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Sniper, Infiltrator, Tracker; what you need when you need it.
Discord @RMHunter#5888
Reddit Requiem_Actual
Metatype Human (Changeling)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B 2/12/2046
Age 36
Folder K9
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - C

Character Information


Professional Assassin out of retirement to provide for her daughter


To provide for her daughter, and protect her from as much of the shadows as she can


K9, known simply as that for as long as she's known, was born and raised in Scandinavia. From a young age she was trained in the arts of sharpshooting, taught to never accept anything less than perfection when it comes to the the squeeze of a trigger. Because of her limited experience with modern technology, aside from that of her rifle, which even then would be considered a relic, she never really got used to using fancy tech, and would constantly fumble when even using the most basic of items. Due to her growing up isolated from most civilization, her only interactions being with that of her father, who was training her. She developed a sense of disconnection with people, becoming impassive towards the rare visitors that they would have, and antipathy for life as a whole.

At the tender age of fourteen, K9 was sent to Seattle to hone her skills in the urban sprawl, focusing on disappearing into the night after her jobs were complete. During this time, K9 developed her skills with explosives as well as expanded her friendships with the White Vory, who were currently in control of Russian organized crime in the area.

After turning 18, K9 would have a brief relationship with a white vory member that would cause her to leave the lifestyle for multiple years, due to the resaulting pregnancy. After learning of the child to come, K9 did what she did best, disappeared into the city, only this time she didn't come up. The only contact she had with the White Vory were with the father of her child, who helped hide her and provided income for the first years of their daughter's life.

During this time, K9 underwent a SURGE and developed more animalistic features, her legs became stronger, her sense of smell stronger. Almost as if she was becoming more like her namesake. She was happy that her daughter was still young, and would only know this as her mother, instead of waking up one day to see a monster.

That was until the Red Vory ousted the Whites from Seattle, and in the process killed the father of young, Annuska. K9 would withdraw further into the obscurity, living off the little money she had left to provide for her child. But knowing that the money was limited, and without a SIN, she would have to return to what she did best, but without the support of the White Vory, K9 turned to running, in order to both protect and hide her child from the Reds.

Over the years, her daughter, who calls herself Anna, started learning what exactly her mother was doing whenever she went out to 'work' and what it meant for them to continue living comfortably, despite her mother being SINless. Despite their rocky relationship, K9 continues to strive to be a better parent than K9's father for her little Annuska.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Quality Metagenetic Qualities
Adept Bicardiac
Changeling (Class III SURGE) Celerity
Hawk Eye Electroception (Technosense)
Mentor Spirit (Wolf (Alt)) Magnetoception
Mentor's Mask Vomeronasal Organ
Strive for Perfection


Qualities Metagenic Qualities
Antipathy Impaired Quality (Charisma)
Dependent (Inconvenience) Bioluminescence
Gremlins Cold Blooded
Impassive Striking Skin Pigmentations
Unusual Hair

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Standing StillGhostSuffer the Children24 June 2081
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!DoomNightmare Mode14 June 2081
Pilot's on Crack, Engines on the LordAtlatlClear Skies11 June 2081
Booze CruiseChrisst1117 June 2081
TeenagersVideo3 June 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Djinn 5 3 Fixer Red Vory Fixer Ex-Shadowrunner, Vory, Business Owner's Association, Money Launderer, High Dollar Smuggling, SURGE Even
Felipe Chandler 3 2 Custom (K,N,A,G) Child Psychologist Drugs, Child at Heart, Psychology, Doc Wagon Even



Name Relationship Image
Annuska strained
K9's Daughter

Annuska, or Anna, as she likes to be called, has a strained relationship with her mother, stemming from the fact that she works as a Shadowrunner. Despite the cold and impassive nature of her mom, she knows that K9 loves her, and loves her back. The problem is that she doesn't want her mom to be in the shadows, and hasn't since she first found out about it when she was ten.

Annuska, around the age of 11 awakened as a technomancer, and while K9 knows, because she can sense it, Annuska doesn't know that her mother can tell. She tries to hide being a technomancer, and K9 doesn't push her on the subject

Anna never knew who her father was, and K9 never talked about him, or kept any memorabilia. She would like to assume that he was some deadbeat who ran out on K9 the moment he knew she was pregnant. Though, sometimes she hopes that her dad died before she was born, and wonders if that's why her mother is so stoic sometimes.

K9 keeps Annuska at arms length most days, which has caused the distance between mother and daughter to widen as K9 gets deeper into the shadows, against Annuska's wishes. K9 makes Annuska go to school, so that she can have some semblance to a normal life, and so that she will have options that K9 never did.

In terms of personality, Annuska takes after her father more than her mother, being rather hot headed and impulsive, which only adds to the strain of K9's and Annuska's relationship, because their personalities are at odds on most days.

In hopes of getting her mother to step out of the shadows one day, Annuska does all that she can to get her mother to be more sociable, though most attempts end in failure, due to her mother's unique looks.

Annuska doesn't think anything of people that have gone through a SURGE, and will instead rush to protect any that are being picked on, regardless of how different they are, due to having been raised by her mother who SURGEd not long after she was born.


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
3 Public records of Annuska's enrollment in high school in the Tacoma area

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


SIN name Licenses
Kaytlyn Dévjat' R4 Adept R4, Bounty Hunter's R4, Firearms R4, Restricted Armor R4, Hunting R4, Bodyguard R4



K9 can be seen wearing mostly full body outfits in public, in order to hide the bioluminescent fur that covers her entire body. She will generally wear blues or greens to disguise the glow.

Matrix Persona

K9's Matrix persona, (set up by her daughter) is that of a flat dog picture, specifically a Siberian Husky

Media Mentions

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