Snake! Kernel! Panic!

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Snake! Kernel! Panic!
LocationResonance Realms
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Cecelia Cross
Cross Applied Technologies
Gianelli Family
Vip3r Bl4ckM4mb4
Casualties and losses
Bl4ckM4mb4, Three Registered Sprites
Vip3r's fourth submersion.


Cecelia Cross sends Vip3r after a file in the Resonance Realms, but she isn't the only interested party.

The Meet

Cecelia calls Vip3r to E-Vue with the offer of a job. She arrives to a strange scene: there's no line outside the club for once, and it appears to be closed. Confused, she calls Cecelia to ask what's going on, and she assures Vip3r that it's okay to come in; she's doing some maintenance on the host. Upon entering, she finds Cecelia supervising a number of other technomancers who are working in AR with the assistance of various sprites, and when she stands next to her to watch them, she informs her that these are some of the recently-awakened Otaku who have been under Cross's care.

Cecelia then invites Vip3r into her office, where she shares a bottle of high-end white wine with her and tells her about the task she has for her. She first asks Vip3r if she's familiar with the Endless Archive--which she is, having visited on a previous submersion--and then tells her that she's been approached by the Eighty-Eights Triad with a request to find a pre-crash membership list that includes members' family names, history, and locations. Given Vip3r's experience with and knowledge of the Triad, Cecelia decided to outsource the task to her. Vip3r finds the request strange, since the Eighty-Eights have an unusually high population of technomancers in their ranks, and asks if Cecelia knows why they were approaching her for it rather than handling the matter themselves. She reveals that the Triad has actually approached her about recruiting from among the former Otaku. Additionally, they've mentioned that the Gianelli Family has been poking into their business, and that time may be of the essence as they seem to be interested in the same document Vip3r is being sent to retrieve so that they can use it to target their members and begin retaking territory in Tacoma.

Vip3r agrees to the task, but before undertaking her mission, she asks Cecelia if she can propose a mutually beneficial agreement to her. Vip3r knows about two MCT corporate citizens who are assigned to highly secretive projects--likely against their wishes--who need to be extracted, and will need somewhere to go after that where they will be well-protected. Their knowledge and ability will serve Cross's pro-virtuakinetic interests well, and will likely help to expand their influence. Cecelia agrees, and assures her that "if there's one thing Cross is good at, it's protecting what we care about." Satisfied with her response, Vip3r prepares to submerge.

The Plan

The Run



Brilliant Heuristics - 5 RVP
Unique Avatar - 5 RVP
+1 Chip on Cecelia Cross
Submersion Discount!
6 Karma

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