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The Tongue of Loki
Player /u/darklordiablo
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. February 6th, 2058
Folder Jormungandr
Priority Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Jormungandr (Named for the world serpent) is a gender-fluid shapeshifter face adept, here from a life of wealth and luxury in Sweden with their twin sibling, ready to take on the world!


Jormungandr wants to prove that she can rival their parents in wealth, under their own power, rather than on centuries of old money. Also, protecting Riley is always paramount in Morgan's mind, even if Riley is often the one doing the physical protecting!


Morgan Kaunan, born Feb 6th, 2058, at 11:58pm was the elder of a pair of identical twins born to old money, a family who descended from displaced Norse nobles, exiled for worshipping Loki. Their family made a killing during the Industrial Revolution, eventually returning to Sweden and buying up a significant chunk of land there. Because of this, the family survived the First Crash relatively unscathed, most of their wealth tied up in real estate, and they began investing in physical wealth from that point forward. Gold, Silver, and Orichalcum were their preferred choices, which wound up protecting the family from the second crash, 6 years after the twins were born.

They awakened early, and soon drove their parents absolutely mad, changing how they expressed their genders on a whim, and soon learning how to back up the changes with their magic. Morgan was definitely the silver tongued child, twisting people around her finger from a very young age. Awakening only made her more manipulative.

Morgan attempted to delve into the family businesses, but quickly found that her mix of seduction, confusion and cold reading was inimical to how they wanted to be running things. After a particularly heated conflict, Morgan left the family businesses, choosing to delve into her own, not unsuccessful, often criminal endeavours.

By the time the twins reached adulthood, their parents had decided that it might be best to send the siblings off to where they'd be taken care of, but unlikely to interfere with their parents' business ventures. After all, the gender fluidity sometimes made important meetings awkward, as did many of the twin's choices. So, they set up a trust fund, and sent them off to Seattle, where they'd be able to pursue their own goals without interference.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Mentor Spirit: Raven - Jormungandr's family is in deep with the followers of Loki. Even their family name reflects that. Morgan sees Raven as an aspect of the Jotun Deity Loki, pushing them to be mischievous and deceptive.
  • Bilingual - Jormungandr was raised learning both Swedish and Old Norse.
  • Trust Fund (High, 1k¥) - Jormungandr was raised in the lap of luxury, and when the twins were sent to UCAS, they were gifted a trust fund to keep them comfortable.


  • Creature of Comfort (High) - When you live in the lap of luxury your entire life, you get used to a certain minimum standard of living.
  • Poor Self Control - Compulsive - Mischievous Prankster - Devotee and possible (distant) decendant of Loki. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?
  • SINner (National) - Morgan Kaunan (Sweden) - Morgan comes from an old money family, and her criminal endeavors are a hobby more than anything else. He still maintains a Swedish SIN, with one of the most influential family names in Scandinavia attached.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Brother, Can You Spare a DimeJigurdProject Red Dragoon2 April 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Al Green 5 2 Legwork FBI agent Federal Investigator, Baseball Fan, Skeptical, FBI Rising Star, Stakeout Duty, Anti-Terrorism Task Force Even
Juan Lopez 5 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Forger Fake ID, Master Forger, Matrix Presence, Relaxed Life, Unsuspected, Burner SIN Even
Ægir 2 1 Networking Barkeeper Mead, Seattle Bars and Clubs, Rare Alcohols Even
Madame Butterfly 4 3 Fixer Fixer/Club Owner Club Owner, Elven Blood, High Society, Protector, Secretive Even


Group Reputation Group Contact? Notes


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit The World Serpent, from Ancient Norse mythology. Son of Loki, and one of the major players in Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world.
2 hits
3 hits
4+ hits

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Relatively new runner to the Seattle scene. Scandinavian. By all accounts, she's... Weird.
2 hits One of Madame butterfly's charges. Social infiltrator of some kind, apparently can talk circles around people while doing a handstand. He's also supposed to be pretty handy with a bow.
3+ hits Jormungandr is one of a pair of gender-fluid twins that have just arrived in Seattle from Sweden or Denmark or somewhere, and set up in Bellevue. They're a talented wordsmith, and knows their way around a bow, although that definitely doesn't seem to be any particular talent. That twin is probably more dangerous when words fail.


  • Morgan Kaunan (Sweden)
  • Alex Ericsson (Denmark)


Matrix Persona

Astral Form

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