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"To hope, to desire, to have a need for agency in an unimaginably large and complex world, that's what praying means. Pray with your thoughts, with your words and with your deeds."

Mystic Adept
On a Wing and a Prayer.
Player [1]
Metatype Dwarf (Koropokkuru)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 2070-12-24
Folder [2]
Priority Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information

Summary & Appearance

The most dwarven thing about Hartmut (Harry to his english-speaking friends) Sauer, aka Prayer, is that he likes being connected. Be it to his family and friends, assorted associates, or to the spirit world from which he conjurs aid. He can be quite the thrill seeker, but recently he's had a damper put on him in the shape of a cracked vertebra, forcing him to wear a supportive metal frame that slows him down quite a lot.

Harry is short, even for a dwarf. Maybe he has something to prove, too. He's quite flash, his red coat embroidered ornamentally with shiny metallic fibres, contrasting the black hair that's so abundand that it even creeps out of his sleeves onto the back of his hands. He unapologetically wears headphones almost everywhere and a hood outdoors. Around his left wrist he has a chain with metal tabs, like a charm bracelet, and through the fingers of his right hand often runs an endless stream of bone and sandalwood beads, their full revolution divied up into three parts by three golden spacers.


His familiy's history is a series of dislocations on both sides for multiple generations, and Harry couldn't bear to stick around long either in Wuppertal, in the AGS's Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex. Ostracized by his father for failing to live up to the physical and martial standards of what his firstborn son should be, and showing signs of being awakened to boot, there was not much his father was appreciative for in this son. In turn, Harry fled home, and the ADL, in his late teens, trying to find his own path, and learn about himself and the world.

Worldview & Magic

Aided by a penchant for learning languages, he travelled for many years and volunteered his manual labor in the houses of many faiths, more than occasionally receiving some minor tutelage in the rites and traditions, receiving much wisdom from the awakened of the faith. Eventually he found most clarity in the Zoroastrian way of doing things. Cutting the world up cleanly, putting it into boxes, and arranging the boxes to his will. It still was a life of hardships, especially getting from place to place on a budget, a stranger everywhere, he had to keep his wits about him and endure rough environments while fending off all sorts opportunists.

As his powers came into their own, he dabbled into some more challenging work. Exorcisms, paracritter control, and soon enough some stints of dubius legality. Any scripture can be bent, and even the tennants of good thoughts, good words and good deeds can be used to justify harming others.

When his Brother Tim had a horrific accident, Harry came rushing home, the prodigal son, having squandered the fortune that is a family, returning repentant. In the time that followed, not only did he connect more with the younger (but bigger) brother he had envied for his father's approval for so long, he also learned from his mother, integrating her Buddhism into his worldview. He would still cut the world up where he needed to, but also tried to see it as whole, continuous, connected, rather than split up into distinct bits and pieces.

A while after Tim's recovery, another crisis seemed to dawn. Their grandmother and younger sister had gone back to Seattle, where their father's family had lived in the Seattle Underground before it became the Ork Underground, for grandma to receive urgent, and expensive treatments at the hand of a doctor known to the family. But soon, their little sister stopped responding to messages, and Dr. Turing started bemoaning the unpaid bills.


  • Heal up (increase Agi, get rid of Big Baby)
  • Do good by the family and be recognized for it
    • Find his sister (And make her a premade runner)
    • See grandma Sauer recover (Working for the People money goes here)
    • Figure out that whole Ork/Seattle Underground thing (Confirm or dispell his minor prejudice towards Orks)
  • Personalize and adapt his magic tradition (Raise Spellcasting)

Narrative Significant Qualities

A little misstep: After a fall from a significant height, Prayer literally broke his back in early '80, cracking a vertebra. It's taken some of his lust for thrills out of him, made him overall more susceptible to pain, and worst of all, he has to wear a metal frame to limit his movements and redistribute the weight while it heals. (Big Baby, Moderate Phobia (Heights), Agi 1)

I'm feeling woozy: Call it a sensitive stomach or a sensitive inner ear, Prayer is prone to being nauseated by certain stimuli. (Simsense Vertigo, Motion Sickness)

I hear ya: Always ready to understand and consider the point of view of others. Even though this does not mean automatically adapting or sympathising with those views, it has its advantages for both parties. (Spirit Whisperer, Linguist)

No more odd jobs: Having scrubbed enough floors and chopped enough root vegetables to work his way around the world, Prayer is more than done with mundane chores. (Creature of Comfort: Medium)

Run History

Charge Into The Sun


Silicon Spider



Dr. Elijah "Snowflake" Turing (Fixer) Seattle, Redmond 4/2

Slippery Sam (Carwash) Auburn, Seattle 3/4

Dr. Miles Thurston (Talislegger) Downtown, Seattle 4/3

DeC0de (Hardware and Software Dealer) Renton 4/1

Marcus Bison (Professor of Anthropology) Downtown, Seattle 1/1

Miss Moon (Construction) Downtown, Seattle 3/4

Organizations & Reputation

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

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Achibald Goldschmied (ADL) R4 (Exorcist's License, Firearms License, PhD "Intercultural Communication")

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