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Social Adept
Confidence Artist
Player Purkinje
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety -1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 17 December 2055
Folder Google Drive
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Jezebel is a physical adept face who's not too bad with a handgun.


Black Trenchcoat: Jezebel doesn't really care about what jobs she takes, as long as the money is good. She has limits, but they're currently unclear. Her tactical disposition is a preference for subterfuge.


  • Earn money for her family.
  • Get in good with the Mafia (as much as this is possible for her)


Jezebel was born to a family of immigrants from the Italian Confederation who lived in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a primarily Italian-American slum in the New York City sprawl, and contrary to popular belief, it's not Mafia-controlled. However, that didn't stop her from eventually finding herself in contact with with the Ciarniello Family, with whom she now has a basic business relationship. Traditionalist as the Ciarniellos are, they don't mind elves; Jezebel often faces sexist remarks, however, which is where her runner name comes from.

Jezebel's family are mostly wageslaves who want to earn an honest living. Where Jezebel differs is she doesn't believe the world is fair enough to reward honest work, and so she shouldn't play fair either. She periodically sends money home to her family, though they're not so strapped for cash they're dependent on her. Whether she succumbs to the vices of the criminal underworld or manages to turn a profit remains to be seen.

While Jezebel is a physical adept, her experiences with awakening and magical phenomena have largely been rationalized as a combination of psychological abnormalities, good confidence and hard work. Perhaps on some subconscious level she doesn't want to be awakened or doesn't believe she can be. Time will tell how her self-delusion keeps up.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Spirit Mentor: Seductress: Jezebel follows the way of Seductress, primarily focused on the manipulation of others through appearance and confidence rather than literal seduction (though that remains an option). Given her delusions of mundaneness, she rationalizes the influence of Seductress as being an internal monologue or, if visions of some sort come up, vivid hallucination. It also doesn't help that Seductress makes her more prone to give in to vices and temptations when she's involved with the criminal underworld.
  • Social Appearance Anxiety (2): Because Jezebel's ability to perform hinges on her confidence, she has to look her best. When she isn't looking good, her confidence falters, and she doesn't perform as well as she should socially.
  • Alibi: In order to have her cons believed, Jezebel has a bunch of stuff ready to go. Fake planners, contact lists, commcodes, et cetera. She plans to expand on this with disguises.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Coffee RunAurora19 December 2080
Beer RunMalyc12 December 2080
I've Lost My KeysxGugulu4 December 2080
A Real ShadowrunnerTeksura17 November 2080




  • Ciarniello Family: She is a shadowrunner who does contracts for them, but is not a member.



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

1 Hit Jezebel was a queen of Israel according to Abrahamic texts. She led the nation of Israel astray by instituting worship of Ba'al and Asherah. Her name is an insult directed at women.
3 Hits The name Jezebel took on something of a new meaning during the feminist movements of the latter 20th century as a reclaimed insult. Some people may use it insultingly still, but it has lost its impact.
6 Hits There appears to be a shadowrunner active in the Seattle area who goes by this name. She doesn't seem to use the matrix very much, but sometimes she communicates with the Ciarniello family.

Shadow Community Table

1 Hit A very influential con artist.
2 Hits From the New York City sprawl. Has Mafia connections.
3 Hits Her ability to influence others goes beyond what is naturally possible. There is no outwardly visible explanation for this, so it must be 'ware or something.
4+ Hits Actually a physical adept who is gifted in social powers. She isn't aware of it though, and will get defensive if you press the point.


  • Tamara Jacobs, UCAS (R4)



Jezebel dresses in high-fashion clothing whenever she gets the chance. Most commonly, she wears armored clothing from Mortimer of London. She has a Berwick suit and a Ulysses coat.

Matrix Persona

Jezebel primarily just uses her normal appearance as her persona.

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