Mister Sarcarian

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Prime Street sam, with Facey and decky dreams
Player /u/Kpsychopath
Metatype Male ork
Street Cred 4
Notoriety 2
Public Awareness 1
Titles and Awards 0
Comments on Shadowgrid Profile "If you do something well, dont do it for free"
D.O.B. December-07-2035
Folder PDF n Por
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information

Sarcarian has an Aztechnology Cortex Bomb in His head, under the conditions that he does an unspecified number of "favors" for them whenever they call.


A old ork who had retired some years ago, but now the shadows call on him again, not to settle things. But to try and save someone close to him who disappeared. And make sure to punish those that would lay a hand on one of his friends


  • Survive the shadows
  • Figure out what actually happend to his friend
  • Punish those that frag with him
  • Re-retire, and stay retired this time


Sarcarian's life started as many other orks. Born into a world that didnt want them, grew up in a place that wanted him to just vanish. But that's in the past.

Sarcarian picked up being a runner when he could, seeing as it'd be the only real option to get paid enough to live and learn. And learn he did, spent most of his money in the start to get a education. His original goal was to get a education and quit being a runner

But that want soon changed, the shadows became like a familiy he'd never had. So he stuck with them, taking dangerous and many times even hazardous jobs to pay the bill.

He also adopted a child off the street, not due to the warmth of his heart. But cause he needed help. And the best help would be the one who have you to thank for living. So he trained her in what he himself could, and then hired a teacher. So he could have himself personal Decker support

After many years passed. Sarcarian saw fit to finally retire, and live the rest of his life somewhere other than seattle, so Hong Kong it was. Might not have been the best living terms, but it was a stable life.

His retirement was cut short, when his helper disapeared without a trace. Any runner worth their salt would know to cut the losses and just live out their life. But he couldnt just leave her to die, he had invested too much into her. Or thats atleast the lie he tells himself.

Now Sarcarian is back from retirement, to find whoever fragg'd with him, and give them a reckoning of lead.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Watch the suit+Social Appearnce anxiety : I've gotter look good, look presentable. How else will i convince the common folk that i'm not like a stereotypical ork ganger

Emotional attachment : Berwick suit : Say what you will. This suit has seen me through more drek than i can even remember. It'll be over my cold body that i give it up

Phobia uncommon Insect spirits + Phobia common insects I was sent to bug city at some point, and i still have nightmares from that place. I left alot of my friends and a part of myself back there

Records on file, EVO Corp, Ares Corp We've all had those times where we slip up, even fastjack has failed from time to time

Dependent (Alcohol) : Condemming Sypher to certian death made me remember things i had luckily forgotten. Faces that was best left in the grave

Solid Rep (Ucas Rangers) : One shouldnt throw away his own moral code simply for revenge. You quickly find yourself regreatting something you cant do over

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
PyroRidlez17 December 2078
Ace HorizonSCKoNi13 December 2078
Directing the furyRidlez10 December 2078
Dude, Where's My Corpse Part 2ryncewynde8818 November 2078
Corrupt FindingsRidlez17 November 2078
Good Luck Lazloryncewynde8811 November 2078
NightcrawlerSCKoNi26 August 2078
Intermittent Blue Lineryncewynde8818 July 2078
Fade To BrunetteF00d4Th0ughtNoir City Nights16 July 2078
Pest Controlryncewynde8814 July 2078
Blockbustermitsayantan12 June 2078

Pest Controll

Fade to Brunette

Intermittent Blue Line

Good Luck Lazlo

Corrupt findings

Dude, Where's my corpse

Firmware Update



Directing the fury



Alice "Pink" Herrington Connection 3, Loyalty 6, Legwork

Betty White Connection 4, Loyalty 3, Personal service

Joanna Jensen Connection 5, Loyalty 2, Leg work

Kaitlyn Connection 4, Loyalty 3, Shadow Service

Djinn Connection 5, Loyalty 5, Fixer/Networking

Juhn Slide Connection 4, Loyalty 3, Personal service

Jonathan Johnson Connection 3, Loalty 1, Network

Rebbeca Montez Connection 5, Loyalty 2, Personal Favors

Norwegian Connection 6, Loyalty 1(locked) Swag

Jerry Connection 3, Loyalty 2, Travler

Alessa P Connection 4, Loyalty 1, Fixer




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table

Sarcarian is a old time runner, he ran for 15 years before retiring for another 3 years. And now, talk is that he's back

+2 for the ghoul liberation army




Suits.. Also picture

Matrix Persona

A butler

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AAR done