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This template is designed to simplify the creation of new contact pages and automatically tag things with SemanticWiki markup where appropriate.


This allows us to turn previous globs of wiki code to generate a proper contact infobox into a simple short list that explains what the frag you're doing directly and plainly. Many boxes function quite happily when left blank; however, Profession and Archetype are required. It is highly recommended to make use of Template:Age for the age entry, but anything can be put in its place such as a vague "middle aged" or similar.

The template supports up to 2 factions, please fill |Faction= before |Faction2=.

For example, if you enter the following:

|Image=[[File:News Van Dan.jpg|200px]]
|Profession=Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker)
|Shortblurb1=The Man with a Plan
|Location=Tacoma, Seattle
|HobbiesOrVice=THE TRUTH
|Faction=ShadeTruth Media

Your result will be:

News Van Dan.jpg
Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker)
The Man with a Plan
Contact Owner Teksura
Connection 3
Archetype Legwork
Location Tacoma, Seattle
Metatype Human
Awakened/Emerged Mundane
Gender Male
Age 28
Preferred Payment Method Information
Hobbies/Vice THE TRUTH
Personal Life Single?
Faction ShadeTruth Media