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Psionic Swordsman
Discord @Kastomere#4326
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
CDP 10
D.O.B. 10/04/2055
Age 26
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - D
Resources - D

Character Information


A psionic mage fond of swordplay, astral projection, and manifesting personas.


  • Achieve perfect mastery of himself, both mind and body
  • Achieve a purely astral existence
  • Perfect Sunrise


Born in Atlanta in 2055, Dmitri Sojiro lived in a small duplex on the west side of Atlanta. He never knew his mother, and the man he called father was an ork named Yuri Sojiro. Yuri was a godly man, and he kept his house in accordance with his dogma. Of course, living in west Atlanta means Dmitri was anything but sheltered. He quickly found he preferred skipping school and being a punk to following his father's prescribed path. Probably the only reason he attended school at all, aside from mitigating his father's wrath, was to partake in a sword-fighting club, one of the few ways he could indulge in violent tendencies without getting more drek from Yuri. When he hit high school he was involved in small time gangs.
When he was 15, he Awakened. He wasn't caught by the school tests because he was skipping school at the time, and once he realized what had happened, he made sure to continue skipping school on the days of tests, to avoid getting sent to some specialty school. In addition to his prior hobbies of swordplay and gang activity, he enjoyed spending his downtime exploring the astral and trying very hard not to think of how God felt about him and how that might affect him and his powers.
When he was 17, at the end of his junior year, some rival gangers jumped him and a friend on his way home from practice. In the ensuing fight, he killed one of the assailants, but got slashed across the eyes by a knife. Unwilling to face the music, he and his friend fled the scene. He met up with his ganger friends, who helped him get patched up. One of the older members connected Dmitri to a fixer in Seattle who could help him get away from it all.
Nowhere else to turn, Dmitri called up Terry "The Biz" Isfahani and asked for his help. Terry made it clear that he expected the favor to be repaid, and like that, Dmitri agreed to work for him. With nothing but his practice sword and his clothes, still stained with his own blood, he met a man with a truck who smuggled him to Seattle. Alone in the cramped smuggling compartment, riding for hours, he had little to do but astrally project and watch the world outside the truck as it passed by.
Once Terry met up with him, he made some calls and managed to get Dmitri's SIN burned. In exchange, Dmitri mostly worked as an astral lookout, a warning system for other, more professional runners, eventually progressing to leasing out spirits for Terry's clients. He might have been able to use those spirits for himself, but he still considered himself a theurge, and he feared his spirits would enact retribution for his crimes. However, the more spirits he summoned, and the more time he spent in the astral, the less he came to fear his spirits, and the less he worried about the physical world. He reached the point where he spent as much time astrally projecting as he spent in his body, and all he did in his body was exercise to keep it in shape. As time went on and he continued to live, unaccosted for his crime, he began to wonder if he had ever really killed anyone at all, and the longer he spent relying on his astral senses, the less 'real' reality seemed. It was around 2075 - he was 20 by then - that Dmitri saw an ad. This ad stuck out to Dmitri because, being blind and living on the astral, he didn't generally /see/ ads. This one, however, was glowing brightly in his mind's eye, like a miniature astral sun over what in reality was a three story pagoda in Auburn. That was how Dmitri found Open Mind Chambers, the psionic training grounds.
June Sano, the instructor, met and conversed with him. She gave him the pitch, and, intrigued, Dmitri signed up for classes, becoming one of June's first students. The more he learned, the more he realized that this new paradigm solved every problem he'd had previously, both psychological and magical, and furthermore, justified his growing sense that the physical reality he thought he knew was contrived by his own mind. He came to understand that the icons and images that he'd once been so afraid of, like God and the devil, existed in his mind, and in that sense, he was both. As Dmitri completed his paradigm shift, he became much more comfortable with his powers, understanding them to truly be a part of him. The spirits he once feared, he realized, were simply projections of his internalized concepts of sin and punishment, made manifest by his psychic ability. Even the physical world, he decided, is merely a product of the mind, an extended dream-like metaphor by which personal growth is achieved.
As such, he told Terry that he wanted to get involved in more serious runs, hoping to better himself through strife and enhance the quality of his physical surroundings through nuyen. Leaning into the stylish trappings of a runner lifestyle, he took the name Seven, for the Deadly Sins that he conjured into his weapons and his body. Later, he began business relations with Psychopomp and acquired his current weapon, a Nodachi Weapon Focus which he called Sunrise. As he often used it as a vessel for his spirits (or personas, as he came to call them), he became very attached to the blade, eventually refusing to go anywhere without it, physically or astrally.
June, meanwhile, had been very impressed with Dmitri's progress as a summoner, and she eventually caught on to Dmitri's true line of work. She offered Dmitri the opportunity to receive her instruction for free, believing he could make full use of it, in exchange for Dmitri helping her out from time to time, as having a shadowrunner in your pocket is a nice thing.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Dedicated Conjurer: With his new psionic understanding of the concepts of sin and personas, his spirits took on new, more varied forms to represent these concepts, which he deigned to focus on to the exclusion of his spellcasting ability.
  • Sensei: His arrangement with June Sano allows him to gain the full benefits of her instruction for free.
  • Spirit Whisperer: During his metaplanar jaunt with Kera (See: Lasciate Ogne Speranza), Seven must have attracted certain attentions. At the moment, he has no knowledge of this fact.


