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The Night Throne
Here I shall raise my kingdom.
Connection 2
Type Infected Underground Cabal
Player joinability? Non-Infected are Associates, Infected can become full members.
Health Beginning
Location Redmond

Faction Information

The Night Throne is a Cabal established by the Dupont Twins, Vampire and Loup-Garou Amelie and Jean-Baptiste, with the purpose of developing a "Kingdom" that exerts it's influence on the metropolis of Seattle much like the other Syndicates and Corporations do. Regardless of the end goal, the truth about why the Twins wish to make their mark is more a combination of the metaphorical middle finger to their late mother, as well as a desire to make sure they are NEVER in a position to be hurt again.


  • Use their abilities and clout to establish order amongst the HMHVV infected of Seattle, in essence trying to "Civilize" them.
  • Show strength and demonstrate to the other syndicates in Seattle that they are CERTAINLY a force to be reckoned with.

Major Locations


Underworld is a refurbished nightclub operating in Redmond, that is the result of an old basement bar being extended into an underground parking garage. While the origional bar still exists, it is now more so an entryway into the proper scene, where an open central courtyard descends down the levels with multiple drink, food, and party stations. The establishment is refurbished with..."Acquired" materials, however only the parking level connected to the bar - B3 - and the levels directly above and below are currently refurbished, but the plans to expand are there.

However, descending the levels brings you to the "clubs" true section, B13, where Amelie holds court over her subjects. Currently her subjects only include the Ghouls who resided within the parking garage before. They were quick to join once Amelie demonstrated her prowess.

The court is designed much after medieval Europe, with a red carpet leading to a raised dias, with a lounging couch, surrounded by a moat of "blood".


Name Archtype Description
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste Infected Cabal leaders Amelie is the effective "Queen" of the Night throne, with her brother acting as her hand and enforcing her rule amongst those in her "Kingdom".

PCs (Associates and Full)

Name Archtype Description