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For the Astral
Player Iriodin
Metatype Human
Street Cred 3
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. D.o.B August 28th 2061
Folder Chummer
Metatype -E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance -C
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


Itztli Is a female Human and aspected conjurer who has sworn to herself that she will defend the Astral plane against various threats to repay her dept and gather the shards of Itztli.


Her main goal is to gather the shards of Itztli and maybe restorer him.

She wants to destroy the Bloodmagic cult that Aztechnology has made of her beloved tradition.

She wants to help fight for spirits on the astral plane.

She wants an ally Spirit.


Ana Vanesa Reig Calero

In an existence before our concept of Space and Time there already existed several planes. Like the Astral plane or the Plane of Horrors beyond the veil of reality. In these planes there already existed the entities we call Spirits they were there for so long even they didn't know were they originated or if they were “born” at all. The various kinds of Spirits like Fire, Water Earth or Air and all the other we know today already existed as well, even great form and Avatar Spirits were “alive”. But such as it is our Fate to fight Wars among ourselfs they Spirits also had to fight various enemies be it Demons form Hell or Horrors from behind the veil of reality they all fought for the astral hegemony. On each side there were casualties Spirits were destroyed, killed or however you want to call it when an astral being ceases to exist. This war went on throughout the millennia and it is going on to this day. The first in line to protect the Astral Plane are the guardian spirits one of those was a great Spirit called Itztli he fought amongst others against Horrors who dared to exist the appearance alone of one of them is so grotesque it could kill you. In one of those countless battles Itztli and his Companions were were heavily outnumbered and suffered a valiant defeat.

To give his allies the opportunity to escape Itztli compressed his life force his very essence into such a small space it began to crystallize only to burst into an explosioin of green shards the very next second. These shards killed hundreds if not thousands of horrors before they scattered through space and time. Due to unknown reason most of those shards manifested themselves on earth. They are greenish black and resemble obsidian. They embedded them self in in Mountains, Rocks, plants animals and Humans alike. They gave mountains and rocks a soul so that they look somewhat magical, in animals and Humans they fuse with their soul and give it a vague image of Itztli.

In the midst of the Azlanian summer to be precise the 28th August in 2061 in the year of the commet in the town of Torreón a girl was born in her soul a shard of Itztli her magical abilities were discovered early and she was moved to Tenochtitlan by the government she grew up learning about the Aztec religion. And should become a Nahualli. Throughout the years Ana grew fond of her magic and were on good terms with spirits she even was chosen by the feathered Serpent and learned why spirits especially guardian spirits were polite to her. Five weeks before her 17th birthday she found out that she should be Initiated into blood magic on her birthday, unlike many others Ana feared that that day would come the Spirits and her Mentor told her that she mustn't do that for it is the wrong way. The Spirits helped her to develop a plan to flee however without outside help this wouldn't be possible, her mentor assured her that help would come and and she had to endure some time. Then two day before her Initiation there was an alarm that intruders had entered the facility. It was a subterfuge the goal was Ana and with security concentrated on another point they were able to secure Ana with little effort. She got extracted by a team of shadowrunners and was brought to Seattle to a Talismonger named serpent who hired the runner team.

She swore herself to help others escape the Aztech and to gather shards of Itztli.