  • Blind: Being made blind has seriously affected Dmitri's worldview, and is a major contributor to his psionic perspective.
  • Distinctive Style: The scar across his face and the milky glass eyes leave a distinct impression on those who see him, to say nothing of the large customized nodachi he carries with him.
  • Antipathy: Already predisposed to violence towards others, his belief in reality's infirmity only made it easier to disconnect from others.
  • Emotional Attachment: Because he views his spirits as parts of his own psyche, channeling them into Sunrise has made him rather sentimental about it.
  • Superhuman Psychosis: When reality may well be little more than a complex dream sequence, it's easy to justify a god-complex (or devil-complex, as the case may be). Doubly so when few people in that dream are very interesting.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Forgotten OnesAsmodeusFestering Infestation3 December 2081
Lasciate Ogne SperanzaSarcarian30 November 2081
A Grown Up Fairy TaleSarcarian27 November 2081
Postmodern, PosthumanTheBiggestBoi12 November 2081
Does This Look Infected?Sarcarian4 November 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
June Sano 4 3 Legwork Psionic Instructor and Parazoologist Psionic, Scholarly, Yakuza, Parazoologist, Master Conjurer Even
Terry "The Biz" Isfahani 4 2 Fixer Corner Shop Owner / Hooligan Common Man, Shadow Connections, Humanis Hater, Smuggler, "Ex"-Hooligan Even
Psychopomp 3 2 Gear Talismonger Psion, Dogmatic, Artificer, Spell Foci, Talismonger, Lodges Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 You find various posts on awakened forums, describing in detail psionic terminology, how the metaplanes are actually the collective subconsciousness of metahumanity, and that God and the Devil are both archetypes in the metahuman mind (but no less powerful for it).

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Started running the Seattle circuit back in the Fall of 2075. Seems to have come from out of town before that. Thinks he knows everything because he's a psychic. Won't let go of his sword.
3 He actually showed up in Seattle three years earlier, in 2072. He wasn't really a runner though, he just gave spirits and stuff like that to Terry's clients when they needed it. He was a theurge back then.
5 He was piss-scared of his spirits when he came to Seattle, said he was afraid they'd break free and punish him for his sins, only even summoned them to pay off The Biz. Said he'd murdered someone in Atlanta, he was a real nervous wreck about it. All that went away after his paradigm shift, when he started running for real.

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy, sober, Awakened.
2 No standard-grade cyberware. Magical Class: Mage. His aura has a combination of red and white coloration, and gives off a diabolical impression.
3 No alphaware-grade cyberware. May be affected by a variety of buff spells.
4 No betaware-grade cyberware or bioware. Essence 6. Magic 6.
5+ No deltaware-grade implants. No geneware. No nano-tech. Not a technomancer.


  • Bryan Karamazov, second generation immigrant, licensed bounty hunter and mage.


Of Japanese-Russian descent, has a light skin tone a slightly almond shaped eyes. He wears his straight black hair in a long ponytail. Has a distinctive scar across his eyes and the bridge of his nose, and wears glass eyes without pupils. Stands at 5'10", 135lbs. Well toned musculature.


While running, he wears a tan armored jacket and black slacks, and he'll typically don his ballistic mask, customized to resemble a grinning red devil. His nodachi, Sunrise, has a golden snake curled about the hilt, and its coils form the customized grip. In everyday life, he tends towards loose, comfortable clothing. Being blind, he doesn't much care for graphic tees, or visual fashion in general for that matter, so it's not unusual for his clothes to clash violently.

Matrix Persona

He has the default persona of whatever device he uses, since he can't see it he doesn't bother altering it.


To those who view him on the astral while he is projecting, his astral form gives the impression of a handsome, devilish entity. When projecting with Sunrise (he almost never projects without it) it gives the impression of being a blade made of morning sunlight.

Media Mentions

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