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Former Circus Performer
Looking for a way home
Metatype Elf (Nocturna)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 1st, 2062
Drive Link
Approved? No
Priority Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A circus acrobat who was left behind when the circus was shut down, Sharp is looking to earn money so that she can get back home and live a comfortable life.


  • Find the other members of the circus
  • Earn enough money to retire in CAS
  • Find somewhere better to live than Redmond


Jumpy, excitable and always looking to chase an adrenaline high, Sharp spends her free time practicing acrobatics without a net, so the heart-pounding profession of Shadowrunner immediately appealed to her.


Being a Nocturna, Sharp's body is covered in dark blue fur. She also has unusually sharp ears, even for an elf. She has dark red eyes and pink-silver hair that is meant to draw attention away from her fur.


Outside of jobs, she generally wears colorful and playful clothing. Capes and spandex, dresses and quiltwork sweaters are all likely to be on Sharp's body. During jobs she wears a standard armored jacket styled as a duster, and does her best to be unseen.

Matrix Persona

Her persona is that of a 1940s era circus acrobat, including floating around on a trapeze bar. Her icons follow a circus theme.

In Play

Legwork: Knowledge Skills & Physical Recon

Sharp is used to what it looks like when being watched by security, and as such can use her Security Procedures at 8 dice to see if she can determine if something's wrong, if the security is physically present, even better, using her specialization to get 10 dice. She also has an ear for the nightlife, rolling 10 dice in order to know information on various Bars and Clubs.

Sharp is also excellent at physical recon, using her Gymnastic & Sneaking skills to stay unseen with a top-down view. Between her Natural Athlete and Catlike qualities she rolls 16 & 15 dice respectively, and if she needs to get inside somewhere unseen, her specialty in Contortionism for the Escape Artist skill lets her squeeze in and out of places that most people can't with 14 dice.

However due to her Lack of Focus quality, she is not great at extended surveillance. Preferring to go right into wherever she's supposed to be watching.

Locksmith & Palming

While it is a new skill for her, Sharp has learned to pick locks by breaking into places before she found her own apartment, specializing in maglocks, though she lacks the ability to properly fool them, given enough time she can crack one open and open a door with 11 dice. She's also used to lifting credsticks from distracted marks, but this can be everything from important documents to hidden commlinks with her Palming skill of 13 dice.

Poor Self-Control: Thrill Seeker

Sharp is an adrenaline junkie, and craves the thrill of dangerous situations, which is not to say that she'll go out of her way to draw attention to herself on a job. However when there is a dangerous situation presented, she does only have 6 dice against the Threshold 2 test to not immediately dive into that danger.

Combat Options

While Sharp's preferred method of battle is to surprise the opponent and paralyze them quickly with Nerve Strike, she does have options for open combat. Her Missile Mastery power means that she's never unarmed, able to pick up everything from a pebble to a knife and toss it with her 15 Throwing Weapons dice (17 if the weapon is a blade). She does also carry knives of her own. If caught off-guard and there's nothing to throw around Sharp makes due with 14 dice in Unarmed Combat with Killing Hands and Nerve Strike for a choice between lethal and non-lethal option.

Sharp is also very fast. Thanks to her magical reflexes, she rolls 10+4d6 dice on initiative which is augmented by her Thrill Seeker nature (+1 for the first 5 combat turns) and Shoot First, Don't Ask (+hits on a surprise test), which also gives her defensive options, as by taking a -10 to initiative for Agile Defender gives her 18 dice to dodge any attacks coming her way.


Born in CAS, Vana Gretz was somewhat an outcast from the time she was born. Competing with the CAS' reputation for racism against elves, as well as having fur covering her entire body and being sluggish during the day, Vana's friendships were often little more than short-lived pranks by the other children. Add to this a keen sense of hearing to hear all the taunts and jeers thrown at her by her peers, it was no surprise that Vana was an unhappy child. However when she was eight years old, her parents brought her to Tolento's Night Circus, a travelling show that moved across the CAS, UCAS, the PCC and even CalFree. What began as her parents trying to show Vana that being different wasn't so bad led to a fascination with the circus. Seeing people applaud the performances of people that looked odd and had skills that weren't of use to corporate culture, Vana knew that this was where she was meant to be. Thanks to her nocturnal nature, it was easy enough to slip away from her house in the night and into Tolento's while they were packing up and stowing away with some of the circus critters.

By the time Vana was discovered by the other performers, they were several kilometers from her hometown and they didn't want to turn back. Varian Tolento, the dwarven ringmaster of the circus, decided that he would take the girl in and train her to be another performer in the circus. Vana no longer was mocked for her differences, but instead embraced for the things that made her unique. She worked hard to master skills of the circus. Balancing, knife-throwing, juggling. The thing that drew her in most though was the trapeze. Gideon, an older elf who was the circus' star acrobat, took Vana under his wing and began training the girl to be a high-flyer. In addition to the training of what to do on stage, Tolento taught her a different set of skills. She was taught to skulk underneath the bleachers in the tent during shows and lifting loose credsticks from the guests. Whatever moral objections Vana might have had were pushed aside, the circus was her family now, and she would do anything to keep them afloat.

She spent her childhood and adolescence travelling with the circus, learning more and more at the hands of her new family until Gideon decided that she was finally ready to be the headlining performance at sixteen. She was nervous the entire time she was about to perform, but the moment she stepped off the edge of the balcony and caught the trapeze she let her instincts take over and put on the best performance of her life. That performance and the applause after shook her to her core, and she Awakened.

Eventually Gideon retired, leaving the acrobatic performance to Vana, who was given the name Sharp for the daggers she used during her high-flying act. Eventually the circus found themselves in Seattle, and were setting up for a nightly performance when Tolento decided that something was missing and sent Vana to get it. Not knowing her way around the city, and too afraid of rejection to ask anyone for help, Vana eventually found the part they needed and hurried back to the circus grounds, only to find the performers being arrested by Knight-Errant. She tried to get closer to help them, but Tolento spotted her and waved her off. Alone and penniless in an unfamiliar city, Sharp started doing petty crime using her skills to break and enter into places.

Eventually she caught the notice of a fixer, and was introduced to ShadowHaven. Not only could she make some money there, she could also make contacts who might be able to help her free her family.

Narratively Significant Qualities

Lack of Focus - Sharp is used to always moving and always doing something, sitting still doesn't agree with her.

Natural Athlete + Catlike + Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker) - Sharp trained most of her life in the circus and is well sculpted for her role as an acrobat, but she also craves the rush of performing high-flying again.

Ugly and Doesn't Care - Sharp is self-conscious about her fur and feels strong envy for the "prettier" elves that she meets, but puts up a strong front in order to avoid hurt.

Run History

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bianka Dreschler 3 2 Fixer Info-Broker Chaos Magic Magician, Anarchist, Paracritter Lover, Linguist Even
Beth Titchmarsh 3 1 Gear Gardener/Talismonger Gardener, Awakened, Green Mage, Talismonger Even




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Bianca Black: Rating 4 Fake SIN (Adept & Weapon Licenses) - Registered to Texas in CAS

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