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Melee Combat Rage Tank
I live for fighting and Family
Metatype Dwarf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. June 6th 2052
Metatype -B
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance -E
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information


Slayer is a dwarf who is confident in his abilities and proud of himself and his brother he's in Seattle to find his little sister who went missing and he runs the shadows to maybe find a clue where she went or what has happened to her.

Furthermore he will help his grandmother with paying her bills if as he's able to.


His main goal is to find his little sister along side his brother.

He wants to fight and he wants to win.


Tim Sauer

Tim Sauer “Slayer” was born in the AGS as the middle child to an older brother and a younger sister and with both he shares a strong bond only siblings can have. His Parents are are a Dwarven father whose family had to flee from Seattle and a Koborokuru Mother whose family fled Japan due to racial discrimination and persecution.

His mother cares deeply for him and his siblings and tries to protect him from bad influence because he was always the “problematic” child who got into fights, his father on the other hand taught him how to find his way around in the world and oppose evildoers even if it meant fighting.

To better protect him from such people his father taught him the art of Fiore Dei Liberi early on but with axes instead of swords.

Besides from this and a couple of playground fight who he won most of, his childhood was pretty normal or as normal as the childhood of a SINless dwarven family can be.

His sister Saskia who is 2 years younger than him is a dwarf as well his brother on the other hand is a Koborokuru like his mother and therefore smaller than him what made him subject of many height related jokes but he was the head of the siblings nevertheless. As Tim's brother turned 17 he traveled the world to get he traveled the world to get a different view on the world in the meantime Tim started to work in a foundry where he learned to operate the heavy machinery.

For a couple years everything was fine but one day when he walked through the foundry one of the industrial crucibles crashed and poured molten steel all over the area and over his body as the steel burned itself into the skin and the heat burnt a lot of his skin, Tim screamed in excruciating pain til he fainted. The high pressure emergency sprinklers went of immediately but to late for Tim he was more dead than alive. When he gained back his consciousness he was in a special medical facility from Saeder-Krupp, most of his body where replaced by cyberlimbs and he had unbearable pain, the doctors often told him it was a miracle that he survived and that the chances were as close to zero as it can be.

It was at this time Tim's personality changed a bit he thought to himself if he can survive even something like this he must be better than the ordinary meta-humanity and can survive anything. As his brother heard of this accident he came back from his world trip and was by Tim's side through his recovery and after one year Tim was able to continue his live normally. Some time later Saskia went to Seattle to support their ill grandma. Then two weeks ago on 29th September 2080 their uncle called them and said Saskia went missing.

The two brothers grabbed their stuff and went to the airport at the departure their father said to Tim the he was always proud of both of them and always will be but he shouldn't tell it his brother or he'll get full of himself.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Battle Hardened

Special Modifications2

Perfect Time

Shoot First, Don't Ask


Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

Super Human Psychosis

Prejudiced (Biased,Trolls)

Distinctive Style

Driven (Finding our little sister)

Run History

  • [Extralife] 10-26-2019 06:01 UTC | A Shadowrun Based on Charge Into the Sun by The Briggs
  • [Extralife] 11-01-2019 06:01 UTC | A Shadowrun Based on That’ll Be the Day by Streetlight Manifesto (Part 1)
  • 01-11-19 18:00 UTC | Blood Vapor
  • [Extralife] 11-02-2019 06:01 UTC | A Shadowrun Based on Our Will Be Done by Larry and His Flask
  • 11/15/2019 17:00 UTC | Silicon Spider



  • MrFixIt - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Fixer


+1 Rep Krime

-1 Rep Renraku



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Fake SIN (George Bash) 4



black jeans/ black shirt/ and a long black leather mantel

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