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Frostbite SK 01.jpg
Sniper/Gun Slinger
Lobotomite that is trying to become human.
Discord @D U N E#6017
Reddit DeltaUNE
Metatype SURGE Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
CDP 12
D.O.B. 10th December, 2058
Age 23
Folder Frostbite Drive
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


Test subject that was freed from an Ares facility by a still unidentified group of runners, has only been in the shadows for 1 year - and is still very inquisitive on his new life.



  • Buy 3 more synthetic limbs and find a way to disguise his skin color, he wants to blend into meta humanity. (Learn how to use a disguise kit.)
  • Upgrade/Learn to utilize the Cyberspace Dragonfly.


  • Seeks to pacify his curiosity and gain an understanding of the world he now lives in, is very much a tourist in the shadows.
  • Improve cyber-augmentation - (increase rating of limbs to allow better body-mind connection). (1/4 Limbs to Alpha)
  • Find a group of people that he is comfortable to work with.


  • Get a larger (though still mobile) base of operation.
  • Find the original mole that planned the escape.
  • Rediscover the Ares research facility.


  • Obtain a Cyberspace Dragonfly to keep him company.


Born in a lab, childhood consisted of an empty white room, which the only social reaction was answering questions on current physical/mental state. “Do you have any pain in your arms?” “Can you feel your legs” “Does anything itch?” – Childhood was spent as a test bed for adaptable cyberlimbs, and learning more about association, and how it could be used to control subjects with minimal expenditure.

At the age of 18, the subject was no longer needed for testing, and for a period of time as transferred to aid in internal security – before later being assigned for recycling at another facility, him and others being transported with other assets of interest that the company wanted to bury. During “reassignment” the convoy was attacked while travelling on frozen roads, and among the chaos, the vehicle fell into a ditch. While they all possessed their basic armor – none possessed weapons – though once the truck door was opened after a amount of ‘recalibration’ time, runners in association with multiple rogue subjects entered and threw an assorted bag of weapons onto what was now the roof of the truck. Dazed, though following the lead of other subjects, the rogues in aid of runners applied lethal force to the remaining members of the convoy – securing confidential information on Ares in the process.

After a trek in the snow, groups being broken up into smaller squads to conceal their movements, they eventually made it to a convoy of assorted Ford trucks, each going in a different direction. He eventually ended up in Seattle after a 12-hour drive. They were to work on some low-level jobs for a year, giving a percentage of their earnings to the group that rescued them. After which if they proved themselves they could be given an opportunity to join, or find alternative work. He chose to separate, and eventually got into contact with Haruki Uchida, a fixer that seemed to cater towards his less… Organic composure.

He has been partaking in low level runs for half a year now as a “Samurai for hire” – still acquainting himself to his newfound freedom. This has been with its faults – anti-social tendencies have burned many bridges that could have been useful to keep.

Life in the Shadows

Months 1 - 2

The Haven is a strange place for Frostbite - before hand he mainly took on much smaller scoped jobs - they consisted of sitting in one place for up to 38 hours, shooting 1-12 bullets, then disappearing. The cost of a bullet mattered, and social interactions were minimal. The Haven has offered jobs he still doesn't understand - some missions he does nothing but watch from the sidelines, and in one of the latest he was |REDACTED| causi - cau- a - g - - -. He is still antisocial, and with his free time between missions - actually starting to spend time on what it is to be human. Rooftops are his resting place, and his Dragonfly has given him a much needed company they didn't know they required. He has spent a long time stalking people on their day to day lives - from wage slaves as they enter a factory to going home in to their depressive family, to runners such as Dr.Trauma when he was intrigued on learning the incredible magical power he possessed. It's an isolated life, and because contact with the Johnson is rarely required by himself - he has started to become more mute - keeping quiet gets him paid well - greater pay equates to increased performance - and therefore staying silent is more efficient. He has improved his relationship with his fixer Haruki Uchida - whom he has now proven to be a consistent source of nuyen. He has also attempted to repay the opportunity provided by the EVO acquisitions expert Irena Tachikov - while small, he has performed minor favors for them and utilized their services to further their business relationship.

Months 2 - 4

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Biosonar, Thermal Sensitivity
  • [Explanation] Possessing organs a normal metahuman does not have access to, I am incredibly perceptive of my surroundings, verging on paranoia when I lack my additional senses.

