Two Steps Ahead

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“Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, deal with a dragon…”

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"One Step Ahead"

Saeder-Krupp has always been One Step Ahead of the competition, but these days that just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore: MCT is gunning for their #1 AAA ranking, SpinGlobal has old scores to settle with Lofwyr, and that doesn’t even get into what other, lesser European mega-corporations like Proteus AG and Zeta-ImpChem have in store to take S-K down a peg or two.

In order to counter these encroaching threats from all sides, the Chairman has tasked S-K Prime with stepping up their intelligence gathering operations and recruitment of new talent.



The largest and most powerful mega-corporation in the Sixth World, wholly owned and controlled by its sole shareholder - the Great Dragon Lofwyr, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Important Members

Amrei Veidt

Amrei Veidt, aka. "G01d3nI"

A former shadowrunner and current S-K Prime operative tasked with heading up one of Lofwyr’s task forces, Amrei (who also goes by by the decker handle ‘G01d3nI’) has been focusing much of her attention as of late on monitoring freelance shadow networks for promising rumors and potential new talent, including ShadowHaven. She is extremely capable in her role as a spy and as a Ms. Johnson (though she prefers “Frau Schmidt”, or “Frau Brackhaus” when acting directly on Lofwyr’s behalf), and very eager to please her employer.


  • Remain the #1 rated AAA mega-corporation in the world: steal important data, snatch up new technology, extract valuable employees from rival corps - whatever it takes to remain One Step Ahead.
  • Recruit promising shadowrunner talent as deniable assets towards this end.

Saeder-Krupp’s Many, Many Rivals

Mitsuhama. Spinrad. Zeta-Imperial. The list goes on and on – everyone wants a piece of the biggest dragon horde in the world, and Lofwyr has no intention of giving up a single gold coin without a fight.

Important Members

TBD. Many, many Mr. and Mrs. Johnson/Tanaka/Smith/etc. are available to represent this varied force of savvy business-folks, all of whom have their own ends. The various corps could all be working independently, or it's possible they may be collaborating with one-another as a cabal - only time will tell for sure.


  • Remove S-K from the top spot in the corporate court hierarchy, by any means necessary: spread chaos, sabotage projects, kill executives and top officials – they will stop at nothing to make it happen.
  • Recruit promising shadowrunner talent as deniable assets towards this end.


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