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Sniper Mystic Adept
Reddit [1]
Metatype SURGEd Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 6/6/2060
Age 22
Folder [2]
Priority Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - D
Resources - D

Character Information


Just a scared kid trying to start over in Seattle with nothing but his rifle.


Try to figure out how to live life, trust others, and forgive himself. Protect Mint.


"Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the executioner found me." Mint smiled sadly at the masked man standing before her. "Can I ask one last thing? Or maybe two?"

He stared, silent and unmoving. He acknowledged only by lowering his sawn-off shotgun.

"I would like to ask what you've been up to since we last saw each other. And I would like to finish my tea. Is it okay if you sit with me for a minute? Did you get to see what I did with all of the money on your way in?" She couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes. "I want you to know that I forgive you."

The man rushed over and embraced her, burying his face in her shoulder. His weapon never left his right hand.

Mint patted him on the head and laughed grimly. "This could still go either way, you know."

He stood abruptly, signaling with his left hand. NOT KILLING. ESCAPED HONG KONG. WANT TO HELP. It was something he had adopted from ASL, butchered in a way that permitted him to maintain a weapon in his free hand while still being recognizable to those closest to him.

"So... How did you get out?"


"Yes. Yes, of course. Here, um... You can stay anywhere you want here on the farm. Or nearby, whatever you're comfortable with." She smiled, relieved. "Oh, I know! I'll go to Pike's Place and pick some things up tomorrow and we can make shumai to celebrate, just like how 'Biki used to make them!"

X shifts shifted uncomfortably and averted his gaze. Mint reached out to him apologetically. "I'm sorry. It's only been a year..."

I'M FINE. MY FAULT KILLED HER. STILL NEED TIME. He signed, taking a deep, centering breath. LET'S DO IT. WOULD LOVE THAT.

Narrative Significant Qualities


SURGE III - Somewhere under that gillie suit is a pretty strange looking fellow with a long fuzzy tail. He SURGEd presumably after extended exposure to some of Kowloon's strongest magical background.

Astral Chameleon


Distinctive Style - Being mute (due to grievous injury) is probably the last thing that stands out about Executioner. He only uses his left hand. While he can sign proficiently in English, few others are trained to do so and usually have to run a translator soft, which only causes more anxiety because it's clearly a big indicator that he has worked with someone. His constant fear of wireless devices and tracking techniques means that he uses either a notepad and pencil or a whiteboard and marker to communicate.

Paranoia - Between the depression, anxiety, and paranoia, X is largely nonfunctional and relies heavily on Mint's help to do anything other than hide. He compulsively tosses commlinks (after sterilizing them!) and does his best to stay completely offline as much as possible.

Big Regret (Runner Assassin) - X assassinated many shadowrunners in Hong Kong on behalf of Wuxing, and while he was mostly manipulated into doing so, he only has himself to blame. His old team eventually found him out during a massive datasteal, which... Didn't go over well. Mint is the last surviving member of his team.

Records on File (Wuxing)

Moderate Allergy (Silver)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Kevin Slimes (Part Two)OBThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes5 July 2081
Full Body HarmerSedatedAlice17 June 2081


Redmond Rejuvenation Project


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Mint 3 4 Fixer Farm Operations Officer Construction Contractor, Green Thumb, Beacon of Hope, Earth Aspect Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 It seems that there are more than a few runners under this nom de guerre...
3 A search in Traditional Chinese yields a few hits on a job that occurred in Kowloon a few years ago.
6 WUXING SECURITY DISTRIBUTION NODE:: CLASS::SECRET//SECURITY THREAT_PROFILE::XIAOSHI THREAT_PRIORITY::HIGH THREAT_SOP:: Sniper attack. Astral detection problematic but signature is unique and on file. XIAOSHI.SIGDAT THREAT_HISTORY:: XIAOSHI_SIN_BURNED.DAT XIAOSHI_DISCHARGE.DAT XIAOSHI_CEASEFIRE_CONTRACT.DAT Target portfolio attached, mostly deniable assets. XIAOSHI_TARGET.DAT TARGET_RECOMMENDATIONS:: On ceasefire agreement and relocation to Seattle. Treat all warnings seriously. Use aerosol silver, aerosol FAB, and silver bullets. If seen, contact working handler and case officer immediately. XIAOSHI_HANDLERS.COMM

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 "Yeah, have fun trying to communicate with the guy. Make a plan and stick with it, because he's probably going to be completely and utterly offline as soon as you start moving, and he won't come back on until the day after you're done. Jackass."
2 "Just forget about the edgelord name, I have no idea who gave that to him. The guy's a teddy bear! He's just a little messed up, y'know? Just be patient with him, and if you have a really thorough plan then he'll work well with you. Most of his anxiety comes from the fact that he can't perceive the astral, so if you have a mage covering him then he'll be waaaaay more relaxed."
6 "They have a saying in the HK community, omae: blue cat, bad luck. And again: beware the man who speaks in hands. You run with that one and you're not coming back, guaranteed. And even if you get away, expect you and yours to be missing parts of your skull eventually. I would highly recommend putting him down on sight."


  • Miles Harlan (Rating 1)
  • John Eidelweiss (Rating 1)
  • Li Xiaolong (Rating 1)


Fully covered. Extremely short but well built, though that's difficult to tell thanks to his timid and skiddish posture.


A ballistic mask, armor, gloves, and a poncho are always worn. No part of his body is visible, though the poncho does seem to move a bit oddly from time to time...

Matrix Persona


Media Mentions

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