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Decker, Social
Jack of all trades
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. December 14 2056
Age 25
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Sirius is MeFeed, YouStar, P2.1 celebrity, who after years of content creations, he saw the world outside the bubble of the Horizon, realize depravity of its corporation and himself.


He work as shadowrunner trying make his whole "influence" something more useful and wants to become himself, not what "Sirius" is designed to be.


Leon Ward was a Horizon brat who pretty early(at 14) have became a matrix streaming, content creator star. Their parent tried to use this to increase their own P2.0 score and their influence. They made him a Matrix Persona(Persona like the person you showing to the crowd not persona like the icon) which was the "perfect content creator" by Horizon. They used skillwires, persona chips and other augmentations on him which were massively controlling his personality. Results of this were he had became very spoiled, aggressive, annoying kid.
After 4 year his career take more focus about hacking and breaking security systems. They were all faked, but Leon believed it was thanks to his "real skills". Leon took more interest in discovering the "hacking" community off-camera to show them who is the boss. He pretty fast met with a persona, who humiliated him, made him raging and questioning who is her. She called herself "/dev/grrl". He made some legwork about her and found she is shadowrunner.
So Leon decided he will create shadowrunner content get street creed in community and then he would take his revenge on "/dev/grrl". But reality hit him reaaaaly hard. He find out how much clueless he was about the word, he realized what he is doing, what megacorps doing, his whole life and personality is just faked.
Over these 6 years he rehabilitate his personality, isolate himself from his parents, and his corporation. He still continue his celebrity career but trying to make it as something which will help the peoples all around the globe.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Online Fame: He is an MeFeed, YouStar, P2.0 celebrity
Day Job. Until today he still continue his career as Virtual celebrity with some twist.
Unique Avatar: Back in the day multiple matrix designer was asked to made him a unique persona.
Sinner(corp)(horizon): His family is early members of the Horizon group.
Dry addict: He had personality disorder, thanks to the persona chips, and skill wires which were boosting his "performance", but right now his head is clear, for now.
Corporate Pariah: He has pretty rough relationship with Horizon. Sirius not really want follow the path the Singularity want him to do, but his P score too big just fire him (yet). Horizon currently tolerate him.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Route 66: Side Story, Sir Where is My AutomobileDoc McGuffinsLike mad max but more guns11 April 2081




Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Danielle Daggett 3 3 Custom(A,N,K,G) Face Shadowrunner Extorted, Shadowrunner, Facing, NAN, Ecoterrorist, Horizon Even
Haruki Uchida 5 2 Fixer Fixer Cyberware, Bioware, Fake SINs, Infobroker Contacts, Armor Accessories, Shiwase Brand Equipment Even
Catch-22 5 2 Gear Electronics and Software dealer Electronics Dealer, Triad Networker, Hacker, Comms dealer, Pirated Software, Bootleg Drones Even




In Character Information

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Matrix Persona

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