Kenran Hanzo

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Kenran Hanzo
One of the Kenran-kai's connections to the shadow community
Contact Owner reyjinn
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Fixer
Location Seattle, Puyallup
Metatype Human
Sex Male
Age 28
Preferred Payment Method Cash
Hobbies/Vice Alcohol, Nightlife
Personal Life "There is a reason that it is called 'personal'."
Faction Kenran-kai


Hanzo was a soldier for the Kenran-kai during the Tempo war that decimated the organization. Not only did he survive but he managed to be one of those few who distinguished themselves with good results during the war which increased his status within the kai. He is fiercely dedicated to restoring the kai's honor, hoping that one day they can ascend to becoming their own gumi in Seattle. Outwardly he begrudgingly accepts the metahumans that the Kenran-kai have been forced to recruit to reinforce their forces but privately he believes that the New Way is needed for the Yakuza to hold their place in the harsh reality of organized crime.

He uses his role as a fixer for the Kenran-kai to screen potential recruits, see which ones have the smarts and toughness needed to survive.


Stern, Intense, Dignified.


Aspect Description


Knowledge Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 12 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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