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Kay-O portrait.png
B&E specialist with a penchant for unarmed combat
Ancients-adjacent second-generation runner with 'gang princess' airs and way too much enthusiasm for mischief
Player [1]
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 3
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 15th 2057
Folder [2]
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - C

Character Information


Kayleigh O'Donnelly never expected herself to be anything else than a shadowrunner. After all, not many things are as fun when you're young, bored, and confident in your abilities - especially if those include opening locks, picking pockets, sneaking around and punching faces of those who managed to notice you going through their stuff. They should have just averted their eyes, really!

A daughter of an ex-Ancients lieutenant, she keeps close to the gang - even though she never officially joined them, her affiliation is more or less assumed.


Kay wants to make a name for herself as the best B&E specialist in Seattle. In and out, twenty-minute adventures, quick, quiet and fun - perfect to brag about in a runners' bar after the job.


A half-Chinese, half-Irish second generation shadowrunner. She arrived in Seattle from Denver in August 2080.

Her parents had left Chicago just before the Bug City mess; her mother is a retired runner (Phase, B&E adept and martial arts instructor) and her father is an ex-Ancients lieutenant (Ice, currently managing a combat biking league in Denver) - both alive and well, wishing her best and only slightly worried. As Kay 'really-really-really-pretty-please' wanted to go out and have some fun in life, her father pulled a few strings he still had in Ancients and put her in contact with Ether, a Seattle-based Ancients fixer. Known in the go-gang as 'one of theirs', literally by birthright, Kay found herself with a band of rather friendly individuals willing to take her for the ride and shoot up some places, maybe get a drink later. One of them was Danny Boy, an elven face with an impressive beard and combat skills.

Kay doesn't have much experience; while she knows how Shadows work, she barely did any actual shadowrunning, and nothing really bad ever happened to her. Worst she got was some bedtime horror stories about bug spirits. She trained her skills, got prepared, and finally went to make a name for herself as she's too old to keep riding her parents coattails.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Fast, agile and trained in martial arts, Kay is a natural athlete, hardly ever able to sit still for a prolonged amount of time. She's devoted to her craft, spending quite a lot of time practising the skills and keeping herself in a great shape. Easy-going, funny and friendly, she makes friends easily - although she hasn't yet looked for any outside the gang.

Extensive cybermodifications, which she underwent to push the limits of her body, took a toll on her health. Left with a rather weakened immune system, Kay pays a lot of attention to her surroundings and abhors slumming. She's used to soft beds, warm water, nice breakfasts, and other comforts that come with money - including health insurance. Several bedtime stories from Chicago left her with quite a lot of unease about bugs, especially ants - there's just something about Euphoria's old Against the Hive trid that one can't quite shake.

Run History

2080-09-07: A Shadowrun Based on Poison by Stick and Poke

2080-09-09: The Firebug Leap

2080-09-17: Ctrl+Alt+Del



  • Ether - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Ancients Fixer
  • Tia Skinner - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Street Doc
  • Scooze - Connection 1, Loyalty 1 - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Drug Dealer from Auburn.


  • Ancients - Pretty much her extended family.
  • Ares: Anti-Project Pyro +3 rep
  • Ex-Firewatch +3 rep
  • Knight Errant +4 rep
  • Streets of Seattle +1 rep


  • Danny Boy - A handsome face with a body built for combat.


  • None that she knows about - but again, she'll get there.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

While Kay would love to be known as the best B&E artist, she doesn't need everybody to know that, just the people who matters - and that list does not include the people who got robbed. She pays great attention to not leaving any signs of forced entry.

Matrix Search Table

1 hit: Whoever that chick is, she clearly likes puns.

2 hits: Her face sure shows quite a lot on the combat biking arena in Denver, mingling with bikers and officials.

3 hits: Looking at her social media presence, there are mostly bikes and running practices, and a lot of black leather, and quite a lot of Ancients' mohawks. She's either a part of the gang or a very committed groupie.

4+ hits: She's new to Seattle but already made friends with the Ancients - by the looks of it, she came from Denver with a personal recommendation from her father, a gang ex-lieutenant, now managing a combat biking league.

Shadow Community Table

1 hit: She must be new around here.

2 hits: An Ancients girl - doesn't seem to be a part of the gang but they're definitely spending a lot of time together.

3 hits: Yeah, she's fun to be around, and good at what she's doing. Won't see her coming in and stealing your wallet. Or so she says.

4+ hits: She has more enthusiasm than experience - but she got the skill to back up her brags. Looks like mommy and daddy taught her well; it's usually the case with those second-gen runners, isn't it?


Alice Hart (UCAS, Bounty Hunter)



A tall elven girl in early twenties with distinctly Asian facial features. She looks and moves like a professional athlete, precisely but with barely contained energy that makes her to be everywhere at once and first through the door if something interesting is happening. Wearing high-quality gang leathers or a Sleeping Tiger suit, she always looks like she's ready to throw down at a moment's notice - but she'll most definitely buy you a beer after that and you'll part on the best terms.

Matrix Persona

A pixelated, 32-bit ninja with elven ears and green running shoes.

Media Mentions

She's mentioned once or twice as Kayleigh, the daughter of Mark Canvers, a manager of Denver's combat biking league, and his wife Maya, martial arts instructor.

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