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Charlotte Weiss
Player Doc McGuffins
Metatype Human
Street Cred 2
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. Aug 17 (28 Yrs old)
Folder Eisenjägerin's Drive
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


Ex-PMC CQC operative


1. Find her Family, but overall her brother

2. Free herself from the Saeder-krupp chains


"My life practically starts off as hell... I was only 10 years of age when I was taken from my family by the Saeder Krupp corporation. But why? Only they could answer that honestly to me I'm just a normal human. However, Saeder Krupp seems to have had plans with me. I was trained for several grueling years and then placed in the field. Infiltration and CQC frontline breach was what I was supposed to do."

"These missions went on for a very long time. Then one day Saeder Krupp protests started springing up. Now the media was able to spin it wonderfully, but my mission was to infiltrate the protest line and fire upon the riot control. This will never set well with me, as soon as I fired the riot control gave full permission to fire upon the protesters. Neo-Anarchists they called them."

"It wasn't much longer than that when a message from my fixer and friend came in through to my commlink. "Your family is in Seattle. These people may be able to help you." I was thankfully allowed to go on mission in Seattle, UCAS. Current mission is to establish myself as a runner in Seattle. Shouldn't be too hard as long as I stay out of SK facilities."

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Big Regret (Firing on SK protestors)
    • "I'm not gonna let myself live that down. That may have been the most cold hearted thing I've ever done."
  • Driven (Finding her Little Brother)
    • "My family is important to me, but My little brother doesn't even know I exist probably. I need to find him for sure!"
  • Battle Hardened
    • "My Military days may be behind me; but, It has made me a more confident person."
  • Poor Self Control (Combat Monster)
    • "When Combat starts you don't stop until everyone is defeated or you have a safe extraction route!"
  • Records on File (Saeder-Krupp)
    • "Being part of their military makes it hard to not be in someone's system. We will have to fix that one day."
  • SINner Corporate-limited (Saeder-Krupp)
    • "The only good part to being with Saeder-krupp is that most of them look up to me if they do recognize me."

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Bio-where? What? Oh Drek!SedatedAliceThe Toys that Made Us10 June 2081
Oh the Humanis-tyAurora29 May 2081
History Repeats ItselfKryosite28 May 2081
A Ghoulish Case Of Ghoul-HatredAurora15 May 2081
Operation icehouseDoomNightmare Mode8 April 2081
Brother, Can You Spare a DimeJigurdProject Red Dragoon2 April 2081
IdolatryRyncewynde8828 February 2081
Shadowhaven Combat TournamentTeksura
21 February 2081
Sleeper AgentxGugulu13 February 2081
Those Damned DogsAurora23 December 2080



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bulldog Black 2 4 Fixer Semi-retired Security Professional Security, Street Docs, Tenacious Investigating Even
Dr. Henry Wallace 6 1 Custom(G,A,K,N) Cybertechnologist Cybertechnologist, Designer Deltaware, Cyber Snob, Embrace the Chrome, Biotechnologist, Black Market Pipeline, Cyber-Singularity Seeker Even
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan 6 2 Fixer UCASN Officer UCAS Naval Officer, Logistics Command, Research & Development Head, Family Pedigree, Military heritage, Incredibly Intelligent, Engineering Savant Even


Saeder-Krupp Limited Corporate Sin



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Hits Result
1 FLR German Woman
2 Military trained and highly deadly. Can do both stealth and heavy conflict missions.
3+ Saeder-krupp soldier, possibly on mission from SK

Shadow Community Table


Name Rating Liscenses Issued
Charlotte Weiss Real Real Saeder-Krupp
Erin Yondale 4 Firearms 4, Augmentations 4, Concealed Carry 4, Restricted Armor 4 UCAS



Just as Picture

Matrix Persona

Default Matrix Persona
Commlink Persona Appearance Base Theme Icon
Transys Avalon (6) Monarch (Queen) Castle Castle
Meta Link (1) Plain Humanoid Cube structures Cube with metahuman icons on each face

Media Mentions

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