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FBR Solo
There once was a man from Nantucket...
Discord @Celt#3858
Reddit /u/rampaging_celt
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 03/09/49
Age 33
Folder Folder
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Cop hating anarchist FBR wracked with guilt and grief.


Crush that silly guilt and grief under the bootheel of ADRENALINE.


Born Donny Kirk to a pair of loving parents in 2049 on the beautiful island of Nantucket, Limerick had a fairly normal childhood and aspired to be a cop when he got older. By the age of 20 he’d succeeded at this task and was ready to go out and try to be a principled enforcer of the law. Unfortunately he found out that the force wasn’t interested in the principles he was but rather about exercising power over others. He spent three years growing more and more uncomfortable with the way his fellow officers treated metahumans, the poor, and the heavily augmented, but the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was a day when his partner beat a homeless man who had been just minding his business. He tried to get his partner to cut it out but failed, when they got back to the station he reported his partner. The next day he received a chewing out by his commander for “betraying his partner’s trust” and “endangering the force.” He resigned later that day, and uprooted himself to relocate to Boston where he spent the better part of a year working odd jobs and trying to figure out what to do next with his life now that his life’s plan was derailed. In an effort to actually help people, which was the reason he wanted to join the force as a child, he began spending time volunteering at a soup kitchen, where he met Maria. Donny fell for Maria shortly after meeting her and the two began spending a lot of time together. She introduced him to her friends, a group of passionate young anarchists who wanted to challenge the order of the day. Slowly the group radicalized Donny and eventually they decided to take a page from the Bonot Gang’s book and rob banks. Propaganda of the Deed brought to 2060’s Boston. This went well for their first two robberies, no one was injured and no shots were fired, but their third take did not go so smoothly. Shortly after entering the bank the manager popped out of his office with a shotgun, he dumped both barrels into Maria. She was dead before she hit the floor. The ensuing gunfight was a bloodbath, police were there incredibly quickly and Donny had to shoot his way out. The rest of the crew didn’t make it, and Donny had been grazed by a round and knew his blood was now at the scene. After getting back to the safehouse he took everything he could, including the money leftover from the previous heists, and torched everything else along with his commlink. He picked up a burner at a stuffer shack and reconnected his number the next morning to see Maria’s dead-man’s switch hit his inbox. A heartfelt goodbye and a request that he inform her folks back in Seattle. With a new purpose Donny set to work getting his SIN, that would surely be tied to the robberies now, burnt and getting smuggled to Seattle. After arriving in Seattle and informing her parents, Donny started blowing the loot from the robberies on a series of joytoys and a mountain of blow, but nothing killed the guilt and the grief inside him. So he turned back to one of the things that the academy had drilled into him, “heavily augmented people don’t have emotions” and assumed he could kill the pain with chrome. So with the remainder of his take he got himself built for war, a sleek monolith of carbon fiber and chrome. But the guilt and the grief remained, and with all his resources spent he needed to find a job. So he turned to the shadows.

Narrative Significant Qualities



Code of Honor (Warrior's Code)

Prejudiced (Specific, Radical)(Cops)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Survivor's GuiltPurkinjeIn Remembrance24 July 2081
Cutting TeethPurkinje30 June 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Artur Czechlaw 5 2 Fixer Vory Lideri The Vory, Sharped Dressed Man, Immigrant, Well Connected, Blackmailer, Consummate Professional Even
Frank Goldman 3 4 Custom(G, K, A, N) Gun Runner Firearms Dealer, Antique Vehicle Collector, Black Market Connections, West Coast Smuggling Routes Even
Phil Haskill 8 3 Networking Policlub Activist California Free State, Corporations, Mothers of Metahumans, Policlubs, Politics, San Francisco, Shadow Community, UCAS, Ares Macrotechnology Even




In Character Information

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An average height white guy that obviously started graying in his 20's currently sporting a short basic haircut and a very short beard, appears to be in fantastic physical shape when wearing long clothing because of the full body replacement. His limbs/torso appear to be mostly chrome edged in carbon fiber.

Matrix Persona

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