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Player /u/Chat-Rat
Metatype Male Human
Street Cred 11
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 6
Comments on Shadowgrid Profile "One can crush the opposition without maiming it."
D.O.B. October 1st 2052
Sheet Link
Metatype(Human) - E
Attributes - B
Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Kitten is basically a technoshaman combat biker tendency to go loud. He is however despite career choices and how much he tries to play it down, a really big softy. His conscience and sometimes his pride constantly get him into way more shit than he can handle.


  • To make it big as a combat biker and matrix personality as a whole.
  • Rub on as much tech as he can. Especially Chrome.
  • Submerge as deep into the resonance as he can.
  • Keep his tribe safe and successful.


Growing up, Kitten was a kid fascinated with machines. His parents however weren't as amused by his behavior. Every drone he ran into was a new friend, every device was something to be tampered with and cracked. Despite his pleas he never really got a datajack because his parent truly didn't want to drill a hole in his head until he was a bit older. Never really got a chance to get one later in life as when he turned 13 the crash happened and it basically orphaned him in the process. His security spider mother died in the matrix while his father died in a riot. Add on suddenly emerging shortly after and little Terry had a bit more in store for him then he had hoped. The bright side to all of this being he got really good at communicating with technology in his own way. His mother is an E-Ghost somewhere out there, but Terry has yet to find her.

Getting a bit older he started to fall into the duelist culture on the trix and in the meat. It ended up nurturing a mean competitive side to him that got him in a Go-Gang called the Fading Cats. His affinity with machines basically showed as Kitten could make anything he touched work twice as hard. His Go-Gang eventually went straight and fell into the semi-professional combat biker scene. They're still just basically glorified gangers at the end of the day, however.

He's the leader of a tribe of emerged that call themselves The Infinites. The way they see the resonance they would almost seem like some strange techno-cult. They believe the resonance to be infinite and those connected to it to be kin. "Submerging into another fold of Infinity" is basically a spiritual experience to them when endure a trial to make another aspect of themselves infinite. They're basically a matrix gang in their own right stuck in their clannish ways.

Kitten is atop of all of this, a runner. Because living several lives wasn't enough. The jobs he takes however are basically to fund his tribe and team activities as well as some pocket change for himself.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Fame: Local, Seattle: Professional Combat Biker.
  • One Born Every Minute: He's painfully dense about many things and is easily baited into helping those that even seem slightly in need.
  • Favored, Outspoken, Technomancers: Never not a priority for him.
  • Prejudice, Outspoken, Awakened: Ever since taking a manabolt to the eyes he's never viewed awakened as anything more than wolves in sheep's clothing that can bend reality at a whim.
  • Reduced Sense (Sight): He's essentially blind and relies on sensors on his person for visual feedback. Ultrasound is his usual sensory go to.
  • Distinctive Style: He's aggressively present in AR which makes him even more memorable. Dressing like some mad max shaman neon go-ganger also doesn't help.
  • Day Job (20hr): Terry actually holds down a job as a pro combat biker.
  • Sinner (National): He's a born citizen of the UCAS.
  • Big Regret: He was basically forced to throw a big match by a rival team or pick up a criminal SIN. His teammates don't know about this and are actually unaware of his double life as a shadowrunner.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
PyroRidlez17 December 2078
For Your Eyes OnlymitsayantanAll You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Kill
15 December 2078
Sets Go UpSCKoNi13 December 2078
Faulty HonorRidlez7 December 2078
Philosophy of Abductioneclecticego27 November 2078
NightcrawlerSCKoNi26 August 2078
Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 1)ryncewynde8825 July 2078
Dude, Where's My Corpseryncewynde8821 July 2078
Fade To BrunetteF00d4Th0ughtNoir City Nights16 July 2078
Lost Childrenryncewynde88Rural Rescuers7 July 2078






In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

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Meat Space

Standing at 5'6 and a 156lbs, Kitten isn't really the most imposing sight to behold physically. He's a short brown dude with a lot of hair and a lot of scars. Combat biking was not kind to his body and he is perpetually banged up because of his career choices. His right eye is missing and his left is a little foggy without the contact over it.


He's got a pair of black cat ears and a tail that mindlessly swishes and moves to fit his mood.


Armored jacket, shorts and open toed riding boots. All electrochromatic and AR enhanced and usually animating things to fit his mood.

Matrix Persona

The one he uses when he wants people to recognize him is basically him in AR all over again, but with a old school halo and several tentacles splaying out of his back bulging with eyes. Any time he doesn't want to be recognized he's just a twisted mass of flesh and eyes.

Media Mentions

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