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Paz Mugshot.jpg
Combat FBR
Carnage For The Cartels
Player [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. September 17th 2055
Folder [2]
Priority (Sum to Ten)
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


A slum kid turned cartel muscle turned runner.


  • Make plenty of Nuyen.
  • Try to help re-expand the Ghost Cartel influence in the city tiny bit by tiny bit, maybe carve out his own little slice of pie. (Represented by Made Man in the future)
  • Enjoy a nice life in the Seattle sprawl while he can.


Born in the slums in Manaus, Paz was seemingly doomed to a life just like the rest of the SINless street kids in Amazonia. A bit sickly, starving, close to a burden on his ailing parents, it was almost certain he'd never get anywhere, until the Ghost Cartels came recruiting. Looking for a few kids to run some product for them, Paz happily accepted to earn the meager bit of nuyen they were offering. Slowly integrating his way into the cartels, he stuck around once he figured he could make even more nuyen if he went above and beyond. Over the years, he proved his worth and even started earning some of the cyberware to pay off when he expressed a bit of interest in becoming an enforcer of theirs. Eventually, this would lead to the full body replacement he is now, working on one of the cartel's hit teams in Manaus. Ever since the Tempo fiasco and the Ghost Cartel's losing grasp on the drug trade in Seattle, Paz felt that it might be worth it to see if the cartels could gain back even a bit of what they lost. That, and making even more nuyen, and seeing the world for once might be a bit of a thrill. With his shotgun in hand and shock hand ready to go, he set off for Seattle, making his way into the shadows from there.

Narrative Significant Qualities

School of Hard Knocks Street kids learn a lot about the seedy underbelly of the city growing up to survive.

Bilingual Growing up in Manaus, both Amazonian Portuguese and English were particularly common, especially in the slums thanks to people affected by Crash 2.0 when he was a few years old.

Addiction (Mild): Tripchips Paz picked up a tripchip habit back during his days as a sicario, even using them on the job, and he's still got a bit of it to this day. Not that he has a problem with tripchips, clearly.

Restricted Gear Cybertorso When you're taking a bunch of bullets during hits, it helps to have less flesh to bleed from and more armor to soak them up.

Biocompatibility (Cyberware) Cyberware takes to him like devil rats take to a sewer.

Poor Self Control (Combat Monster) He enjoys getting into a fight now and then, and sometimes, he really gets into a fight.

Poor Self Control (Thrill-Seeker) Enjoys the adrenaline rush a little too much.

Run History

Flobots - Dancing In The Light Of A Burning City

The Caravan

<Year of the Dragon>

I volki syty, i ovtsy tsely

Storks in Snohomish

Flobots - Stand Up

Ke$ha - TiK ToK

Two in the Brainpan

Our sound waves run your city like parkour

Thomas the Dank Engine

<Against All Authority – Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver>

<Key Arch-Conservative banker robbed of Deck, briefcase in a mysterious break-in at his penthouse>



  • Mr Incognito - Connection 2, Loyalty 3 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Splint - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Street Doc (Shadow Service)
  • Artur Czechslaw - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Vory Lideri (Shadow Services)
  • Alexey Dorosov - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Vory Fixer (Networking)
  • Janus (Contact in Progress by Sad)


+2 Crimson Crush

+3 Children of the Dragon

+2 Horizon

+3 Streets of Redmond

+1 Crusher 495

+1 Electronic Crows

+1 Crime Mall Merchant's Association



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Digging deep, someone might find some cartel affiliations, possibly a bit of footage of a cartel hit by someone who fits his general description, albeit wearing a mask. Apart from that, not too much on him.

Shadow Community Table

Unknown in the shadows.

  • Full body replacement.
  • Definite street kid.
  • Known to refuse to run with Paragon and CAPTAIN FREEFALL due to their active and public bounties (and inability to keep quiet and/or disguised).
  • Refuses to run with Booker due to considering him a complete idiot with a death wish and a lack of operational security.
  • Has... issues with Hexagon and Scooter's methods due to severe lack of restraint even after his insistence on less-than-lethal ammunition, which led to unnecessary injuries of people not involved in the firefight. Considers West decentish enough.
  • Due to finding out about him being hunted by the Russians, will now prefer not to run with Marionette. Still has respect for his skills, but would prefer not to get caught in the crossfire.


  • Murilo Silvas - UCAS (R4)

Bodyguard License (R4), Firearms License (R4), Restricted Cyberware License (R4)


Standing approximately six feet tall, he's of obvious Amazonian descent, with dark brown hair cut a bit short.


Often wears sweatpants and a hoodie to hide his cyber, all armored. Also tends to wear transitional sunglasses.

Matrix Persona

Persona is of a stereotypical trucker with a shotgun over his shoulder.

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments