The Crow of Seattle

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Charon, the hundred year old vampire and antagonistic ally of Agamemnon has searched for fifteen old enemies for over seventy years. Bit by bit, she's closing in on their locations and murdering them in cold blood.


Old Ghosts

December 5th 2081, Charon managed to track down a scumbag called Hollis Oswald. Charon remembered the man by being insufferably smug and facetiously gentle to rub salt in her wounds back when he first attacked her. Now, over half a century later, he was paid off by Regency MegaMedia to live the rest of his days in a squalid retirement home. Charon got a tip from Agamemnon, pretended to be a visitor and entered the alias-toting Oswald's room. He was almost senile and barely recognized the girl from the early 2000s that hadn't aged a day. After he spent his last moments in disemboweled agony and terror, Charon painted her warning for the other fourteen on the room's wall in Hollis' blood.

Black & White & Red

January 4th 2082, another target made itself known. This time Marion followed through with some commlink information he'd dug up from Hollis Oswald's belongings. Garik von Louv, a made man of the Vory had made an operation in Tacoma. Charon waltzed right through the front gates, got an audience surrounded by bodyguards and even surrendered her weapons to the guards to strike a deal with Garik. The man had clearly made himself into a proper veteran, a far cry from the wreck Oswald had been. It didn't help much -- while he put up a fight and Charon had to heal through jaw-shattering punch after another, she ripped his throat out and repeated the blood-written warning for the remaining thirteen.


Hundred Year HuntSarcarian11 February 2082Glamor
Alyona Khilkov
Black & White & RedSarcarian4 January 2082Charon
Old GhostsSarcarian5 December 2081Charon