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Voltage temp.png
Ancients Street Sam
"People take one look at my chrome and run if they're smart. It's a lot more fun for me when they're not."
Discord @makiiato#1300
Reddit makiiato
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
D.O.B. March 24th, 2060
Age 22
Folder [1]
Priority Metatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


A chromed-up murder machine of an elf, Voltage is a skilled marksman and a powerhouse fighter. She's great at busting heads and ripping guts for the Ancients, but not so great at, uh... anything that requires her to use her brain for more than about two seconds.


  • Move up in the ranks of the Ancients (Maybe she'll lead her own squad someday!)
  • Upgrade her bike
  • Upgrade her 'ware!


Voltage has been running with the Ancients since she was big enough to sit on a bike, and she's always been desperate to impress her superiors and make a name for herself. As planning has never been her strong suit, she decided to follow an impulse and try to accomplish that by setting fire to a prominent pro-human politician's beachfront vacation home. Though no one was in it at the time, it made national news in the CAS as a terrorist attack, and the second it was published, Voltage immediately began crowing about it to her squad leader. Knowing that her impulsive braggart of a charge was bound to get her dumb ass dragged off to prison probably forever, she made arrangements to get her sent off to Seattle's chapter. For better or for worse, Voltage is their responsibility now.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Bilingual: Voltage is proud to be an elf, and steeped in elven culture. She speaks Sperethiel and English equally well.


  • Distinctive Style: Ancients pride, baby! Even if Voltage puts on something other than biker synthleather, it's pretty obvious she's an Ancient. Oh, and, there's no hiding that shiny black metal on all her limbs.
  • Favored (Common Target, Biased): Look, it's not that she thinks elves are better than anyone else... she just likes other elves better than anyone else.
  • One Born Every Minute: Voltage can't seem to wrap her mind around the idea of "ulterior motives."
  • Poor Self Control (Braggart): The constant need to impress people can only be a good thing. Right? Right???
  • Poor Self Control (Combat Monster): "I've never been in a fight I couldn't win!"
  • The Goat: What do you mean the obvious ganger decked out in obvious cyber isn't suspicious? She's perfectly trustworthy. There's no way she's up to any shady drek.
  • Uneducated: School is for suckers. Voltage learned everything she needs to know on the street.
  • Wanted (CAS Department of Homeland Security, ¥200k): "What, it's not more?"

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Night ShoppingMursey5 April 2082
Babylon's Self-ReflectionAurora6 March 2082
Route 66: Sabotaging The CompetitionAuroraLike mad max but more guns1 March 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III 4 1 Networking CorpKid Party all Night... What time is it?, Everybody's Friend., Did Someone say Drugs?, Brodie J IN THE HOUSE!, Ride Wrecked? Brodie J's got it!, Oh yeah! I have a job!, Good looks, Money, and a savant-level understanding of rocket physics Even
Bilge-Rat Jones 2 1 Service Pirate/Smuggler Shady Smuggler, Beneath Notice, Magical Countermeasures, Fool's Luck, Go Down With The Ship, Covered In Rats, Owns A Ship Even
Doctor O+ 4 3 Custom(G,A,N,K) Street Doc/Organlegger Medical, Illegal, Organlegger, Ghoul Organlegger, Armorer, Ware, Rarities Even
Ether 5 2 Fixer Fixer Smuggler, Armorer, Vehicles, Elven Blood, Ganger Network, Seattle Underworld Even
Freya 5 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Hacker Extraordinaire Master SIN Maker, Burner ID, FAKE is my Middle Name!, My Search Function is Powered by Nuyen, Hacking is my other middle name, I eat Hosts for lunch. Even
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane 5 2 Gear Mechanic Cars, Mechanic, Drones, Hard to reach, Motorcycles, GoGanger, Aerial vehicles Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Ancients Member 3 7 Gang Maintaining North America & Western Europe


  • Babylon: Since Babylon is a higher-ranking Ancients member and has some sway with the gang, Voltage idolizes her a bit and will do absolutely anything that Babylon asks her to. For better or for worse.
  • Duchess: Fellow Ancient, and Voltage's roommate. Duchess leaves her constant reminders to not brag about her bounty like an idiot, but they get along surprisingly well despite coming from opposite tiers of society.


  • CAS Department of Homeland Security: Voltage is wanted for terrorism and attempted assassination. The CAS DHS is offering a hefty sum of nuyen to anyone who can bring her in, and is also willing to offer a reward for information leading to her arrest.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 An electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts.
3 A member of the Ancients, originally from Miami. There are lots of photos of her on a tricked-out Harley-Davidson Nightmare, and she's proudly throwing Ancients gang signs in almost all of them. Image metadata is mostly localized around Tarislar.
6 If you're running an image search, you'll easily find her face plastered all over news reports, stating that the CAS Department of Homeland Security is offering a large sum of nuyen for information leading to her arrest, and will award ¥200,000 to anyone who's actually able to bring her in. The name Delara Ó Máille is attached to the bounty postings.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


  • Finley Shannon - R4 UCAS fake SIN. Bodyguard, restricted augmentations, restricted substances, firearms, concealed carry, driver's licenses.


Voltage is tall, standing at 196 cm (6'5"). She could pass for a very leanly-muscled ork at a distance, were it not for the very obvious Ancients colors she wears. She has four obvious matte-black cyberlimbs, all outdated models that have seen their fair share of abuse--aside from her right arm, which looks new. Her hair is long on top and shaved on the sides (sort of like a mohawk, but she rarely styles it up if ever), and the grown-out roots show that it's naturally a dark brown. There's extensive scarring on the right side of her face and neck.


Voltage generally wears Ancients colors, and sports the standard synthleather biker armor.

Matrix Persona

A slightly modded version of an-off-the-rack elf persona. The arms and legs are reskinned to bear some resemblance to her cyberlimbs, though the texture is a little off, and the hairstyle is an approximation of her own.

Media Mentions

None locally, but her face has been plastered all over CAS news for getting caught in an act of terrorism and attempted assassination.

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