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Silverpaw Image.jpg
Adept Gunner
Feline Bullet Rain with an Attitude
Discord HolyCheeseduck#3730
Reddit HolyCheeseduck
Metatype (Human)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
CDP 12
D.O.B. April 22nd, 2063
Age 18
Folder Silverpaw's_Stuff
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


A girl, born with features she does not know the origin of, and forced to toughen and run the shadows up on the streets of London, now moving up to Seattle for more opportunities. Very blunt about her thoughts and opinons resulting in her either speaking her mind, or choosing to shut up if the situation is dire enough


Currently: Get more aquainted and well-known in the Seattle Shadow Community, as well as finding her way in this new and exciting continent


Orphaned on the streets of London, with no idea on how she came into this world, Silverpaw had to learn early how to fend for herself, and through meeting the right people, as well as support from the Gang Members of the run-down district of South Marylebone that took her in and taught her the ropes, she became a fairly competent gunner and criminal, eventually turning around to offer her services to those who would provide her with a good target, as she is often loathe to Work for the Man, and a liveable paycheck, often by purloining other items during her exploits. Proving to be willing to assist others in need (for example helping with repair costs for the downtrodden after a house fire), she became somewhat liked in her home district, and known as dependable and earnest, if a little lacking in manners or tact

A comparatively new Runner on the local scene, Silverpaw arrived right on her 18th Birthday on a plane from London, having decided to finally join the "Big Leagues", which was how the Seattle Shadows were often referred to back home, to try and make her living the way she knows best: Offering her expertise in "Involuntary High-Velocity Lead Delivery" to runners expecting more physical resistance

Narrative Significant Qualities


None so far, may change in the future


Distinctive Style Those Cat-Ears and white hair are quite hard to miss, especially since Silverpaw makes little to no effort to hide them

Dependant Silverpaw's Boyfriend has an unfortunate tendency to cut in at the worst of times, only amplified by the fact that he was forced to stay in London, leading to the expected difficulties of a long-distance relationship, and her having to occasionally excuse herself to answer longer calls from him

Uncouth Due to her lack of training in the matter, Silverpaw has a clear lack of manners, and often butts heads with others because of it, though those that get to know her better come to realize that her temperament is not fully indicative of her intentions

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
"What are you buying, stranger?"Isaac15 January 2082
Clearing the SidewalksSi1asBuilding a Better You4 January 2082
The Little Mermaid 3Si1as30 December 2081
Identifying a ProblemSi1as27 December 2081
Raising the StakesSarcarian24 December 2081
ShadowcavernAsmodeus23 December 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Charybdis 4 3 Custom(N,K,A,G) Librarian/Fixer Conjuring Sensei, Book Club, Bestiary, Smuggling Connections, Computer Illiterate, Architecture Enthusiast, Voodou Mage Even
Rose of Sharon Howlett 2 2 Legwork Occult Bounty Hunter HMHVV Carrier, CAS Native, Law Enforcement Experience, Monster Slayer, Spark of Magic Even
Daniel Lufe 3 1 Service Forger Forger, Chef, Web Monkey, Doccumancer Even
Bubblegum 1 1 Gear Fake SINner Corporate Forger, SINner, Nothing Lasts Forever, Knows How She Got Here Even



Aquaintances, to be turned into full Contacts later on:

  • Steve Remington
  • Isadora Windthrope
  • Uta Yamamura


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Emma Degrassi (SIN for Legal Business, has licenses in case it's needed for a Run though)

Annabelle Derringer (General Shadow SIN)

Bonnie Thatcher (Burn SIN, Rating 1)


A young woman that looks no older than 18, with shoulder long, silvery white hair and bangs that rest close to her eyes, topped off by two cat ears that occasionally move and twitch in response to sounds in the environment, wearing a coat that looks one to two sizes too large for her diminuitive figure, eyeing the environment with a curious, yet ready glance of her amber eyes, as if to stay a step ahead of any potential attacks or ambushes while maintaining a certain lackadaisical gait to her movements, either borne of carelessness or confidence.


A large, black coat that looks well worn, yet well maintained. Upon further inspection little modifications become visible, showing that it serves both form and function

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