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Face & Close Combat
My Styx and stones will break your bones.
Player Asmodeus
Metatype Human Vampire
Street Cred 11
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 02.01.1979
Age 103
Folder [1]
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - D


One of the first vampires to be turned after the Awakening was the firstborn of a media conglomerate's vice president. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and used to luxury, the usual route to the penthouse wasn't available when all hell broke loose. Trying to find an alternate route, she took one wrong turn and ended up in the deepest, darkest reaches of her psyche to escape what a bunch of psychotic street-dwelling trash were to put her through. The chaos that ensued that year and the absolute turmoil society suffered from left an infected, hospital-ridden corporate woman in a ward and out of the media's sights. Quietly disowned and swept under the rug, her existence wasn't something her father wanted to ever think about again.

Decades have passed in the Sixth World and she's gone through a lot in her quest to build herself up from nothing, at her worst ripping the throats of homeless innocents and at her best falling back into her old vices of luxury. Emotional trauma from her past has healed, yet it's also given her new purpose. Finding every last person involved, dead or alive, and desecrating their very existence has become her driving purpose, her raison d'etre. To climb from nothing back to the top and to avenge hours of suffering are both ways for her to stomp on the very concept of street scum that once dared to lay their hands on her. Over time, she tracked down two, found three had died from old age and brutally slaughtered two more, but seven more remain. She doesn't care if she ends up in front of an apartment or a grave. Either way, something will burn.

This quest of hers was what spurred her on to run the shadows without hesitation. She's often offered the most dangerous jobs because she rarely refuses them. They're the risky runs that people don't usually come back from. Still, time and time again she's survived ambushes and complete slaughters, returning as the sole survivor either through acting chops as a corpse or leaving her team to die when it was obvious they were set up. She's surrounded by death and the only one that it doesn't seem to stick to is herself. For this reason, she's found her new alias. Before, she's used Jane Doe or Blondie as nicknames in place of her birthname, which she no longer tells anyone. Instead, thinking back to her college courses, one thing sticks out to her, a lone figure bringing the dead to the afterlife.


Significant Things for Narrative

Vampirism - The obvious part that she doesn't attempt to hide from anyone she ends up working with. All that matters to her (and should matter to her allies) is that she'll drink enemies, not allies.

Wanted - You don't think people would ignore someone like Charon, do you? There's a price on her head and it's a two-way street: both Regency MegaMedia and SpinGlobal have her head associated with a hefty reward.

Vain - While not a negative quality mechanically, Charon's in love with luxury. She maintains a high quality lifestyle in Yarrow Point, Bellevue complete with illegal zombie manservants and even drives her very own retrofitted Lamborghini around. It's a classic 2000s model with modern engines and suspension, but don't let that fool you; it's an expensive status symbol that she'll flaunt in anyone's face if she can. In addition, she refuses to wear restrictive, tactical armor for any reason, preferring to remain fashionable at every opportunity. Go figure, vampires are proud to a fault. Who could've seen that coming?

