Demon Turtle

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Demon Turtle
Giant Martial Artist
"There's no problem big enough to run away from."
Player Asmodeus
Metatype Troll (Giant)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 26.11.2028
Age 53
Folder [1]
Metatype - B
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - E
Resources - E


Born in Lappland, Finland, to the fringes of society, DT - also known by her martial arts nickname Demon Turtle - didn't grow into the role of a gentle giant but fierce protector to those often segregated from social circles. This didn't include metahumans exclusively, but also regular humans bullied for their nerdiness in their formative teen years; as a result more dominant social groups grew to spite her early on, a sign of how her life would trend from an early age. Growing up in little town scuffles, she eventually put her brawn to use in fighting rings, initially doing unofficial street fights before being scouted to be a challenger and heel in various official fighting rings. Despite having no official training, she got by well with her sheer mass in many tournaments, refining her fighting skills against increasingly more dangerous opponents.

By the time she got to touring around Europe with a manager, she was a crowd favorite to hate and boo on stage with utmost love; the despicable giant threatening heroic underdogs and a role she brushed aside without much thought. For her, it was the thrill of testing the limits of her power that truly mattered. By pushing herself against greater and greater odds, DT could find just when her power would find its match. Each time she did, her obsession with fighting grew. Beating up those that couldn't fight back held no merit, only the thrill of a skilled opponent mattered.

With the European MMA-A (Mixed Martial Arts - Adept bracket) championship earned in her thirties, DT earned a lifelong sponsorship for a place to live in so she could focus solely on training and inspire the next generation to join in the business by reaching ever greater heights. For this reason she went overseas to find new blood to challenge from lowly street fighting rings to official matches. Turns out, this only goes so far. One on one is fair and isolated from distractions, but strength can be nurtured with diversity. The shadows offered runs with immense dangers; the rewards were less important, but the thrill of finding a glorious challenge to push her strength against was too tempting. With a quiet favor called in, a fake SIN and some plans to lead a double life relatively undisturbed, DT planned to gamble everything she'd achieved on chasing her lifelong dream.

Ultimate strength at any cost.

Narrative Significant Qualities

National Fame - DT is a notorious tournament champion in martial arts circles and has appeared on some sports channels during broadcasted tournaments. She's often perceived as the dark horse since her proprietary fighting style can produce various results; while she's only allowed to compete in tournaments where adepts are permitted, overseas in European circles she's still well known in all competitive fighting communities.

Trust Fund - A championship earned decades ago earned her a lifelong sponsorship from a martial arts organization from overseas; by continuing to participate in tournaments and feeding the scene with her talent, she gets to live practically for free in a middle level apartment and focus her efforts entirely on her passion. Maybe it's a good thing they don't know DT's started to aim higher and in more legally dubious avenues of growth.

SINner - While an immigrant, Eilatar Verituomi is still her real name and it's what her apartment, trust fund and adept licenses are all registered under.

Combat Monster - DT's drive for battle is insatiable, especially if she finds dangerous odds to test her mettle against.

Dragon Snapping Turtle Mentor Spirit - While it's essentially just a reflavored Shark, flavor-wise the Dragon Snapping Turtle encourages perseverance in the face of pain instead of evading strife. To meet suffering and retaliate in kind is something this mentor spirit approves of.

Run History

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Donny Groundskeeper Gardner 4 3 Fixer Bookie Bookie, Ganger Hater, Donny's Boys, "Handy Mandy", Groundskeeper Even
Addison Keller 2 1 Networking Networking Vendetta: Ghost Cartels, Caribbean League Citizen, Hatred of the Syndicates Even


Eilatar Verituomi - Her actual SIN; as a SINner, DT has won several martial arts tournaments and is renowned as a martial adept.

Lee Moon-Young - Rating 4, Shiawase; Alter ego SIN that she uses for any runner business.