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Gifted in Seattle
Metatype Human Psionic Adept
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 6/21/2054
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Character Information


Crosley is a Psionic Adept living in Seattle.


Crosley's goal is to learn all the abilities.


William Flood is a PCC citizen who grew up in Denver. His psionic powers manifested when he was in his teens and after some matrix searching found the Bainbridge Psionic Institute located on Bainbridge Island in the Seattle Metroplex. After graduating Oracle directs him to the New Wave Travel Agency, and to Blue Suited Joker Consulting where he moonlights as a 'psychic consultant'.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Positive Qualities

  • Psionic Mystic Adept
    • Crosley studied at the Bainbridge Psionics Institute. There he learned to control, harness, and grow his abilities.
  • Astral Chameleon
    • Crosley's astral signature blends into the background of astral space and is difficult to detect. All signatures left by Maddox last only half as long as other astral signatures. Any individuals assensing astral signatures left behind by Crosley receive a –2 dice pool modifier for the Assensing Test.
  • Mentor Spirit: Eagle
    • .
  • Hawk Eye
    • Crosley has exceptionally keen natural vision. He can identify a face a block away without binoculars or spot a spent casing in a shadowy crack at five meters. Characters gain a +1 dice pool modifier to their Perception Tests and shift all Range Environmental modifiers up one category (e.g., Medium becomes Short). The quality is part of Crosley’s natural eyes and is not compatible with electronic vision enhancements and/or cyber- or bioware augmentations or replacements.
  • Witness my Hate
    • All of Crosley's single-target direct damage spells are resolved at +2 DV. However, such reckless channeling of destructive forces wreaks havoc on the character’s system. The Drain code for any affected Direct Damage spells is increased by +2

Negative Qualities

  • Day Job 20hrs
    • Crosley, works at the New Wave Travel Agency, as a travel agent.
  • Creature of Comfort
    • Crosley likes living the good life. For every day that Crosley must spend “slumming” it in a lower Lifestyle category, he suffers a –1 penalty to all Social and Healing tests per Lifestyle category below his chosen level. Life just isn’t worth living without that Trideo subscription.
  • SINner PCC
    • Crosley's real name is William Flood. He grew up in on the Pueblo Corporate Council partition of Denver.

Run History

  1. Portugal, The Man 6/29/2079
  2. Verses The Mooney Suzuki – Shake That Bush Again 7/01/2079
  3. Against All Authority – Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver 7/05/2079
  4. Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter 7/28/2079
  5. Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Part 2) 8/11/2079
  6. Midtown - Give It Up 10/11/2079
  7. Fruit of the Moneytree 10/13/2079
  8. Better Off Dead 10/13/2079

  1. Three's a crowd 11/17/2079
  2. The Dreadnoughts cider road 3/10/2080
  3. Winners do drugs 6/3/2080




+3 ex NEONet

+1 Black Star



In Character Information


R4 William Floyd (UCAS)


A young man in his mid-twenties. He is Caucasian with Grey hair and Brown eyes. He has a medium skin tone. His height and weight are average for his metatype and age. William started losing his hair color while at the Institute and decided to have colored white after graduating.


Armor jacket, jeans, boots, hoodie up with his walther palm pistol hidden and ready at a moments notice.

Spirit Index

The following actions increase a character’s Wild Index by the listed amount. A character may not increase their Wild Index with the same action within a single twenty-four hour period.

Spirit Index
Disrupting a toxic spirit Destroying disrupted toxic spirit in its native metaplane Cleansing disrupted toxic spirit Destroying a toxic power site Cleansing a toxic power site Releasing a spirit with services remaining Banishing a spirit controlled by a mage Temporarily awakening a slumbering wild spirit Permanently awakening a slumbering wild spirit Creating an ally spirit Willingly setting an ally spirit free Successfully calling a wild spirit Accepting a spirit marker Breaking a spirit marker Binding a spirit of any kind Bringing toxicity to a natural area Bringing toxicity to a power site Turning a spirit toxic Destroying a power site Turning a power site toxic
That spirits’ Force That spirit’s Force x 2 That spirit’s Force x 3 That power site’s Rating x 5 That power site’s Rating x 10 1 per service lost 2 per service lost 1 That spirit’s Force That spirit’s Force That spirit’s Force x 3 1 (Spirit marker’s Rating) Subtract twice what was gained Subtract that spirit’s Force –1 Subtract that power site’s Rating Subtract that spirit’s Force x 2 Subtract that power site’s Rating x 5 Subtract that power site’s Rating x 10

Matrix Search Table

Hits Info
1 You have access to Crosley's ShadowHaven Profile. Handle: Crosley Missions Complete/Failed 5/0 Fixer Contact Role: Psychic Consultant Metatype: Human
3 You have access to Crosley's R4 SIN in addition to the previous. R4 William Floyd UCAS Seattle Citizen R4 Spellcasting License R4 Adept License MCT Blue Defender
6 You have access to Everything.