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Player Mach Ten
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Role Merc / Soldier
D.O.B. JAN 15th 2021
Folder [1]
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Arthur Sanchez (Mack) former Corp Security Agent turned Go-Ganger & Shadowrunner.


Arthur was born to Mixed American / Hispanic parents in Jan 2021 in what was a reasonable but still poor area of Seattle.

A decade had passed since the first U.G.E. babies and at the time of his delivery Goblinization was still yet to occur in the following months, the fear and paranoia around 'mutants' was coming to a violent head, so, fearing for their sons life amid the madness Juliana and Henry Sanchez sold everything they could and escaped to Renton where they had family who would help hide their child.

At age eighteen, as the 'Night of Rage' ripped Seattle apart, a home schooled Arthur and his family arranged with shadowy organisations for passage out of the city towards Tir Tairngire where they hoped for asylum, they made it only as far as a rapidly growing refugee camp on the Puyallup border, which eventually becomes Tarislar.

While his parents join activist groups and campaign for Metahuman rights, Arthur joins other initiates in the Ancients in order to survive and provide for his family, but is soon caught and given the 'option' of indentured military service or expulsion along with his family.

He chose the Knight Errant scholarship for Metahumans which was seen by some as a political effort by the growing Tarislar collective leadership and others as modern slavery, either way Arthur wasn't given any opportunity to look back.

Years later, after seeing action in several theatres, Arthur was allowed to terminate his contract with KE and return to his family, which he rather reluctantly (at that time) did, he took a final mission to escort some political figures to a meeting in Tarislar, but the meet went wrong under his command, 'Ancients' attacked and killed most of his comrades in an ambush, but the attack was never claimed and something felt 'off' about the methods the gangers used.

Fearing he would be reprimanded for his failure Mack took refuge again in Tarislar, he has still not found his family.


Arthurs goals are Tarislars goals, seeing an end to the corruption and violence that risks the safety of anyone that ends up there.

Infiltrate the Ancients, gain their trust and take them out from within. Maybe one day he will find out what prompted the attack on the KE convoy and clear his name, not a priority though, first gotta keep breathing

Find any trace of a family long since moved on or worse.

Narrative Significant Qualities

SINner (National): Born an Elf, given Tir political asylum and given a scholarship via The Knight Errant training academy in Renton

Borrowed Time: Mack knows he's living on the sharpest of edges and eventually the Tir or KE Reaper WILL come calling.

Physical Adept - Specialises in Spec-ops infiltration and extraction

Mentor Spirit - Eagle arrived when Arthur was young, always watching over him, keeping him alert to the dangers, he thinks it's a manifestation of his inherent paranoia.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None: The benefit of living every day to its fullest Mack picks up useful skills that might just mean the difference in a tight spot

Natural Athlete: Born an Elf and a Magically Awakened one at that means Mack is just gifted at running (and dodging ganger bullets).

Run History

[1] - Ctrl+Alt+Del

[2] - Guns, I want them, you need them



Mr Incognito Desperate times call for desperate contacts. Incognito somehow managed the last trace on a family location, not much but a start.

Rhonda Savage One of the kids Arthur saw growing up in Tarislar, respects the decisions she had to make to survive so trusts her judgement on the info they exchange.

Nina Gniewek Someone who has experienced Macks situation, just from the opposite Angle .. a potential friend in the shadows.




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

1 hit: Welcome to Stuffer Shack, would you like fries with that Soy-Mac?

2 hits: (REDACTED) reports from the front lines of (REDACTED) show medals awarded for (REDACTED), names of (REDACTED)

3 hits: A Family photo showing a smiling Elf and two human parents - below which a reward is offered for information and a commlink number

4 hits: Bulletin Board leaked military footage of Knight Errant soldiers being attacked by Gangers showing 'Ancients' colours

Shadow Community Table

1 hit: Heard the name, Chummer o mine sez he can be trusted when the heat comes.

2 hits:

3 hits: Seen taking a squad of gangers out of commission in the Puyallup Barrens, got a pretty picture with them Tarislar lot I hear.

4 hits:

5 hits:

6 hits: This Fragger was Knight Errant?! Don't call me on this number again ... <click>


Arthur Sanchez - Legal KE SIN

Santiago - FakeSIN (2) daily life

Mack - Runner FakeSIN (3)


A silver streaked buzz cut blends into the bronze skin of a tall athletic man, beginning to show subtle signs of his age, for an elf. comfortable in military slacks or the finery of a uniform or dinner dress where appropriate he easily carries the look.


Combat boots, Cargo pants form fitting T-shirt and dog tags underneath a flight jacket complete a casual former military ready but at ease ensemble.

Matrix Persona

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