Living Story

Everything Must Go in 60 Seconds

Short after Itztli arrived in the Emerald City she was short on Money and therefore had to do some work in the shadows, via the Shadowhaven network wich she was introduced to by Kismet she found a job in no time and it was close by as well. Itztli arrived on time at the agreed location to meet the rest of the Team, three other runners that couldn't be more diferent. Itztli checked the parameters to see if anything was out of the ordinary but nothing seemed to obvious. The other 3 arrived short after it was an awakened dog, A full magician and a rigger of some sort. After a short greating they went on to their employer a smeary dwarf a carsalseman who was nothing but big words but he was willing to pay good money and that's what Itztli needed the most right now. After a short negotiation they agreed upon a payment of 10.000¥ to brig back some car that has been stolen. Through Assensing the magician wich calls herself Witch of Bones noticed that there was still an astral signature probably from the thiefs, she sent her spirit to chase and they quickly found a lead and went after it. At the place where the spirit led them Itztli summoned a guardian spirit but the mana seemed disturbed and the guardian only had a weak connection to the physical plane. They however managed to capture their target and interogate her into telling them where the stolen car were. Itztli went along with the others to a warehouse they quickly scouted the place and took action with the help of spirits spells and guns. But again for unkown reason the summoning was difficult. After they cleared the warehouse of any threat, they secured the cars there they noticed it wasn't actually the car the dealers wants back but what was hidden inside it a huge amount of highly addictive drugs. Itzli didn't want to deliver drugs and destroy families and lifes of those who take them but she had accepted the request and would be paid for it furthermore none of the others seemed to have a problem with this and she alone couldnt oppose the rest of the team. They brought back the cars and were paid the agreed on sum but it didn't feel good maybe thats why the spirits tried to resist the summoning. After that Itztli went home to reflect on what happened that day, pay her next weeks rent and donated most of the money she earned to a drug rehab center. The remaining time she with help of a friendly spirit was able to Initiate into masking her Aura.

Gas Leak Leads to Robbery at Tacoma Mall

As Itztli read the news the other day she came to an article about a "Gas Leak Leads to Robbery at Tacoma Mall". Soon after she got a ping on her Shadow Haven app for a new job, little did she know that the job had a correlation with the news. She went to the Meet by foot as always and all that walking really leaves a lasting impression on her body as she got way fitter as she was when she arrived in Seattle. At the meet Itztli was quite supprised who the Johnsons; a group of vigilantes who try to take down the "villian" Agent Orange who was responsible for the Tacoma Mall attack and was working on more Toxins and Gases. Itztli and the other Runners agreed to take the job for the sake of the puplic and the generous payment of 20.000¥. Their task was rather simple, plug in a datachip that will automatically install a Virus to their Database. The actual job wasn't, first they had to get in contact with the villians group they managed that by convincing a recruiter from them called Jimmy 8 Fingers that they'll fit in this organization. Itztli under advise of her fellow runner Moth was able to disquise the Team before they met Jimmy. Yata with her reputation and Moth with her wits were able to convince Jimmy quite easy Itztli was more reserved and lookgrim at him. They all agreed to await his call the next day but Itztli sent her plantspirit after him just in case he would ditch them. After staying the night at Moths luxurous house they got the call and met with JImmy, they then took Jimmys Jeep to a former thermal power plant in Puyallup. On the way Itztli and La Rapid Noticed there were a lot of Fire Spirits that seemd hostile to their car but they could quickly fend them of. After arriving at the powerplant they went inside and got a quick briefing and were sepperated into teams of two with a suppervisor for each team who explained them their job, Yata and Itztli put on a Hazmat suit and got tasked to load some ammo and once they finished it their next task was to pick up some crates and bring them to Agent Orange the crates were stored in the room where the security terminal was but it was guarded by two people, these two gave the supervisor a red keycard for Agent Orange as well, since Yata had they chip stored in her leg in the Hazmat suit they needed to wait for another opportunity. and it came fast. They put down the crates and their Supervisor gave Agent Orange the Red Keycard wich turns out to be an overwrite card to open any door he put it on the table next to him and ordered the two of them to unload the crates Itztli and Yata exchanged a look and it was clear what they should do Itztli Fangirled Agent Orange to create a distraction for Yata to grab the keycard Itztli hates do this kind of stuff. After that they meet up with La Rapide and Moth to finish their buisness. With the overwrite card they enter the security room and Con the guards so Yata can put in the chip and then make a inconspicuous escape. Itztli guides them through the geysers and they got picked up by a Woman Moth made Contact with at the Powerplant. After the succesful escape they contacted their Johnsons and recieved their payment. A couple weeks later this event aired on the show City Watch and the episodes name was It's A Gas.

