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Fresh new Runner, eager to prove his skills in the Matrix
Player Premade
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. June 30th. 2057
Folder [1]
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B

Character Information


As a new Runner he only has had small jobs before. However he is eager to show that he is worth the payment.


Sharpen his Skills and becoming better at every occasion. Eventually bail out and return to a more peaceful life but for now hecant let his family down. He needs the money.


He´s a general nice guy, however he turns into professional mode whenever his skills are needed and the he quickly can fall into tunnel vision, leaving behind all the inputs deemed unnecessary by him all in order to prove his skill and knowledge. He however rarley makes a gut decision, all his actions are carefully planned as he is a quick thinker and therefore never looses time on quick shifting conditions. He performs well when preapred and under stress, he leanrt that panicing is not a good thing to do and so he adapted. On his private site however he is contantly worried that his cover might get blown and that he has to explain himself to his parents and his sister, who, he is sure about that, would´nt understand and all the dangers that might come down on them that are linked to his new "proffession"

Run Example

SystemShock got hired to provide technical support to a extraction party. The info the Johnson had given them lacked vital details so Shock uses his Commlink, the Hermes Ikon, for a Matrix Search (Roll your Computer skill) and thanks to the built in Browse program it only takes him half the usual time, leaving more time to plan ahead.

Upon arriving at the location, the Face decides it would be less bloody if they go in and escort the target. For that, they need to alter files that will make the team look like a legitimate transportation team. So SystemShock enters the Matrix with his cyberdeck and upon booting he swaps his Attack (6) attribute with his Firewall(3) Attribute so he has a decend defense in case the host visit goes south. He also runs silent to not immediately get spotted. He approaches the host and begins to perform a "Hack on the Fly" action which requires a roll of the "Hacking" Dice. Since he has a specialsiation in hacking Hosts he can use 16 Dice and additionally his Codeslinger Quality gives him another 2 dice to roll so he can roll 18 dice in total to place a mark on the host but running silent deducts 2 die for being silent so we are back at 16 Dice. In addition he has his "Exploit" Prgramm Running which lifts his sleaze Attribute by two points which means the limit for the test was raised due to it being the Sleaze Attribute. Once inside the host, it is determined how frequently the Patrol IC will scan the host, the higher Rating hosts tend to have a lot of traffic and thus the time period in which he IC is busy doing other stuff is longer. Now he needs to find the File that needs to be edited so SystemShock performs a Matrix Perception action. His Quality "Curiosity killed the Cat" triggers as he shifts throuhg all the data he finds another encrypted file. To not immediately sto his search he neds to roll Composure and beat 3 hits. He rolls his Charisma+ Willpower and gets 4 hits which means he can concentrate on finding the important file again. He finds the file while the Patrol IC is slowly making its way up to him. Knowing that this file is of importance he again checks the file for hidden Data Bombs and he was right, if he would´ve tried to edit the file without checking he would´ve eaten a lot of damage and the file could´ve been gone. So to disarm he rolls his Software skill and having a Spec in Data Bombs he can add two dice, which sadly get removed right after due to him still running silent. After Successfuly disarming the bomb the IC is almost ready to scan the area again so he quicky swaps hs expolit programm for the edit program and rolls hs "Computer" skill again. Just as he finished editing the file the Patrol IC scans the host and he has to roll against the IC with his LOG+Sleaze Attribute. Due to him running silent he can add 2 dice to this test and luckily he avoids getting spotted and immediatley leaves the host. The Team goes in and all works smoothly untill they get noticed by a security officer as Criminals. Systemshock quickly hops into the Matrix again to help out his team and begins to attack the Ares Predator of a Security Officer to "brick" it making it unusable. Here his qualities "Instinctive Hack" and "Go Big or go Home" benefit him. With "Instinctive Hack he is allowed to perform a "Hack on the Fly" action right before INitiative is rolled and "Go Big or go Home" reduces the dicepool penalty to -6 for trying to get three Marks on a Target. He decides that their cover is already blown so he stopps running silent and can attempt to put three Marks on the gun with a total dicepool of 10 dice (Hacking 14, codeslinger +2 =16 -6 for three Marks). The device resists with INT(Intuition of the owner)+ Firewall (of the device). He is only two hits short of putting all three marks on the gun so he uses a point of edge to reroll all non-hit die and gets three hits more. The Gun now has three Marks on it. After just a few seconds the gun´s matrix conditin Monitor is filled and it stops firing just as the Teams muscle is about to slice the Officer in half. But no time to relax another two Officers come into sight. SystemShock Swaps his Edit Proramm for the "Fork" programm, which allows him to perform one Matrix action on two targets at the same time, so he attacks both their weapons with his Data Spike. Struck with sudden realisation, Systemshock uses a small timeframe to swap to his Baby Monitor Programm to check on his Overwatch Score and as he feared it is ciritically high so he quickly logs off to reset the timer. Upon relogging the Enemy Spider (security Decker) awaits him, he has bricked the faces gun already. Since the situation is going haywire anyways Systemshock decides to play the deadly game and swaps his programm to the biofeedback programm which will hurt not only the spiders deck but the spider himself and enages in combat but not before switching his Attack attribute with his Data Processing Attribute to further boost his fighting capabilities. The team makes a specatcular exit from the building with the target while Systemshock (who was in the car all the time) is still fighting off the spider but in the end everyone survives and the team gets extra money after the face complains about the "unbearable hight risk" the Johnson had forgot to mention.


Jim grew up in a decent middleclass Family in Seattle and had a good childhood. Early he discovered his fable for the Matrix and soon he began to venture out in the Matrix and discovering various ways to sneak and bypass security. Not to say in his early days he only narrowly avoided multiple convergences. As soon as he became 18 he moved out into what he thought to be freedom. Quickly he realised that you need a lot of things to life on our own and as his parents stopped woring and entered their senior years his younger sister became dependent on him and his income and life wasnt that easy anymore. In his free time he developed the strong habit to crack every encrypted file he came across. One day he cracked a file that mentioned a place called "Shadowhaven" a place for Shadowrunners to meet. He saw his opportunity to regain his freedom and the ability to help out his sister. What a great catch! Soon he became aware that the life of a crminal isnt as honorable and he got himself a job as a waiter at a local afe/restaurant to cover up his other activities. In the Shadows he quickly made a name for himself to be relentless and quick. in public, he uphold the picture of the talented matrix user with a part time job in a cafe in hope to find that one big opportunity. As his sister grows more and more dependend on him however, the harder it gets to cover up is real source of income and he begins to feel the pressure. But hes too deep in now, to pull out without repercussions.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History



Benito Cervantes (Fixer) Connection:6 Loyality:1 Benny "Good Boy" Cervantes

DeC0de (Swag:Software/Programms) Connection:4 Loyality:1 DeC0de




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


"Ron Smith" R4 Fake SIN


A little shorter than the average Human but always dressed appropriately. Blond hair, blue eyes he looks just about the same as many Humans


The all time classic and casual jeans and shirt, never stained or dirty in any way, sometimes a Hat if he feels fancy. Nothing extraordinary.

Matrix Persona

A Person made out of turquoise cubes, which occasionally float up just to rearrange themself again.

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