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GM Style

The first rule of the table is that we are here to have fun. This means that out of the game you can comment on, joke about, or just quote memes for all I care. I do ask for at least a level of decency, and comments that might make another player uncomfortable will, of course, be sorted out and not repeated. If you're not having fun, or feel cheated at any point then I ask that you speak up immediately.

I accommodate any level of player, from newbies to veterans, and characters on my table follow the concept of "assumed competence" to a high degree. This means that they will show common sense in most situations, and not make silly, avoidable mistakes.

Setting & RP

If I have to describe my style in a single word, it's about immersion. For the few hours we spend together at a table, you are going to be acting out the actions of a character in a living, breathing world. The figures you meet on the way, the rain you might have to duck into a café to escape from, these are all components of the much larger whole your characters inhabit.

As such, I put emphasis on roleplaying out sometimes even mundane scenes such as ordering a soycaf or paying a speeding ticket. It's these seemingly insignificant moments that I love in RPGs when the world comes alive in small, everyday ways.

The Preamble

Arriving at the meet is not simply a test, or a basic listing off of items on my table. It's about sliding into character through a small scene before the run fully begins. During this time I will be having you interact with the world, going into whatever detail is appropriate.

This does mean that the "Meet" component of the run takes longer on average than on most tables, and will contain long stretches where you might not be saying anything while others are RPing. Even so, I would not trade this time in for mere efficiency.


Enemies didn't acquire a gun just to lie down and die, and they got lives just as diverse and important as any runner. They will fight tooth and nail if the runners go lethal, and players should expect them to use the tactics and combat sense appropriate to their level. This also means that fights to the death are rare, and should the odds be stacked against them opponents will retreat if they are able or surrender if desperate enough.

Combat on my table is brutal, and underestimating your opponents can and will result in burning edge if you get unlucky. People that stand and fight against runners aren't your run-of-the-mill opponents, so act accordingly. So stick together, count your bullets, and take them down.

Constructive Criticism

Now I may be a GM with years of experience (such modesty right?), but I know that counts for jack shit when I fuck up and someone stops having fun at my table. So at the end of every run, I take some time to ask each player what they thought of it, positive or negative moments they had during play, and any constructive criticism they can roast me with.