Man & Machine

  • Adept, Biocompatibility (Cyberware), Cyber-Singularity Seeker, Metagenic Improvement (Agility)
  • [Explanation] Probability dictated that some may awaken, and I happened to be a part of that percentile. Though I was also given cybernetic limbs, and awakened to the power of machine. I now stand the precipice of losing my awakened abilities, though also understanding that for me to improve, I must continue down this route of cyber-enhancements. I am to improve myself, and find ways to garner limbs that give me back the sensations I have lost, as well as find a way to continue unlocking the limits of my body.

Not a people Person

  • Nasty Vibe (1), Antipathy, Impassive, Impaired Attribute (Charisma)
  • [Explanation] Even by prefixing the goal onto my sentences, it appears my ability to commence in pleasantries always appears as hostilities. Being "sinisterly" monotone does not suit friendly communications. [Disappointment] I wish there could be an individual whom understood my intentions.

Bad Aura

  • Nasty Vibe (2), Critter Spook, Astral Hazing
  • [Explanation] It appears even my presence disrupts the flow of positivity, animals detest me - and I have been told by those with the ability to assense that I carry "negative energy", complicating the usage of magic.

Creature of the Night

  • Changeling (Class III SURGE), Striking Skin Pigmentation, Nocturnal, Insomnia (Basic)
  • [Explanation] I am not sure why, though daytime is a plague to me - I am restless, mentally I become duller, and my skin tone becomes more pronounced in the orange light. In night I can hide in the shadows and blend in with the moon, though at day I am an oddity that people actively revolt at my 'deformity'. [Frustration] If only I could walk among the populace without drawing attention to myself - though that is going to be a task if I am to ever complete it.


  • Despite being an escaped experiment, at least to his current knowledge - there are no public warrants for his capture due to the - illegality - of the tests - Ares may have organized bounties with private groups on the subjects heads, though at time of writing, he has no knowledge if that is the case.

Run History

11 Independent (+1)

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Where Lobsters Spend the WinterOrionsRequiem10 February 2082
There's No Business Like Snow BusinessSi1asWhen You Reach Me3 February 2082
Crossfire: Local OffensiveAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking1 February 2082
Very (Un)Serious BusinessIsaac31 January 2082
Cutting It CloseSarcarian28 January 2082
Spark of the Waiting HorrorDraknic21 January 2082
The Big CheeseShadowhandTaking Back Tacoma19 January 2082
WHO WANTS SOME GEAR?!Isaac9 January 2082
We Got Ourselves A Convoy!OrionsRequiem7 January 2082
State of DecaySarcarianFestering Infestation6 January 2082
Enemy of my EnemyAsmodeus1 January 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Haruki Uchida 5 2 Fixer Fixer Cyberware, Bioware, Fake SINs, Infobroker Contacts, Armor Accessories, Shiwase Brand Equipment Even
Carolina Petrovski [[Contact_Rules#Connection_Rating|]] 1 [[Contact_Rules#Contact_Archetype|]] Even
Irena Tachikov 6 2 Gear EVO Acquisitions Expert Workaholic, EVO Acquisitions Specialist, Vory Connection, On Trend, Shadier side of the Court, It fell off a truck, Meet my Doctor, Gang Detail, Information Broker Even
Dana Jessica Boatman 2 2 Custom (G,K,A,N) Talismonger Unreliable, Gifts of the Unknown, Dark Knowledge, military past, Awakened Even
Jane Dior 5 1 Custom(G,K,A,N) Redmond Strike Team Leader Evidence Lock-Up Inventory, Surplus Vendor, Anonymous Contraband Contributions, Patrol Permits, Professional Procedures, Fibbin' Forgeries Even



10 Gianelli Family

2 Mother of Metahumans

2 Ghoul Liberation League

1 Ancients

1 Ex-Neonet


10 Cutters

In Character Information


  • Order & Logic
    • [Explanation] The world while ordered and a continuation of a stream of events, particles falling into a domino effect that makes us perceive free will - can seem like chaos. It is only perceivable as chaos due to the lack of proper information, I lack that information and therefore have a distaste for the natural, and enjoy it when a decision is based on cold, bias-less facts, untainted by an outside influence.
  • Contractual Safety
    • [Explanation] While I have been noted to break trust, it is only if my assignment required it - though I always do my best to complete a contracted agreement, and prefer others to abide by the same restrictions.
  • Drones/AI
    • [Explanation] Similar to me, they are usually bound to a set of parameters that can be viewed or encoded - They seem unaffected by my natural characteristics, and therefore I feel I can actually enjoy within their company; without fear of betrayal or deceit.
  • Plans
    • [Explanation] While a plan ceases rigid effects after engagement, it enables everyone to be in the proper locations - allowing things to be ordered, and less based on chance


  • Drugs
    • [Explanation] While they can provide a boost to ability, I prefer consistent ability over the highs - and given the potential for addiction, I would rather continue pushing my physical limits in a permanent capacity, than rely on a momentary boost - I am not adverse to using them if the situation requires it, I just would rather not use it in general.
  • Chance/Luck
    • [Explanation] While probability has gave me gifts, it is not a consistent factor of my life - And due to the fact I can't control it, or even research it to create usable data - I am therefore adverse to it and it's pleasures. While many situations can become luck based, I prefer taking out the chance when applicable.

