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Rookie Runner
Player Mursey40k
Metatype Human
Street Cred 3
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 21st Feb 2055
Folder Shine
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


An English-speaking Quebecois. Shooter and Brawler. Capable of mixing it up in the Astral and the Meat. Wryly self-depreciating. Competent All-Rounder without "shining" (I see what you did there) at anything in particular.


Stay Alive. Find out what happened to Frakk Up her life. Never, ever, let anyone find out how she earned a living while crossing North America. Try to re-capture something resembling a "normal" life.


Black Trenchcoat: She's lived the Corporate life and lived the street. She's not a black-hat, but her outlook is morally ambiguous at best. Hooding a rarity (or so she likes to tell herself).


A former, lifelong citizen and employee of Horizon, Monique is Parisian by birth but moved to Quebec with her parents at an early age,  The IV-conceived middle daughter of a Nurse and a radiographer; Monique took full-time employment with Crash Cart fresh out of high school. She was a true believer in the Corp and it's message, having been employed first as an ambulance cleaner outside of high school hours and then signing up as security for one of the nicer Crash Cart clinics in Montreal. She handled door and emergency room security for the better part of three years before she spontaneously awakened at the age of 19. She played on her newly discovered abilities until she wrangled herself a seat as a member of the security team on one of the clinic's mobile recovery units shortly before her 21st birthday.

There she stayed until about nine months into 2080. What at first looked like an ordinary retrieval run for a Ares citizen on a restricted research site soon turned into a major drek fest, with more than a dozen of the on-site Ares personnel flat-lining before she even arrived. Her crew drove straight into what looked to be a blue-on-blue gunfight between multiple Ares factions. Monique provided cover for her team to stabilise and extract as many Crash Cart clients as they could, only for her ambulance to be taken down hard by something -or someone- she didn't even see. She barely remembers fragments of the next few hours - her burning ambulance. Several dead crewmates. Something monstrous and impossible silhouetted against the flames. She's not even sure which of her team-mates dragged her out of the clusterfuck and into a sewage culvert before going back to rescue the others and -presumably- getting themselves geeked in the process.

When she woke up, her CrashCart wristband was dead and legally, so was she. Her co-workers refused to take her calls, her sobbing parents cursed her for making a crank-call and then minutes later her corp-sponsored com-link account was cut dead. Nothing worked. Not even the fob that would allow her access to her apartment building. Going home proved to be nearly the biggest -and last- mistake she ever made. THEY had been waiting for her. Whoever -they- were. When she finally staggered away into the Montreal barrens, she had a couple of rounds in her right thigh to add to her flash burns and concussion from the firefight the night before.

Monique -finally- made it out of the city, hitching her way across North America with private citizens, truckers, and even stowing away on cargo freight. The first time one of her benefactors tried to accept payment in kind she was still too shell-shocked, lonely and desperate to turn him down. When he tossed a near-empty credstick her way afterwards, she wept harder than she had for years. But she still took the money. Thereafter, she turned tricks where she could - and only when truly desperate- and slowly made her way to Seattle over the course of half a year.

That's where she met Clyde, the trog taxi-driver who introduced her to the world of the Shadows via the refuge at Solace. Clyde, tripping out of his mind and claiming he could see her aura, convinced Monique that the shadows of Seattle were her chance to "shine". She turned her last trick to pay for her shiny new (refurbished) Ingram Smartgun. Now she's got the chance of a new life and an entirely different means of living, and she plans to make the most of it.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Agile Defender: Shine relies on instinct and agility rather than determination and focus when acting defensively.
  • Adept - The Warrior's Way: Much to her families disappointment, Monique chose to direct her talents towards combat and security rather than healing.
  • Big Regret (Former Joygirl): Driven by desperation, Monique sold her body to strangers. She's not entirely aware of what haunts her more: selling herself for so little, or selling herself at all.
  • Favoured (Health Care Professionals): Monique has always felt most at home in the company of health-care professionals, ranging from unpaid stay-at-home carers to the highest paid neurosurgeons and researchers.
  • Mentor Spirit: Spider (Alt): After her recent experiences with Bugs, Shine has attracted the attention of Spider, with whom she has formed an alliance while keeping in mind the the ancient adage: "The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy. No more. No Less". Despite her cynicism, Spider and Shine are well matched. Both can be entirely ruthless towards their enemies, and they both absolutely loathe things not going according to plan.
  • Social Stress - Monique occasionally encounters individuals who remind her of clients from her old life. She knows the chances of any of these individuals actually being a former John or Jane are vanishingly small, but seeing them makes her palms sweat even so.
  • The Goat - Monique has a haunted, wary look about her. She's forever checking out her six. And her 3. And her 9. And even the ceiling. She doesn't know what she's looking for, but she's concerned that one day she'll see it. Her wariness sets people a little on edge. Especially when making first impressions.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Kicking an AnthillAurora28 February 2082
Campus CaperSi1asWhen You Reach Me22 February 2082
Clubbing the CompetitionOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight13 February 2082
Burning Down the Dollhousetkul19 March 2081
Guys and Dollstkul12 March 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Clyde 2 2 Service Taxi Driver Sports Fan, Druggie, Taxi Driver Even
Alessa P 4 1 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Dr. Isabel Wirth 4 1 Service ER Doctor Trauma Surgeon, Free Samples, Community Clinic Hours, Performs House Calls, I know a sales rep Even
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III 4 2 Networking CorpKid Party all Night... What time is it?, Everybody's Friend., Did Someone say Drugs?, Brodie J IN THE HOUSE!, Ride Wrecked? Brodie J's got it!, Oh yeah! I have a job!, Good looks, Money, and a savant-level understanding of rocket physics Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Solace Member 1 6 Church of all Faiths Bruised Touristville


