A Scattering of Deadly Petals

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The Black Chrysanthemum Triad has maintained a loose smuggling network in Seattle for years. Now, however, they're seeking to establish a stronger and more permanent foothold.

Key Players

Black Chrysanthemum

Considered to be one of the most brutal Triads in the world, the Black Chrysanthemum deals primarily in smuggling, organlegging, and human trafficking. They suffered significant losses in the Tempo Wars a decade ago, but as they recoup in strength, they're now looking to expand and have been sending forces into Seattle to stake their claim.

Eighty-Eights Triad

When hiring runners to investigate a gang in Flowers for Jackals, the Grass Sandal David Yang was made aware of the Black Chrysanthemum plot to begin expanding their influence in Seattle.


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Flowers for JackalsMakiiato18 February 2082Harebuck
Tora Kokoro