Gospel of Dismay

The next week Ana got a notification over the Havens app another run for her. Something about missing children Ana was imidietly taken back to her childhood where many people but mostly children could disapear from one day to the other and she knew what might be the reason. Ana decided to take the job and find out what was truly behind it she went to the meet via puplictranspot and thus cam a bit late, the rest of the was already there and the Johnson was waiting a rather small Japanese looking woman who introduced herself as Mother Komodo, they quickly discussed payment and the ngot into detail about whats going on. Apperntly the children went missing in crtain places and then it struck Ana this was for a ritual but for what exatly remained secret. The team went on to search some places where kids went missing and through astral and matrix perception pinpointed down an abandoned pizzaplace, the matrix support had a as he quoted it unpleasent encounter with something gooey. Through perception of the astral plane Ana noticed that the place was guarded by a fire Spirit as Countermessure Itztli summoned a water Spirit and then the group laid an ambush. Some men left the bulding and then they made a quick attack hallf of the team behaved like brutes that were so happy to kill they only had bloodlust, Itztli meanwhile tried to knock the enemy's unconcious and suckceeded with it her Water spirit got a good hit against the firespirit but then was overhelmed by it. After the short battle one of the enemys still inside summoned an air Spirit to gsin overwatch of the situation but Itztli quickly freed it from it services. the rest of the team went in with pepper punch knocking out gangsters and children alike, but in the end they got saved. The rent was secured and with This Itztli could concentrate on her Training with Serpent and after some time she was able to summon differernt spirits then her tradition would normally allow.

Blood, Sweat. . .and Murder?

Work in progress .....

Cinnamon Buns and Cereal Killers

Some time after the incident with Andres while training Conjuring with her Mentor Serpent, Ana got a notification on the Havenapp from Mistah Jay. Aperrently there was something wrong again and he needed runners to Investigate. Ana then excused herself from training to take on the job, upon arriving on Redmond area of the Watchers Ana and her guardian spirit friend felt a darkening pressence. She moved up to Mistah Jay where she met the others an elf, a gnome and a rather big human, all of them awakend. They discussed the matter at hand with their Johnson and agreed on payment with the elf demanding the recepie for the cinnamon rolls the Johnsons wife made. After the the last run when the team Itztli was part of captured Andres everything seemed fine but some time later the people started to feel down and depressed and a dark aura was present. Ana helped the others get up to date and they agreed upon revisiting the locations of

Narrative Significant Qualities


Sensei (Conjuring)

Spirit Champion

Mentorspirit (Snake)



Motion Sickness

Phobia (Uncommen, Mild) (Aztechnology Nahualli)

Records on File (Aztechnology)

Wanted (Aztechnology) 25000 nuyen

Social Appearance Anxiety

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Massacre in the West Texas Town of El PasoSedatedAliceBlood in the Machine28 August 2081
Cinnamon Buns and Cereal KillersSedatedAliceBlood in the Machine5 August 2081
Blood, Sweat. . .and Murder?SedatedAliceBlood in the Machine3 July 2081
A Shadowrun Based on The Hustle by A Night in the BoxDrBurst18 April 2081
Gospel of DismayGhostlinSuffer the Children
Sins of the Mother
5 April 2081
It's A GasTeksuraShadow Heroes4 April 2081
Everything Must Go in 60 SecondsMalibi1 February 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Kismet 2 3 Fixer Fixer Aztechnology, Cyberware, Magical Defense Even
News Van Dan 3 3 Legwork Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker) Infobroker, Conspiracy Theorist, Drone Operator, Hacktivist Even
Serpent 5 2 Gear Talismonger Spirits, Aztechnology, Talismonger, Paracritter, Spellcaster, Aztec Religion Even
Mistah Jay 4 1 Generalist Gang and Community Leader Example Negative Aspect, Example Positive Aspect Even
Charity Horace 3 1 Service Community Activist Example Positive Aspect Even


-1 Cutters rep

+1 Finnigan Family



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Fake SIN (Cassandra Torres) 4



black and red leather Mantel leather pants and boots in black as well, white hair

Matrix Persona

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