2 Rep with Cross Applied Technologies, 2 Rep with Federated Boeing


-4 Rep with Kenran Kai

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Glitch: SHINE! The easy-application spray that makes even the rustiest chrome SHINE! Like new!

4 Net Successes: A grainy still-image taken from a news cast of a street-fight in Montreal. Shine's head, shoulders and fore-arms are barely in view while she uses a drag-handle to pull a wounded runner in Ancient's colours out of shot with one hand. The other hand being engaged in spraying short bursts from an Ingram Smart-gun. A crash-cart patch is clearly visible on her combat jump-suit and body armour.

6 Net Successes: An obituary in an internal Horizon news-letter for operations in Montreal, lamenting the "heroic sacrifice" of Monique De Rochelle and her entire Crash-Cart team during a disturbance inside an Ares Facility in Montreal. Ares representatives are recorded as extending their "deepest regrets" the families of the deceased Crash-Cart responce team and lauding their "heroic efforts" at extracting wounded Ares personnel from the "disturbance" zone.

Assensing Table

1 Hit: Fit and well, Emotional State, Awakened. Initiated.

2 Hits: No standard cyberware, unusual dark streaks in aura indicative of metaplanar contact. If she is carrying her Katana it will be revealed as a weapon foci. The spider-ring worn on her right finger is a qi foci.

3 Hits: No alphaware, sense if Essence and Magic is higher or lower than your own.

4 Hits: No betaware, Magic 6, Essence 6. Identify if any adept powers are active - YES. Noticeably there is a faint shimmer of protective magic around her at all times. The brightness of her aura suggests that several other adept powers are also exerting an effect upon her physical and astral form.

5 Hits: No additional information.

Shadow Community Table

4 Net Successes: There's an out-of-towner by that handle dossing down beneath that "Church of all Faiths" place out in Tourist Ville.

6 Net Successes: "I don't know about the name "Shine" but the slot looks a hell of a lot like a joy-girl I picked up back in Gary, Indiana, couple months ago, for a run across the border.


Julie Bellamy, UCAS Citizen (Fake SIN rating 4).- Adept, Bodyguard, Concealed Carry, Firearms, Drivers, Weapons.


General Description and Clothing

A short, agile young woman with dark, collar length hair. She has an intense, haunted look in her eyes and a long established habit of constantly checking her three o'clock, her nine, her six and even her ceiling in a calm, professional manner than noneless attracts attention and arouses suspicion in SINers and can put other Runners on Edge (The Goat Quality). Her movements are preternaturally swift, and it doesn't take an assense check to recognise that she's either an adept or wired for reflexes.

She's good looking in an unremarkable sort of way, but hardly a head-turner were it not for her noticeably cautious behaviours. She favours dark, beat-up leathers and street-combat fashions for her present choice of "run" clothing, thought most of her "civilian" clothes are considerably more revealing and provide little in the way of protection. At present her "runner" clothes are rather grimy, somewhat malodourous and in need of a wash. Her own personal, physical hygiene is, however, flawless, with freshly washed, shiny hair and impeccably clean fingernails and skin. She wears little in the way of make-up save for some foundation and black eye-liner. She likes to dye her hair -platinum blue when she find and afford her favourite brand and shade. Yet her professionalism is such that she'll return her hair to it's natural, darker colour before heading out on a run.

Monique has two tattoos One of a rose surrounded by thorns on the right side of her neck and a larger tattoo, twin to the first, on the right side of her body at the waistline. She wears her old CrashCart ID tags on a black leather thong around her neck and a silver-platinum ring on her right ring finger engraved with an onyx and garnet black widow spider.

Matrix Persona

A generic gray female outline.

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments

Runners Worked Alongside

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