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Clandestine Operative
With enough gear and preparation you can make guilty people out of nothing.
Discord @Zerre de Seattle#7414
Reddit [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 1
D.O.B. 15 April 2055
Age 27
Folder [2]
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


An operative from a French Clandestine Operation team, who has been caught for illegal weapon possession. She feels betrayed by her country and has decided to run the Shadow and live a new life.


-Avoid going to Prison Again.

-Try to contact the N-51.

-Initiate to get more power.


An old member of some kind of Clandestine Operation team named "Task Force November-51" or N-51. Shy has nothing to do with Seattle or North America it was just for a mission, a run of bad luck makes her get caught with a fake SIN and a load of illegal weapons. The lawyer couldn't do much, she was obvisously guilty and got condemned to several years of prison. Shy speak next to nothing of English and had to learn in prison. Originating from France she was born of a Japanese mother and French father, awakened and becoming an Adept she quickly applied to join the Armed Forces, her magically enhanced performance gave her the opportunity to end into Clandestine Operation team and lead her to Seattle where she has been caught while transporting gear for an operation.

Soon after her liberation on parole for good behavior, she learned of the death of her parents in a car crash. Feeling betrayed and out of the anger Shy decided to dive in the Shadow. She used the money that has been left for her return to France to buy gear on the Black Market and did use some old intel to find a fixer.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Bilingual : Shy lived in France raised by a Japanese Mother, she ended up being billngual without much effort put into it.

Inspired : Since her young year, Shy love to draw or write some Haiku poetry and she is good at it.

Born Rich : Shy did have some inheritance due to her parent death and that greatly help her getting some gear.

Drug Tolerant : Since her meeting with the Pump King, Shy seem's to be more tolerant to any Drugs she take.

Catlike : Shy did also get some ability to be sneaky since her meeting with the Pump Kick.

Mentor Spirit (War) : Shy by his common usage of violence and combat drugs did got the attention of Bishamonten the Japanese War Kami.


Wanted (25 000 Nuyens) : Shy did not care about her Criminal SIN and now Knight-Errant is on the agressive side of reintegration.

Faceless : Since she is wanted, Shy don't want to show her face anymore and she will not do it (expect for very specific occasion.)

Impassive : Moral and all that kind of stuff ? This is a kind of a joke for an old Clandestine Operative, especially when she have nothing to lose.

Moderate Addiction (Kamikaze) : Appart from the joke due to her origin, Shy did get addicted to combat stim during her time as a Black-Ops. Kamikaze is the substitut since her jail time

Mild Addiction (K-10) : Shy did met King Beef and accept a dose of K-10 now she is hooked.

Poor Self Control (Vindictive) : Shy is an ever angry women since the death of her parent and she will be sure to let some people know about this anger in her guts.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Look how they massacred my boy!AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking17 April 2082
The Lurker at the ThresholdDraknic16 April 2082
Me And The Bad BoysBloodLibrarianHail to the Pumpking10 April 2082
A Bouquet to RememberIsaac7 April 2082
Night ShoppingMursey5 April 2082
Burn Through The DitchesAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking2 April 2082
What Happened To Mary Jane?AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking29 March 2082
Out of RetirementAurora28 March 2082
The Bell TollsAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking26 March 2082
A No-Rough-Stuff-Type DealSarcarian25 March 2082


Starscreamers : 11 Reputation

Shiawase : 2 Reputation


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan 6 4 Fixer UCASN Officer UCAS Naval Officer, Logistics Command, Research & Development Head, Family Pedigree, Military heritage, Incredibly Intelligent, Engineering Savant Even
Pump King Jack 5 2 Custom(N,K,A,G) Halloweener Usurper Astral Taint, No Mercy, Fearmonger, Herald of Halloween, Spirit Specialist, Disappearing Act, Mean Medicine, Neighborhood Nightmare -1
Dana Jessica Boatman 2 2 Custom (G,K,A,N) Talismonger Unreliable, Gifts of the Unknown, Dark Knowledge, military past, Awakened Even
Asahiro Kunitoshi 6 1 Fixer Vice-President of Imperial Kami Services For The Corporation, Blademaster, Scholar, Vashionable, Authorization, Spywork, Corpo Gear, Shintoist Even



Task Force November-51 : Even if she is rogue, Shy still has an open door here. She was a good operative and her talent is still needed in those dire times but at some point they could also just get her killed because she is not coming back.


Yakuza : Not her enemy per-se but she doesn't like criminals like them and will avoid any contact with them that don't imply killing or hitting their assets.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

She often signs or gets recognized by the fact she rarely uses english because of her being uncomfortable with the language. Most of the time it will be signed in Japanese.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Some publishing on social media about some draw, poem and other sort of thing.
3 An old article mentionning the prosecution.
6 A Global SIN registered to the name of Hiromi de la Perière, Emited by K-E for illegal military weapon possession.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 An B&E expert, pack some military knowledge and seem's to be a marksman.
3 She know too much about Black-Ops and Clandestine Operation...
5 Recently worked many time with Pump King Jack. She live in Sophocles as well,but at the same period she got flagged by KE and have a 25k Bounty on her head.


Akari Sato : Her only Fake ID available at that time.


Still looking young despite the years of prison and the fact that she is nearly thirty, Hitori takes some care about her appearance. She did adopt a more “ganger” style with hair coloration and showy make-up.

Her eyes color is not natural due to the nearly constant wearing of the contacts lens.

She often has a smug posture.


According to her “ganger” style she wears less military surplus clothing and more street cloth. Shy usually got a black tank-top and a camo cargo-pants alongside some heavy rangers, on cold days she wears an old jacket which holds her Savalette Guardian in a quick-draw concealed holster.

She also like to wear some kind of facemask that look like samurai menpo.

Matrix Persona

Change sometimes but is usually some French or Japanese historic figure

Media Mentions

Some olds little mention when she got prosecuted.

ShadowGrid Profile Comments