Cross Flight Love Fight

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What started as a quarrel between two ex-lovers is spiraling out into a bigger issue, not just for their families, but for the Corporate structure of Seattle


Cross Applied Technologies

A former member of the Corporate Court until Crash 2.0 caused their stock to plummet. They still exist, though they've fallen on hard times.

Important Members

Cecelia Cross
Cecelia Cross

A young woman and distant relative to the main Cross family, she has begun to come into her own as a corporate leader. A skilled Matrix manipulator and negotiator, her potential is almost unlimited, but is currently dealing with the aftermath of an attempt to ruin her life by her ex-boyfriend.


  • Bring Cross Applied Technologies back to the forefront of the Corporate Court.
  • Ruin the life of Alexander-James Broderick Johnson III
  • Supplant herself as the heir-apparent of CATco.

Federated Boeing

The largest employer in Seattle and a staple of the Aerospace industry. Looking to move up from the third largest Aerospace company in the world to a position they feel they are more deserving of.

Important Members

Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III aka Brodie J
The Indescribably Brodie J


  • Get revenge on Cecelia Cross for embarrassing him in front of their corpokid friends.
  • Boost the reputation of Federated Boeing
  • Don't annoy his father.


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