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*Career GMP Total: 38
*Career GMP Total: 38
*Current GMP Balance: 38
*Current GMP Balance: 28
===GMP Earned===
===GMP Earned===
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*5 Paid Zombono [[Ice Cube]] for a pic of Boombox
*5 Paid Zombono [[Ice Cube]] for a pic of Boombox
*12 Used as GMP for Night Claws.
*12 Used as GMP for Night Claws.
*Bought new Slot
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*[[C-Unit 537 - Hunter]]
*[[C-Unit 537 - Hunter]]
*[[Night Claws - John Holis]]
*[[Night Claws - John Holis]]
*[[Golden Suit]]
*[[Mission Control]]
*[[Tech Wizard|Tech-Wizard]]

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GM Style

Welcome Criminals! So you have found yourself at my table eh? Well then i hope you enjoy your stay. I play games below High Threat rather casually. That said, you are still criminals in this World and you should expect appropriate reactions from NPC´s to your actions. i also use the X-Card System. By now you should already know what it does but just for you a breakdown:

  • You can at any point in the session say or type "X-Card" into the chat (ping me o use the gm whisper function on roll20) or just say it in the Voicechat
  • Whatever is happening at tht point, il force a break and if you so wish get in contact with you over private messages or move to another voicechannel so we can resolve the issue.
  • The Best thing about it: You dont even need to give a Reason for why you used the X-Card!

This System is made for emergencies, your normal toilet breaks or coffe stops can be made clear by typing "Coffeine Low, need recharge, brb" r similar in chat or saying it.

A few rules for playing at my table, so we all can have a great time:

  1. I want you to respect the other players and me. If you have the feeling that someone hasnt said or done much and i havent noticed it, feel free to inform me or take actions in your own hands. I try to have an eye out for everyone but im just a human after all.
  2. I recommend using Push-to-talk. I know you love chips but constant background noise sometimes isnt that good.
  3. I will ask after the Run if someone wants to write the General AAR.

So here i will answer some qustions that im required to answer.

  • Q: Are you okay with players applying to jobs their character has a high chance of declining at the meet?
  • A: Well, its their character and they should know if such a thing happens. Ofc if it happens because of unforeseen circumstances then its most likely my fault but i try to minimize declines by choosing the hopefully right PC´s
  • Q: Are you okay with players applying to jobs their character will actively attempt to thwart or derail?
  • A: If they so wish to ruin not only my day but also the days of all the other participants. As i said ill try and avoid such tragedies by selecting PC´s. If however the entire party ensures me that its fine with the Slippery slope then ill allow it. If at any point it becomes obvious to me that a player is trolling ill send him right out the door and will inform Higher ups to take care of it. And ill provide witnesses and evidence if reqested.
  • Views on realism and seriousness of the setting: Its the 6th world and there are things possible that arent today. Thats simple. Ofc i will not allow a Tank freely roaming through Seattle or other Suicide Missions and over the top troll or simply unrealistic scenarios. I know runners are talented in maneuvering themselfes in sticky situations and i like the players coming up with great escapes, entering techniques or other stuff so long as it stays in the realm of possible things in the Sixth World. And they should remember: You are a criminal, no matter what you do. (Ofc doing legal things in a run is doing nothing as its a legal action)
  • Views on consequences and failure: As i have stated now many times, Shadowrunners are criminals, even Hooders. So yes there will be HTR- Timer and if your edged roll still isnt enough well then chummer, crap just got a little closer to your chin i´d say.

Im also open for any private Run you might want to do, please contact me with info and a desired date and time and ill come back to you to see if i ccan make it. Remind yourself, as of now im a LVL 0 GM, that means anything higher than a Medium Threat run requires me to get approval and eventually a Sit in GM, which might cause delays.

  • Career GMP Total: 38
  • Current GMP Balance: 28

GMP Earned

  • 5: Helped translate German Version of BTB
  • 12: Ran A Quiet Neighbourhood
  • 8: Wrote the AAR for A Quiet Neighbourhood
  • 10: Ran "I´ve lost my Keys"
  • 10: Helped with the new Contact System
  • 10: Refund of the New Slot Cost

GMP Spent

  • 5 Paid Zombono Ice Cube for a pic of Boombox
  • 12 Used as GMP for Night Claws.
  • Bought new Slot