Danny Boy

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Danny Boy
Danny Boy.png
Face who can hold his own in a fight
Ex-Paladin made shadowrunner after he helped the Rinelle rebels in overthrowing the tyranny
Player [1]
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 1
Notoriety -1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 21st 2049
Folder [2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills -B
Resources - A

Character Information


Danny is a social artist - he can blend in with the gangers just as well as with corporate high society. Friendly, helpful and always eager to get to know people, but rarely ever talks about himself. Every now and again he gets silent and distant - a leftover trait from darker times in his life. Witty and always ready with a snarky comeback, Dan just can't help but be likable. With enough data he can talk his way through any door. Despite his friendly attitude and charming personality Dan is built for combat - literally. Sporting high-grade alphaware designed to let him go toe-to-toe with just about anything and anybody he can wade through small arms fire like it's raining.



TL:DR - Dannael is an ex-paladin from Tir, who joined Rinelle during the revolution and ran into the Shadows after it was over, because his side didn't come up on top after the High Prince was overthrown.

Long(er) Story in short points:

Dan's parents were Chicago natives, both descendants of European emigrants.

- Father, David Connors, is a Scottish-american lawyer, specialising in divorce cases.

- Mother, Lidia Kovalev-Connors, Russian-American, a defence attorney.

His parents met in a court room, and got quickly married, moved to Portland when Tir Tairngire was established, they changed the pracirtce profile to help Tir's non-elf populace in the legal system stacked against them.

Dan was a rebellious kid, who believed whole-heartedly in the Tir propaganda, and hated his parents for fighting the Council of Princes on every turn. He joined up to the Tir's recruitment programme, and became a Paladin to his parents' dismay. He wasn't awakened, so he receiver top-notch alphaware to better serve in his new role, and spent the next copuple of decades working as the bodyguard/spy for his masters.

Initially enthusiastic, he quickly became jaded, having seen the establishment's rotten underbelly up close every day. many of his peers still followed the partyline fanatically, but the ideas taught by Dan's parents allowed him to see the Tir government for what it was. He already lost touch with his family though, and figured they wouldn't forgive his actions anyway, so instead he joined the growing rebellion of Rinelle ke'Tesrae and fought to liberate his home from the oppressive dictatorship.

Initially he worked as a double agent as a paladin, who also relays information about the Princes to the resistance. He was burned eventually, and would have been executed, but the revolution was in full swing then, and the government was overthrown. Tir was free again, but Rinelle cells had very little in common with each other except for the common enemy, and the old Princes still had many tentacles and agents in the Tir.

Dan figured it'll be safest to just disappear - he was a known rebel after all - and get out opf dodge just in case the defeated tyrants feel like taking vengeance.

He joined up with the Ancients gang in Seattle for some R&R - but the attitudes didn't quite mesh and Danny feels that he wants to be more independent.

As soon as he learned his way around town, Dan moved to the shadows to build his brand, and make big-money.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Danny always bears the winning smile - albeit somewhat predatory. He moves with smooth, but visibly augmented grace.

He's tall, well built (in a cybertech facility, mostly). Ginger short hair, full but short beard, green eyes (from Telestrian Industries). He's always dressed for the occasion - either a tres-chick Zoe executive suite always up to date on the sharpest and latest fads in AR clothing, or a biker armor.

Run History

- 2019-09-07 | A Shadowrun Based on Poison by Stick and Poke

- 2019-09-09 | Firebug Leap (text chat run)



  • Ether - Connection 5, Loyalty 3 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Alias - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - SIN Forger
  • Dmitri - Connection 3, Loyalty 5 - Armorer (Dmitri is a dwarven Armorer, of Russian descent. He loves thinkering with weapons and vehicles. Dan and Dmitri are buddies more than business partners, they like to share a beer or two over a grill. Sometimes one of them needs a favor, and the friendship rolls on.)
  • Malice - Connection 5 Loyalty 1 - Infobroker (Malice is an infobroker - she buys and sells information. Dan doesn't know jack squat about her/him/it - they do business through a matrix contact box, input nuyen, output info. Purely business relationship)






In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

None - Danny doesn't leave traces behind unless he has to - and that means no unnecessary gestures, swag, or damage. He won't escalate the situation into a fight unless there is no other choice.

Warrior's Code: Dan is very reluctant to use violence and will use his considerable persuasion skills to avoid fighting the opposition - for their own good. In a fight he won't attack an unarmed person, nor will he take it lightly when other do. He's very much opposed to sneak attacks of all kind.

Matrix Search Table

1 hit: Wasn't that this Latino guy killed in Predator 2?

2 hits: Some posts from years ago, about an insurrection in Tir - facial recognition software tagged Danny in an armor on some public event or the other - standing on the sidelines.

3 hits: A discreet advert about legal advice, you can read between the lines that Dan is a freelance face for hire if you need something negotiated with someone trigger-happy.

4+ hits: Apparently (according to the feeds) Danny used to live in Tir and be a good little paladin, but he broke and joined the rebels. After the dust settled and new government was established, he disappeared.

Shadow Community Table

1 hit: Wasn't that the name of that candy bar? Danny Boy Blue?

2 hits: Yeah, the guy rides with the Ancients, I know him - he's a good chum, he is.

3 hits: Dan's a sweetheart, but he's packing enough chrome to sink a ship.

4+ hits: Danny's riding on some real mean streak - he talks the talk, and walks the walk, too. He'll convince a hungry dog to give away its last sausage, and when need be, he'll beat the drek outta a fragger with a smile.


Daniel Boyde (UCAS, Bounty Hunter, Intermediary)



A tall, ginger elf built like a truck. Sporting high-bling suits, latest AR fashion and opulent details, or a set of kickers and a biker armor in The Ancients colors.

Matrix Persona

Red-haired leprechaun with a baseball bat.

Media Mentions

His picture may be stumbled upon while looking through some old Tir vids, especially documenting the change of government in the elfland.

ShadowGrid Profile Comments