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Rook's FBA.jpg
FLR Adept with a mace and his Lazor peestol
Player Kpsychopath
Metatype (Ork)
Street Cred 1
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 1
D.O.B. May, 24th 2055
Folder PDF/POR
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


FLR Burnout adept with memory loss. Joined the shadows to both make a living for himself, and help him find out about himself. Whatever way it may take


+1 Rep with Octogon

+1 Tattered flag


-1 Horizion

-1 Omega dawn

-10 Rep with the Shozumi gumi


I had a drekky childhood. Fought for whatever i wanted and what i still had. Joined the military the earliest i could, mostly because they didnt care what race you were. They had job openings for all races, and i was just happy i had a job that paid me in food n a life insurance. Spent a few years with the military, got sent around the world. Even survived an IED explosion facefirst, thou it cost me my limbs i'd argue my new ones are a tiny bit better. Thou i still cant get used to them even after all this time. But then it ends there.. A hazy wall between me and whatever happend 2 years ago. I had gotten a few glimpses some time ago. I just hope i'm able to shed this feeling of forgetfulness

Jan 1st. I had glimpses of my past. I saw myself, on a mission. There were 2 others, i only recognize one of them. Johanna, who seemed to have been my lover during my work under some MET2K guy named Khalid. A real bastard, but i cant help but still feel some respect for the guy. Then i also saw some ass jack who wanted information from me... He did something to Johanna, and i'll be damed if he's going to get away with it. First order of buisness thou, find Johanna and make sure she's safe. Then re-introduce myself to Mister FragFace


To find the one he's looking for.

Surviving the Shadows.

Making allies in the Shadows

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Amnesia: If i could remember. I wouldnt need the Forget-me-not now would i?
  • Implant-induced immune deficiency + Insomnia: No matter how hard i try, i just cant get used to these limbs of mine. If only i could remember why
  • Astral Beacon: I bleed in the astral. Wounds that do not mend with time
  • Favored (biased) : Aspected mages: These fraggers have it bad all around. Course they have it a bit better than mundies, but the stigma of being a aspected is certianly there

Run History

The Pain, Disorder, a Cataclysmic Dawn

Fire water Burn

After midnight


Gunrunner C6 L1 Swag (weapons)

Marion C6 L1 Fixer

Vanessa Pearce C5 L2 Swag (street Doc)



Marionette : The man might seem a bit off putting. But really, he's a friend underneath that facade of paranoia. I'd gladly go into battle with him


Khalid : This man seemed to have been my superior officer back in the time.. I may have hated him, but i still feel a bit of respect for the man.

Johanna : A woman that seemd to have been my lover.. I wan-.. no I need to find her again, i need to make sure she's alright. Even if it takes my entire running career down the drain. I will safe guard her


Cobra : She's just a freak. Just like the rest of her kinda, should just have stayed in whatever hole she crawled out of

Rabbit : I'm unsure if she's this big of a frag up normally. But the fact that she's a fraggen monster cant be disregarded. Why we dont have a hunting party for her and her kind is something that confuse me to this day


Tortue dude : I dont know who this man is. But he did things, that make my hands shake.. I need to take him down, before he tries his drek with anyone else

In Character Information

Has 2 Sony angels that are possed by F6 gremlins, just bouncing inside a mosscovered Faraday box in his living room

Titles and Awards

Specialist Rook.

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table



Rook has brown roughed hair, black eyes and a scar over his mouth

Casual clothing, T-shirt with varying designs but mostly sticking to self depricating humor or just of a band, jeans with nothing fancy.


Matrix Persona

His normal looking self. But a rouged flag being worn as a cap flowing behind him

Media Mentions

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