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Player Silence[1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 21st 2052
Folder Sheet[2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


Awakened Singer/Songwriter from Tir Na Nog. Never planned to be in the shadows.


Find my killer


Siren was born as Fiona O'Kennedy in the year of 2052 in Limerick, Munster, Tir Na Nog. She was the second daughter of one Liam O'Kennedy, a passionate man seeking his place as a human in one of the Danaan Families. His first daughter was born an elf, just as he had hoped, though his luck did not continue.

Despite being one of the 'nobles' of Tir Na Nog, and never lacking for anything material, Fiona was kept more distant, her father making it clear that her sister Mona was his favourite. Her mother went along with his antics, not speaking up. While her sister was raised in politics and art, Fiona was free to do what she wanted. Living in a city of art and music, she soon found out that she was talented in those herself. And her voice was more beautiful than the one of her sister, an elf.

Soon enough, and despite the best efforts of her family to sabotage it, she was found by 'Horizon' (its subsidiary in Tir Na Nog). Her talents awarded her a place in a band called "Mockingjay" which was mixing traditional Irish instruments with rock sounds. And she bloomed, even awakened as a magician. Fiona took this seriously, started training her talents and even using them for her music and shows. Built from the ground up by Horizon, she found her place in the world, starting to do shows all over the world, living the high life.

At the age of 27, as she was relaxing, high on drugs in her hotel room in downtown Seattle after the last concert of her tour someone entered her room, quietly, unannounced, and walked up behind Fiona, unnoticed. Only as she smelled a strong perfume directly behind her, she knew that something was wrong. That was when a bullet entered her brain.

Fiona O'Kennedy died on February 25, 2079. While the body was never recovered, proof of her death exists.

One day later, a curious scavenger found the body of a woman in a fancy dress in a dumpster. The scavenger searched her for valuables, but did not find any. Then she realized that the body was still breathing, barely. Having certain connections to the shadows, the scavenger brought her to a shadow clinic, where the bullet in her brain was removed. The woman could not be identified. She had nothing but her dress - and an aura that told that she could be a powerful magician.

The scavenger, who was connected to the shadows, knew that this meant long-term profits.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Blind, Driven (Find Killer), Phobia (Uncommon, Moderate): Perfume, Records on File (Horizon), Insomnia

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Compliments to the ChefAdamsmithchan6 April 2079



  • BinChicken - Connection 3, Loyalty 4 - Talislegger
  • Jinx - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Fixer
  • Exsang - Connection 1, Loyalty 3 - Street Healer




In Character Information

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Siren is a woman with long blonde hair. She always covers her eyes.


Armanté Dress and Sunglasses

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