unlink TombofHorrors.Host24 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 1725 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 11 1525 February 2081
Cut and Crush25 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 1026 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 126 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 427 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 527 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 1227 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 2228 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 8 1428 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 1328 February 2081
The Collectors: Let's Take A Time Walk28 February 2081
Reformation Hunt 728 February 2081
Idolatry28 February 2081
Sound Check1 March 2081
Heathers2 March 2081
This Run in a Nutshell4 March 2081
Calling All Heroes! Hellraiser4 March 2081
Reformation Hunt 65 March 2081
Where's the Beef?6 March 2081
Once Upon a Time7 March 2081
The Gift Horse7 March 2081
The Collectors: Give Me A Man After Midnight7 March 2081
Competitive Intelligence8 March 2081
Over The Hedge10 March 2081
The Siege on the New Universaeum10 March 2081
The Nightmare...12 March 2081
Guys and Dolls12 March 2081
The Rowland Case14 March 2081
Red Challenge14 March 2081
Bloody Shoals15 March 2081
Fired-Wall16 March 2081
A Storm is Coming18 March 2081
Time in a Bottle19 March 2081
Fantastic Space Marines and Where to Find Them19 March 2081
Burning Down the Dollhouse19 March 2081
Deimos' Initiation19 March 2081
OPEN UP21 March 2081
Higher Education21 March 2081
Unshielded22 March 2081
Back From The Dead22 March 2081
Intern Return24 March 2081
Drums in the Deep24 March 2081
Seattle Confidential24 March 2081
Drug Resupply in the Fallen's Land25 March 2081
Neural Chip V327 March 2081
Ressonance Quest: Trip to the Land of the Fucked28 March 2081
The Return28 March 2081
Shadow Uni: Combat 10128 March 2081
Route 66: Side Story Animal House29 March 2081
Tacoma Triad Tea Trouble29 March 2081
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime2 April 2081
The Assassination of Joe Bogus by the Coward Kevin Crimes3 April 2081
It's A Gas4 April 2081
Faithless4 April 2081
Gospel of Dismay5 April 2081
The Hacker Wars5 April 2081
Dogs vs Cats7 April 2081
The Road Runner Show7 April 2081
White Rabbit8 April 2081
Operation icehouse8 April 2081
This Harbor is Yours9 April 2081
Red Right Hand10 April 2081
D-EVO-LUTION11 April 2081
Route 66: Side Story, Sir Where is My Automobile11 April 2081
All In A Daze Work12 April 2081
Operation Icefang12 April 2081
Revenge Served Hot with a Side Dish of Molten Slag12 April 2081
Be The Easter Bunny12 April 2081
Potholderz13 April 2081
Real Maiming Hours14 April 2081
No Grave But the Sea16 April 2081
Odd Jobs: Smash and Grab17 April 2081
A Shadowrun Based on The Hustle by A Night in the Box18 April 2081
Shooting Scruffy Suits18 April 2081
Gotta Get the Cash18 April 2081
RV20 April 2081
Hotline Seattle 1 - No Good Deed Goes Unmurdered20 April 2081
Troll Killer Killers21 April 2081
2122 April 2081
Anarchy For Sale23 April 2081
Where's The Kaboom?24 April 2081
The Princess Bride24 April 2081
Moulin Rouge!24 April 2081
Matrix Combat Time25 April 2081
First and Last Time25 April 2081
Dainty Delicate Digits27 April 2081
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid1 May 2081
Emerald Kitty Blues3 May 2081
Get Em' High4 May 2081
Let's Get Lost4 May 2081
Libre Nacho5 May 2081
A Shadowrun Based on Crywank's A Soreness So Familiar It Soon Becomes Unquestioned6 May 2081
An Unhealthy Obsession6 May 2081
A Portal Opened Up in My Mansion, so I Hired Some Shadow Runners to Deal with the Demon that is.. Wait didn't we do this run already? There's no way this is just to make the title longer!7 May 2081
No Honor Among Thieves8 May 2081
Stop The Ritual8 May 2081
Ellie's Musical Initiation8 May 2081
Pack's Destiny Part 18 May 2081
Baby Geniuses9 May 2081
Who Hunts The Hunters10 May 2081
Bellevue Blunders10 May 2081
Dark Heart News11 May 2081
Trailer Park Chummers11 May 2081
Charlottes Web11 May 2081
The Great Plushie Massacre12 May 2081
My Hero13 May 2081
Smoke on the water13 May 2081
A Shudder of Clowns14 May 2081
The Battle of Solace14 May 2081
Fractal Punch14 May 2081
A Ghoulish Case Of Ghoul-Hatred15 May 2081
A Treatise on the Logistics of Farming and Land Management15 May 2081
404 Error16 May 2081
The Night the Lights Went Out In Redmond16 May 2081
Deer Dance16 May 2081
Route 66: Side Story Blast from the Past17 May 2081
Adolescent Surged Shinobi Amphibians17 May 2081
WPOP Rave18 May 2081
Great at Crime18 May 2081
PILOT gets absolutely DESTROYED by ATC in SEATTLE20 May 2081
Timetwisting Away20 May 2081
Where In The World Is My Painting?20 May 2081
D-UP21 May 2081
Bustin21 May 2081
Save my "Puppy"21 May 2081
Something's Rotten in Tacoma22 May 2081
Syndicate Synergy23 May 2081
Dirty Little Secret23 May 2081
Put a Ring on It23 May 2081
The System Is Down23 May 2081
The Great Dodge Scootening23 May 2081
Through The City And Over The Flows To Salish We Go24 May 2081
A Little Pro Bono Work24 May 2081
Code 824 May 2081
Where There Are Crumbs...25 May 2081
Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken26 May 2081
2 Farm 2 Market26 May 2081
Grounded27 May 2081
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