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"Today's solutions to tomorrow's problems"
Connection 5
Type AAA Rated Corporation
Player May Join Yes
Corp Sin Required
Health Maintaining
Area of Operation Worldwide. Headquarters: Chiba, Japan

Faction Information


Renraku Computer Systems is the fifth largest corporation in the world, and the third largest corporation in Japan. Renraku's core business is computer technology, with a focus on memory, storage, and databases. Renaraku maintains several geographic divisions in various locations around the globe.

Renraku North America

  • Director: Orito Sasaki
  • Headquarters: Manhattan, New York (UCAS)


Renraku Computer Systems has a focus on profit and commercial sustainability, and expanding into additional markets.

Major Locations

Renraku Computer Systems is headquartered in Chiba, Japan and operates internationally with extraterritoriality.

Renraku is split into numerous geographical divisions, such as Renraku North America.


  • CEO (Honorary): Inazo Aneki
  • President: Surin Sapachai
  • Director (Renraku America): Orito Sasaki






Current Status

Health Summary

No recent activity.



Masuyama Kijuro2ServiceRenraku Aware
Yamada Shinji3NetworkingCorporate Manager



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