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Character Information


Cole Sutton (Decoy Delta)

Street Samurai (Cyborg, small arms, grenadier, force protection)

Folder (Decoy)


Short term Goal is to make neyen to pay bills. Long term I want to be successful to impress my family so I can get back in their good graces.


Parents were killed in gang crossfire; Family status is secure; Grew up in a gang war zone (Blood Mountain Boys, Night Hunters, Rat Eaters; Renton).

Former freelance HitMan.

3 siblings

2 female one (younger), Gayle (Sibling dislikes Cole), one twin, Jana (She hates Cole), 1 male, Anthony (younger) Sibling likes Cole.

Twin sister Jana takes care of younger siblings, and hates Cole for leaving family for dangerious lifestly. She talks bad about him to his other siblings; younger sister Gayle is swayed but younger brother still likes Cole becase he looks out for him, and protecs him from bullies.

Personality: Comedic and positive

Person You Value Most: Younger Brother Anthony.

What Do You Value Most: Getting even

How Do You Feel About Most People: Persons are cool, people suck.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Agile Defender

RG 127 Allows the character to use their Agility in place of their Willpower attribute while using Full Defense

Creature of Comfort (Middle)

RF 153 Middle Lifestyle every day –1 penalty to all Social and Healing tests per Lifestyle category below his chosen level

Faraday Himself

DT 48 Anyone within ten meters of you (including yourself) suffers +2 Noise

Restricted Gear

RF 149 At character creation allows the character to buy a piece of gear with an Availability of up to 24 (1/3)

SINner (National): UCAS

SR5 84 Pays fifteen percent of their gross income in taxes

Thousand-Yard Stare

SL 181 –1 dice pool modifier to all social interactions with non-combat personnel (1/3)

Trust Fund I

RF 151 covers a Middle lifestyle with 500 nuyen left over each month

Run History



  • Dane - Connection 1, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Shadow Services)




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Fake SIN (Simon Lancastor) 4

Fake License 4 (Restricted Cyberware License);

Fake License 4 (Concealed Carry Permit);

Fake License 4 (Military Weapons License);

Fake License 4 (Military Ammunition License);

Fake License 4 (Bounty Hunter's License)


Hair Style: Combed back Affections: Chest Tattoo (Wolf Head profile) Ethnic: Anglo-American


Fashion: Leather Jacket Black Jeans

Matrix Persona


Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments