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Decker Prankster
The Cyber Cat Girl
Player Bakfire
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 2
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. October 13, 2061
Folder [1]
Metatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills -B
Resources - A

Character Information

Notice: Unused Character

This character has been remade into ShiroN3ko [2]

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A young hacker who used cybernetics to look like a catgirl.


Increase her internet fame and create chaos.


Neko was born into a working class family in Neo-Tokyo.  Her parents worked developing the code for computers for Renraku Computer Systems.  Due to her parent’s career, Neko got introduced to the world of the Matrix and hacking early on in her lifetime.  These skills would improve as her life went on. Her parents were able to get her into a good primary school using their own corporate SINs.  She found it hard to focus on school and the Matrix at the same time, and only got decent grades in her primary education.

Her excessive use of the Matrix took a toll on her.  Her social and physical skills started to deteriorate.  She never had many friends outside of the Matrix, and through a combination of excessive Matrix use and isolation, Neko started to become more and more eccentric.  She would often pull Matrix pranks, to such a point that it became part of herself. She started to become more inclined towards chaos as time went on, using her hacking experience to cause strife.  Neko would eventually start gaining fame and enemies because of her hacking. Her online moniker was Shironeko because of her white hair and love for cats. As her fame grew, Neko started to encapsulate her online persona more and more outside of the Matrix too.  Her personality started to get chaotic and cheery, and she got cosmetic enhancements to look more like her persona.

After graduating high school, she made plans to move to Seattle.  She never needed a higher education as she made a livable wage using the Matrix.  Despite this, she decided to get a job as a barista in a local coffee shop in order to have some spending money.  She met most of her contacts through her day job, including a Hon-zo Shimeda, an old Chinese man, who happened to be a fixer.  Once they learned of each other’s criminal activities, they became fast friends. Now Neko is a decker, taking shadowrunner jobs to stave off boredom.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Online Fame - Shironeko is somewhat of an underground celebrity in the Matrix.

Force of Chaos - Neko tends to cause chaos wherever she may be.

Matrix Troll - A large part of her Matrix persona is mischief.

Day Job (20 hours) - Neko works as a Barista at a local coffee shop.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Howling Night of RageKaigen8712 January 2081
Route 66: A Prologue to Like Mad Max But With More Guns, First Rule of Drive Club Everybody Talk About Drive ClubDoc McGuffinsLike mad max but more guns5 January 2081
Drone CatcherdanthestepNew Job2 January 2081
The Chrome DollsAurora30 December 2080
The Tale of the Jade Bowldanthestep29 December 2080
Stalker's Night OutKaigen8727 December 2080
Tragedy to Triumph... That's FireDrBurst25 December 2080
A Wild Extractiondanthestep24 December 2080
How Many WallsPurkinjeBlood and Soil22 December 2080



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Hon-zo Shimeda 4 2 Fixer Ex-Triad Enforcer Triad Connections, Archer's Specialty Even
Jack Steber 2 1 Legwork Corporate Wage Slave Blissfully Unaware, Up for Anything, Aztech Connections Even
Jane Foster 4 3 Custom(A,G,K,N) Street doc Poor Networker, Cyber Surgeon, Researcher, Surgeon, Cyber-Snob, Long Term Care, Body Disposal Even
Mano Ringo 6 Expression error: Unrecognized word "blackmailed". Property "Loyalty4890" (as page type) with input value "Expression error: Unrecognized word "blackmailed"." contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. Custom (N, A, G, K) Shiawase Corporate Executive Shiawase Elite, High Society, Corrupt, Media Grip, HTR Access, Shiawase Shipping, Shiawase Gear, Ruthless Corporate Efficiency, Betrayer Blackmailed




Tori Lua - Corporate headhunter

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Fake SIN - Patsy L. Morrison



Good clothing with an armor jacket and bike helmet for armor. She uses cyberears to give herself cat ears.

Matrix Persona

(See photo above) She makes herself look like a catgirl while in the Matrix. She just really likes cats.

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