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Shaman, Performer, Meta-humanist, Environmentalist
"What's up omae?"
Player butimnotashark
Metatype Ork
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 1
Titles and Awards 0
DOB September 16, 2019
Google Drive Chummer
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


Locs, like the product for grooming and styling a Georgia summer storm-cloud. The bountifully long intertwining strands forming the canopy that sits upon this his head reaching his shoulder blades, Skin of the darkest greenest Georgia forest, two long craved tusk coming from his bottom jaw handsomely thrust through the edges of his smile. Eyes of reflected desert dune,Thick facial features - lips, nose. Groomed beard and goatee, that ends in a point. Around his neck sits something akin to thick prayer beads with sigils carved expertly into each bead, His black cargo pants over his black armored underarmor and brown denim tank top with a hood that allows his hair to slip through and dance and shenanigans ready combat boots.


Jaxx loves to dance, listen to music, build and tinker, clean up around him as he travels, taking the justified gigs that require his skills as he goes. Jaxx's truest reason for living is to help us all live in a cleaner world. He often organizes solo street, parkour ,dance shows, moving and dances down the side walks as his truck helps collect the junk that litters the street. Jaxx cares for most around him as long as they are not a danger to others, he watches, listens and takes notes of those around him. The people he finds that make his world a worst place....he finds a way to "stop that from continuing".

  • He'd like to free his mother and see her retire happily.


Jaxx was born in Georgia to Cyn Sage a single mother working as a nurse in Georgia. this also means that he was born into Aztech due to his mom contracting as a nurse to the Aztech corporation general staff. Due to her kindness towards others she was able to negotiate working for Jaxx's education on one of the Aztech campuses. He was required to clean the campus as part of paying for his education as a child. during this time he was able to see the hierarchy, rules, doctrine, lies, division, separation, knowledge being fed to himself and his fellow classmates. He knew that he wasn't going to allow himself to succumb to these lies or way of live. Around age 16,with the soul of a street sam and the essence of a tome , Shortly after his graduation as a young man his mother alone was sent away but sends him trids occasionally. He feels that this has to do with his education but she seems to be ok. After graduation, with no responsibility apparently due to a deal his mom cut with Aztech, Jaxx just left. Refusing to go to the trap that is embarking the Aztech career track. Now he travels doing his shows, and "cleaning up". Currently his on the other-side of the north american continent in Redmond, Seattle.

Narrative Significant Qualities

SINer (Corporate Limited)(Az Technology) Signature (His Tag pops up almost everywhere he's been)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Route 66: A Prologue to Like Mad Max But With More Guns, First Rule of Drive Club Everybody Talk About Drive ClubDoc McGuffinsLike mad max but more guns5 January 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Priest 3 3 Fixer Activist Fixer Temperance is a Virture, All are Welcome in the House of the Lord, Show no Fear, Soldiers of God!, Bring me your Huddled Masses, Know Thine Enemy, Preserve the Peace Even
Blanca Blanco 2 6 Custom(G,A,K,N) Talismonger Talismonger, Enchanter, Street Shaman Even





In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

In in notebook, on his personal projects, spayed expertly onto buildings and signs. Resembling the old world recycling symbol, this symbol is green and in place of the arrows in triangular form are green open-mawed crocodiles and inside that symbol lies a the brown and green silhouette of a mountain.

Matrix Search Table

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Corporate SIN (AzTechnology : Jaxx B. Sage)

Fake SIN (Cheav Marx [Activist Legal Council])



Black cargo pants over his black armored underarmor and brown denim vest with a hood that allows his hair to slip through and dance and shenannigans ready combat boots.

Matrix Persona

A cyber armored out 6ft long, 3ft wide, 4 ft tall crocodile.

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