Kill List - This isn't listed in her negative qualities, but

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Most Urban BrawlOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight24 February 2082
Hundred Year HuntSarcarianThe Crow of Seattle11 February 2082
Si Chi WuxingAurora8 February 2082
Don't Wine About ItTheFrozenMoogle3 February 2082
Digital Dark AgeSarcarianThe Cutter's Curator27 January 2082
It's a Heist bro!OrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight26 January 2082
Backroom FeastOrionsRequiem20 January 2082
ACHEs and PainsSarcarian16 January 2082
State of DecaySarcarianFestering Infestation6 January 2082
Black & White & RedSarcarianThe Crow of Seattle4 January 2082
The Little Mermaid 3Si1as30 December 2081
Slay BellsSarcarian29 December 2081
All I Want for Christmas is K-10SarcarianIt's Always Wednesday in Seattle23 December 2081
Krashing the KlavernSarcarian18 December 2081
Pulling the ThreadSi1asWhen You Reach Me11 December 2081
Introductory EntomologySarcarian7 December 2081
Old GhostsSarcarianThe Crow of Seattle5 December 2081
A Grown Up Fairy TaleSarcarian27 November 2081
A Lesson in Not Getting CaughtChrisst111Two Steps Ahead20 November 2081
The Lotus Flower Blooms Far From the SunSarcarian14 November 2081
Does This Look Infected?Sarcarian4 November 2081
Kevin's LimesOBThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
The Farm and The Furious
15 August 2081
Rock The HouseMagatsu Mandala11 July 2081
Kevin GrimesOBThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes3 July 2081
Real Maiming HoursOptimismBeastThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes14 April 2081
PotholderzPillare13 April 2081
Gospel of DismayGhostlinSuffer the Children
Sins of the Mother
5 April 2081
The Assassination of Joe Bogus by the Coward Kevin CrimesOptimismBeastThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes3 April 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Marion 6 3 Fixer Ex- Lone Star, Private Detective Lone Star, Investigation, Well Connected, Forgery, Black Markets, Doctors, Matrix Knowhow Even
Annie Shields 4 3 Custom(N,K,A,G) Trideo starlet Loose lips, Flirt, Plus One, Rising Starlet, Horizon Know-It-All Even
Edmond Beaulieu 1 1 Gear Boutique Owner Boutique Owner, Clothing Design Even
Yoon Myung-ju 2 1 Fixer(G, K, N, A) Bounty Manager Seoulpa, Bounties, Hunting Even
Agamemnon 4 5 Fixer(K,G,N,A) Infected Crime Lord Paranoid, Shut-In, Dark Magic Talislegger, Ear to the Ground, Infected Loremaster, Smuggling Network, Student of History, Wretched Hive Even
Frank Goldman 3 1 Custom(G, K, A, N) Gun Runner Firearms Dealer, Antique Vehicle Collector, Black Market Connections, West Coast Smuggling Routes Even
Zigzag 1 1 Service Driver/Organlegger Ghoul Organlegger, Actually a Good Driver, Dead Drop, Infected Networker Even
Corf 1 1 Service Helpful Lil' Minecart Rail-bound, Small, Living Transport, Underground, Wild Spirit, Smol Even

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 There's a vampire in Seattle known to attack bystanders in Redmond, Loveland and Bellevue alike. She's known to have blonde hair, but little else has been confirmed.
3 Supposedly involved in various shootouts such as one in a mahjong parlor in Loveland and various Redmond gang acts, this vampire's been known to call herself Charon.
6 Charon has a massive bounty placed on her by both Regency MegaMedia and SpinGlobal because of 'corporate terrorism' according to a spokesman. Apparently she has sensitive information the corporations want to keep secret.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A blonde human vampire, she's known to accept a wide variety of jobs. She often makes antiquated remarks about pre-Matrix era Internet trends.
3 Charon's well connected with various Infected factions and has been directly in conflict with various paranormal threats from other infected to insect spirits.
5 Known to go after oddly specific people in various factions, it's suspected that Charon has a kill list she's working through. Her previous victims have always been exsanguinated and left with the message 'YOU'RE NEXT' near their corpses.


Kera Turned her into a vampire, betrayed her colleague and probably screwed up her entire life.
Killian Full name unknown. brown-haired, tall Caucasian male. One of Charon's Nemeses. Deaceased.
Erik Full Name: Erik Steward. Aliases: Issac Foxwell. Former African-American East Bay Dragons biker and one of Charon's Nemeses. Goblinized during the Awakening into an orc and is currently a member of Skraacha.
Richard Full name: Richard Woolsey. Male pattern baldness, prefers wearing suits. One of Charon's Nemeses. Businessman with sick vices, presumed to have received Leonization treatment.
Garik Full name: Garik van Louv. Russo-American, caucasian, brown corn rows. Member of the Vory. One of Charon's Nemeses. Ex-con pre-Awakening. Deceased.
Benny Full name unknown. Irish-American, caucasian, was on parole for assault and murder in 2011. One of Charon's Nemeses.
Lavernius Full name: Lavernius Jackson. Mexican-American, green eyes. One of Charon's Nemeses. Presumed SINless.
Ray Full name: Ray Finsworth. British immigrant, brother of Rey Finsworth. Albino. One of Charon's Nemeses.
Rey Full name: Rey Finsworth. British immigrant, brother of Ray Finsworth. Albino. One of Charon's Nemeses.
Hollis Full name: Hollis Oswald. Aliases: Harold Martain. One of Charon's Nemeses, lived in a Horizon care home for the elderly. Deceased.


Jane Lupercal - Rating 4, Saeder-Krupp; 'legal' SIN used for paying rent and what-not.

Sypha Guilliman - Rating 4, Shiawase; less than legal SIN used for shadowrunning and what-not. Has a fake firearms license for the Cavalier Champion as well as her driver's license for the Ford Americar.

Media Mentions

In 2012, there was a news article about her death, but it's hard to find nowadays. Most of it was in physical newspapers 'Deceased' sections, since the Internet was efficiently scrubbed of most mentions of her.