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MysAd Muscle
"Nobody touches my fragging nerds except me"
Discord @Nagisa#3276
Reddit Lavander42
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
D.O.B. 1/6/2058
Age 24
Folder Drive
Priority Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Ex-"Good Christian girl" steryotype who became addicted to having her essence drained and became a banshee


  • Protect Bit and Byte
  • Earn enough to pay my rent and donate to pay for my sins


Rebecca was raised in a fairly strict religious household and had the religion drilled into her head from a fairly young age. When she awoke as a MysAd, her family happily enrolled her in Seattle Tech's thaumaturgy program, with a minor in religious studies. In what little spare time she had, Rebecca could be found volunteering for various churches and charities around Seattle, often being out quite late because of it. It was this coming home very late that changed her life. Unknown to her, one of the students had turned into a vampire and returned to campus, draining his roommate, who, when she woke up, went after Rebecca. The first vampire stopped her but the two took Rebecca along as they went into hiding so she couldn't ID them. There her new addiction flourished. It turned out when she got bit and drained, she became addicted to it and this first sin led to many others, until she too became one of these demons. Now she's their protector, and food source, her addiction growing stronger and stronger.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Human Looking: Camarilla doesn't actually look any different from how she did when she was alive, ignoring the extra height she's gained. Combine that with her hair that covers her ears and she just looks like a non-infected.


Addiction (Severe) (Essence Drain, Victim): Camarila's addiction has grown strong through her reckless indulgence, enough that outsiders can notice. Beyond the marks on her neck, she becomes nervous when separated from her vampires and anything more than 24 hours away from them causes her to start freaking out. Favored (Specific Target, Biased) (Vampires): Camarilla doesn't exactly realize this but having such strong emotional connections to the two vampires she lives with has given her a positive bias towards all vampires Pie lesu Domine, Dona Eis Requiem: Camarilla is never in perfect health. She's been fed on so consistently that having at least one pair of deep fang marks on her neck just feels right and she will tear at the flesh with her nails to make marks in the right place if the bite marks clear up.

Run History

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Jesse Pop 6 1 Fixer Trid Pirate Trid Pirate, Hacktivist, Fence, Networker, NEEEEEEERRRRRRRD, Electronics, Enormous Trove of Pirated Trideo Even
Edmond Beaulieu 1 1 Gear Boutique Owner Boutique Owner, Clothing Design Even
The Distributor 6 1 Gear Merchant of Magic Talismonger Contacts, Focus Focus, It looked cooler this way, Radical Reagents dude, Spirit Security, Contacts of their own, Grease the wheels Even
Corf 1 1 Service Helpful Lil' Minecart Rail-bound, Small, Living Transport, Underground, Wild Spirit, Smol Even




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