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(Short Blurb)
Player [1]
Metatype (Human)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 8th 2059
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


Technomancer sniper who good at driving and gives over watch to any teams he is on. Technomancer martix metaphor: Using card game "Duel Fighters" to interact with the matrix



It another rainy night, the rain beats down on me as I wait for my team to get in to position, hacking my way pass the building locks made it easy for me to get in to position. “Report in, you good to go?” was the words I quietly heard, the leader for the job was calling over the micro-transceiver for me. “All clear on my end, I got my eyes open and ready to give over watch” I reply back, “Let make this as fast as we can, I don’t want to get a cold” my voice betrayed that I was a bit annoyed right now, the chip makes it a bit hard to be on the positive side. I ready my sniper rifle in case I need to take a shot, the job was not a hard one, break in and steal the item left in a manager safe and get out but there is no such thing as a milk run. I keep the cameras busy with a few “Matrix cards” I put in to play, making sure they don’t see the team as they go by, few close calls here and there but nothing I and the rest of the team could not handle. Like all luck it was bound to run out at some point, the team was about to flanked by two guards who were patrolling hallway, I had miscalculated where they were and I had to move quickly otherwise the job may become harder from backup being called in. “You got an incoming from the front and back, I will handle the one in front” I quickly get a mark on a window on his route and set a “Trap card” in wait for him, I count the moments with my breath as I line up my shot as call on one of my sprites I had lying in wait and use it effect to correct my scope aim, I trigger the “Trap card” to open the window giving him a bit of a shock right before my Stick-n-Shock rounds hammer right in to him to give him a real shock as his body drops to the floor”. “We got the drop on our guy, how the other end?” leader asked as I started to chamber a few more rounds back in, “All clear here, I try to keep suspicion off your guys but you won’t have long” With them out cold, it was easy to slip a mark on to their comlinks, checking for any audio files of the sleeping guards for my next step. When they was a bit late for checking in, they got a call on their comlinks, I put my plan in to action and used my “trap card” on the guy on the other end, I gave him a very convincing “fake” call how mind numbing the job was and how they lost track of time, he never even knew that there would be no log of that call as it never happen so he in big trouble when that gets out. The rest of the job went well, did cut it a bit close to calling down GOD but the team was out of position for my over watch so moved out of the building, breaking down my rifle as I went and putting it in to my duffle Bag as I blend in to the city streets, I can’t wait to get home and play some Duel fighters.

Works part time as electronic engineer at a small shop in Newcastle, claim it so he has some free time for programming so he can try to start his own business but still pay the rent. Works 10am to 2pm week days, Saturday and Sunday are days off, Unlikely to be call in for extra work but can happen.

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In Character Information

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Short black hair that a bit spiky at the front, keep a smug look on his face a lot of the time and a bit shorter then average build.


A long black coat with a few pockets, uses "belts" to fasten the coat and may have a his custom duel disk from time to time.

Matrix Persona

Human who skin looks like space with a green aura about him and a duel disk on his left hand.

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