HBI 48

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HBI 48
Horizon Battle Idol Group 48
Bringing Love with the battle
Connection 2
Type Battle Idol Group
Player May Join Yes
Health Maintaining
Area of Operation Seattle

Faction Information


A group of girls designed to fight, spread joy and to win the hearts of all!


Spread Love, Joy, and Combat.

Major Locations

HBI studios downtown Seattle


Ace Powers - Manager

Allie Yukari - 1st string Center Idol


After a long time of combat DJs by SpinGlobal Horizon formed it's own musical team to engage in tactical performance combat with other idol group. Trained to be a military presence their duty is to spread love, joy, and combat to the world. They have 3 strings and a center to form their teams;

During 3rd string these are practically grunt fighters meant to act as first line protection to any Battle Idol Events

2nd string are more specialized members and are employed to act as an attack force

1st string are the special forces members of the battle idol groups and are used in special missions

The center of each string acts as the string's leader on missions

Rules of being a Battle Idol;

No Cohabitation

No Relationships

Spread Love and Joy to all

Rewards of Being a battle Idol;

3rd String - You're in Kid

2nd String - Free Group Idol housing

1st String - Private Home

1st String Center - Command of the Battle Idol group



Current Status

Health Summary

Currently Recruiting members


Member Name Member Position
Allie Yukari 1st String Center
Kitty Tenney 1st String Idol


Ace Powers6FixerHorizon Talent Agent


NamePositionFaction Rep
Hydro3rd String6

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
SpinGlobal: Under the HorizonSarcarianRunners Gone Wild4 March 2082
Battle Idol AuditionAurora12 June 2081
PILOT gets absolutely DESTROYED by ATC in SEATTLEAtlatlClear Skies20 May 2081
An Unhealthy ObsessionVideo6 May 2081
You're Gonna Go Far, KidVideo
1 May 2081

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