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Player Mach Ten
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Role Decker with B&E
Folder [[1]]
SUM 10
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


By day, a mild mannered mortuary assistant with prospects and ambition to climb the corporate ladder

By night, a denizen of the dark world who seeks out injustice, which probably isn't hard as he's probably doing it. ... getting paydirt on scumbags pays well !


Living in the shadows of the former largest building in Seattle now a glorified prison for the SINless - ACHE as it's called ... heartache hotel to the rest of us.

Grayden Tarley is bored of ..well pretty much everything, he gets up mostly on time for work (not that anyone cares, certainly not the stiffs) does his best to keep his place tidy as his old Ma' would've warned him, bless her soul.

His Dad was apparently some hotshot doctor back in the day, no one cares now though, so Grayden doesn't really mention it, other than the faded plaque on the wall above his desk.

He doesn't really speak to his folks that often, an accident a couple years back left his folks with a sour taste after Grayden rejected their offers to 'heal him' with second hand ware ... Gauge took care of himself, and got the latest nova hot cyberlimbs and ware... Getting himself cut off from his family in the process, "Who cares what they think of chrome ... tech is the future!

The morgue isn't always busy but it is cool and private, and Grayden likes his privacy. on the odd occasion the head of mortuary services actually bothers to show up to work when he's not trying to smarm his way up the ladder, they perform autopsies and prepare the loved ones for cremation.... "Soylent Green is People!" they joke... not really they both work in complete silence, it's a dead end job ... another joke that neither of them make!

At night though, Grayden Tarley becomes Gauge, the hottest phreek on the net... he'll get in and out with the paydata on scummy corps and like a modern day robin hood, sell it to the highest bidder!

That's how it works, right?


Getting out of this pit, somehow!

the AROs keep showing the hottest new tech, can't afford it yet, but one day.. one day 'Hermes' is getting an upgrade!

Narrative Significant Qualities

Day Job (20 hrs): Assistant Mortician (see Bio) Based in the ACHE morgue, Flexi hours & on Call for emergencies during the night (You're paying overtime for this right?)


Emotional Attachment: Hermes - Muh CyberDeck

Loves tinkering with his deck, should probably have upgraded to the latest wizz tech, but it's just not as intuitive as his own style

Deck Builder

Quick Config



There's something about living in RENRAKU Arcology building that just imparts a sense of something greater, "I'm just that good, perhaps I'm one of them Otaku!"

Impenetrable Logic

Instinctive Hack

Perfect Time


Distinctive Style - "If you wanna get ahead in this world they need to know who they're employing man, you've gotta leave your mark!" Leaving a business card on every job, is probably not his brightest move tho.


Incompetent: Athletics - The accident left him unable to exert much if any physical power, thinking about jogging to the photocopier has him breaking out in a cold sweat down the left side of his body .. the augmetic right side is perfectly suited to it, but the meat is a broken mess of uncoordinated nerves.



Defrag - "I had that dream again, I was floating in the resonance realms, surrounded by hot biker chicks.... you think it means something Doc?!"

Sam Defabia-Kane "Hey Sam, hows that big job coming along? soon? ... right yeah ... you know I'm good for it right!"

Christian Woods "Hey Christian, ... yeah it's me ... look, I'm crunching for this thing next week .. you got some of those Study Aids?"




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Fake SIN Grayden Tarley


A tallish gangly late developing teen that hasn't seen real daylight or fresh air since birth.


Tries to keep up with the latest corporate fashions, but in an affordable off the shelf last seasons fashion kind of way, presentable but not exactly high society.

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