Symbols and Signatures

Frosted Δ

  • Frosted Delta - This is stamped onto his equipment, or things that he has personally had a hand in producing (example could be if he makes his own bullets).

Matrix Search Table

Hits Information Gained
1 Frostbite is an injury caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues.
3 A Vigilante that has been noted for their lethal harassments of gangers.
6 The name of an Ares Operation into Awakened SURGED Meta-Humans - There is named files, though erased data of up to 28 Individuals.
Commlink (Offline) Conversations between Frostbite 28 & Frostbite 00 "Dark-Ice" / Conversation between Frostbite 28 & Frostbite 28_01
Testing Facility Detailed reports and diagnostics of others and himself from birth to the escape. Multiple subjects are still being tracked.

Shadow Community Table

Hits Information Gained
1 "If you can get past that uncanniness - seems to do the job you tell them to."
3 "Seems like a psychopath, though apparently there is a person under that chrome... Apparently"
5+ "Him and others were rescued by a mole, don't know who - though they got 16 people out of an Ares convoy. - Keep your eye on him, because Ares has been quiet about reclaiming their property."

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
0 You scored 0 Hits.
Aura is malformed, a hurricane swirls around the black light that shines through the thousands of faces, screaming in agony - - there is something incredibly broken about this entity, something has been tampering with the metaplanes in a cruel and twisted way.
1 Subject is of average health. Emotions are mute, though there does seem to be inner conflict of some kind. Character is awakened.
The aura is too strong to further penetrate, you can see something beyond - though you must push through the faces afore to see what is beneath. 
2 Standard-grade cyberware: All limb, both eyes and both ears have been replaced, there is a datajack on the back of their head - and their mind has been supplanted with a Flashback System.
Looking deeper into the aura a wicked smile besets his face, white jagged teeth and piercing red iris', the longer you stare into this void of emotions, the more you feel something screaming to escape - for a split second you see blood running through the cracks in the teeth, fingers trying to pull that wretched smile apart...
3 No alphaware-grade cyberware. The subjects essence is minimally viable for magic, though it's strained, a waning that could disappear with minimal effort. They are awakened, though barely.
Still staring into the abyss, you start to feel like it is swallowing you, encapsulating your being. For instances, you are surrounded by jagged teeth, looking back at yourself from the mouth.
4 No betaware-grade cyberware. Essence 1.02, Magic 1.
You pull back from the afflictions, overpowering the effect. The same cursed face still besets it's wearer. The torrent still swirling around in agony and malice. It feels wicked, though too familiar.
5+ No deltaware-grade implants. Not a technomancer.
It's a defense mechanism, while it taints it's aura, it is a guise to create fear - not an actual threat to those that are capable. The Jagged teeth look dull, the expression is pained, and the hands grasping out are trying to pull the being in on itself. It's in agony of not knowing, though hides itself so well that even it disbelieves the pain it encounters.


SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Zen Fro UCAS, Seattle 3 Bounty Hunter, Drivers, Concealed Carry, Firearms, Restricted Augmentation.
Ermia Hypoth UCAS, Seattle 4 Private Detective, Drivers, Concealed Carry, Firearms, Restricted Augmentation.

Matrix Persona

Ninja (Stock)


Nude/Base form

Body is a icy blue, limbs while the generic shape of muscles are blocky and matt black - the legs have been altered to be that of a cats hind - and joints ready to be removed for more fitting disguise. Eyes have a red iris with black sclera's.


Combat Gear: Armored trench coat with a pure white, almost ceramic looking mask. A blank expression with 3 eyes. The armor is clear, plates can easily be observed on the body - and subtly is forgotten.

Personnel ware: Leather trench coat, a balaclava with a respirator attached and a light armored vest. Weapons are on show, thought it blends into the scenery if it weren't for his odd stature, interesting legs, and general demonic presence.

Media Mentions

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