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Shamanic Superheroine
Aspected Summoner
Full Time Hero
Contact Owner Teksura
Connection 2
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Custom(N,A,G,K)
Location Seattle, Puyallup
Metatype Elf
Awakened/Emerged Aspected Summoner
Gender Female
Age 26
Preferred Payment Method Favors
Hobbies/Vice Comic Books and Trids
Personal Life Single
Faction City Watch
Aspects Aspected Shamanic Summoner


From a young age, Screamer was fascinated by the stories she saw in comic books, and fell in love with the idea of super heroes. She had dreamed of being one and fighting crime... Only to have that dream realized when she awakened as an aspected summoner. She sought out training, and eventually found a street shaman who was looking for pupils.

Initially, she planned to become a police officer, but quickly found the rigid, restrictive nature of the corporate police was not quite what she had in mind. She instead began dispensing street justice, dressed in costume to disguise herself and pay tribute to her childhood love of comics. In time, she met Bold, and was impressed by his dedication. She learned that Bold was looking to work together with other heroes, and quickly signed on. Now, she is one of the founding members of the City Watch, and can regularly be seen on Horizon's hit show Superheroes of Seattle as one of the main characters the show focuses on. The show does seem to suggest that there is some sort of relationship developing between her and Bold, but it is actually all just scripted for the show to add a little drama.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Aspected Shamanic Summoner "The spirits speak to me, and cry out for justice."
Channeler "I am the vessel through which they shall act. Together, we shall act as one, and they shall give me stregnth."
Superhero "For truth, justice, and the protection of all, I swear this oath to defend the innocent and bring evildoers to justice."


Knowledge Checks 0 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


Player Characters with this Contact

Trash Panda4Even

NPC who know this contact

Name Status
Ariel Lopez Former Teacher
Bold Partner
Jammer Partner

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
My HeroTeksuraShadow Heroes13 May 2081
It's A GasTeksuraShadow Heroes4 April 2081
FOR JUSTICETeksuraShadow Heroes8 December 2080
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Custom(N,A,G,K) +
Female +
Aspected Shamanic Summoner +, Channeler +  and Superhero +
Seattle, Puyallup +
Aspected Shamanic Summoner +, Channeler +  and Superhero +
Shamanic Superheroine +