Eliminating the competition part 2

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Eliminating the competition part 2
LocationRedmond, Belview
Night Claws, Marionette Gangers
Casualties and losses
5 Gangers


Threat: Low (Depending on PC actions)

Game type: Data Steal; wetwork

((Your Fixer calls you)) "Hello Chummer, I got a line on a job. This Johnson needs a little data extraction and a bit of wetwork. Should I send you his way?"


Runner were hired to Eliminate a up and coming gang that were moving in on a Triad territory and make an example out of them.

The Meet

The Johnson met with the runners in a bar that was a front for a Triad meeting place. Here the runners were told to first extract Information from a local News Outlet about the Location of a group of Gangers which unrightfully had done buisness in the territory of the Johnsons buisness association.

The Plan

The plan was to scout out the News Outlets office in Bellevue and seek out a way in beause the Data was unaccesible over the Matrix for Night Claws to steal. The building has been hit before, as Windows were barricaded, the door was nothing more that a wooden board and a KE patrol was permanently stationed nearby for obseration and protection services.

The Run

After the runners scouted out the Building, Marionette decided to choose the easy way in and broke the Door open, only to be welcomed by 5 guards inside of the Office. The upcoming fight alerted the nearby KE patrol and they joined shortly after. Night Claws managed to brick the gun of one of the officers before coming under attack of an enemy decker himself. Marion defeated all the guards and KE officers non lethal and Night Claws stopped fighting the Decker by logging off the Matrix after recieving a clear from Marion. He then proceeded to check on some old stationary Matrix connection points and found the required Data shortly after. The team decided to immediately take action and proceed to the oppositions position, which turned out to be somewhere in the Barrens. Upon arriving on the scene Marion decided to ram the Enemy despite Night Claws tryin to convince him not to do it. Marion narrowly avoided a possible crash and following death and as soon as the car came to a standstill began to fight. In the End all five Enemys were killed, Marion suffered great Injuries but survived and Night Claws had Nightmares of him crashing in a car for a few days but the Mission was a Success


Marion send a picture to the Johnson to confirm mission success and the team was payed 4.000 Nuyen per dead Ganger.


20.000 Nuyen total: 10.000 for each Teammember. 5 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)